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8 Ways You’re getting a Quality Grilling System

8 Ways to Know You’re Getting a Quality Grilling System

Outdoor entertaining is more popular than ever. Gone are the days of plastic-webbed aluminum chairs and flimsy grills that need to be replaced every 2 or 3 years. Today’s backyards have full outdoor couches, carpets, lighting, and grilling systems that rival those of quality restaurants. Outdoor living has evolved into a billion-dollar industry and shows no signs of slowing.

But how do you know you’re getting a quality product? An outdoor kitchen is an investment in your home and just like you would before you built on an addition, there are things you should look for before you make the commitment.

Is it strong? All Paradise Grills are constructed with a steel frame that includes a lifetime warranty. Our welded tubular steel frames are 10X stronger than the metal stud frames that most manufacturers use. Our strong frames resist warping and sagging and they have such a solid construction, they can be moved!

Does it have oversized footrests? Most outdoor kitchen manufacturers try to use materials sparingly to save on costs but Paradise Grills’ kitchens come with oversized footrests so your feet don’t dangle from the stool. It’s more ergonomic and gives your body the support it needs.

Is the electrical system outdoor-rated? To save on costs, most outdoor kitchen manufacturers use indoor-rated electrical components, which can put you at risk for fire or electrocution. Paradise Grills use an outdoor-rated Plug-n-Play system that runs through a professionally-installed centralized, GFI-protected junction box that plugs into any 110v/15A electrical outlet. Plug-n-Play means you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen right away!

Does it light up the night? If you’re investing in an outdoor kitchen, you want to be able to use it at night. Whether you want a soft, relaxing atmosphere or Party Central, Paradise Grills’ double strip super bright LED lighting system will create just the right ambiance for your evenings.

Does it have a tiki hut? What says “beach vacation” more than a tiki hut? The perfect addition to your Paradise Grills is our waterproof, steel-framed tiki hut. It’s easy to install or take down and can withstand strong winds or storms.

Is the grill commercial-grade? It should be. You’ll be using your grill all the time so it’s important for it to be built to last. Our GSL-32 Professional Grill is available with charcoal/wood chip smoker stations and infrared searing stations. You’ll be the best grill chef on the block!

Is it customizable? When you design your indoor kitchen, you include the features you want and exclude the ones you don’t. Why wouldn’t you want the same for your outdoor kitchen? Paradise Grills’ patent-pending FlexBuild feature allows you to easily customize your system to meet your needs. Choose seating capacity, size, upgrades, bar system, and grill system. You can build your very own dream outdoor kitchen!

Is it made by an experienced manufacturer? Through our years of experience in the business, Paradise Grills has grown into the country’s largest manufacturer of outdoor kitchens which gives us the purchasing power needed to bring you our high-quality products at the best prices possible.

Your outdoor kitchen is an extension of your home. It should be a place not only where you cook, but an oasis where you can relax and shake off the stresses of the day or enjoy time entertaining friends and family.

Paradise Grills are beautiful and made to last for years. Call us today at (800)604-2023 and find out how much fun your outdoor kitchen can be!


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