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The Best Orlando Grilling Supplies

It’s officially summertime and that means more barbecues are hopefully in your future. Now if your house is the place to be during these summer months, it’s critical to your “grill game” to have the best of the best in Orlando grilling equipment. Since we are the King of professional-grade grills, you know we can’t help but recommend that you start with the most essential piece of equipment of all-the grill! But once you’ve locked down your dream grill and outdoor kitchen, we can move onto the grilling supplies and accessories. Entertaining a group of people of any size is so much easier when you have Orlando grilling supplies that will work for you. Below you will find our comprehensive guide of grilling equipment that when added to any of the outdoor kitchens you find in our Windermere showroom, will you make you an unstoppable Grill Master.

Stainless Steel Grill Accessories

Need to freshen up your grilling tools? These stainless steel grill accessories by All-Clad come in a sleek carrying case to keep your organized or if you need to bring your tools to another barbecue. The kit comes with stainless steel locking tongs, spatula, a pronged fork, and a marinade brush, everything you need to get started!

If you like to have a little fun with your Orlando grilling equipment and live in Florida and love to barbecue, chances are you know or are a golf lover. This fun and functional set of grill tools that emulates a golf set is a great way to combine the best of both worlds.


Paradise Woodchip & Charcoal Smoker Box

Smoked food is one of those foods that pretty much everyone can agree, is amazing. However, many people think to infuse their food with that delicious smoky flavor they must have a smoker-not true! You can add that mouth-watering smoking flavor to all your grilled goods with our exclusive woodchip and charcoal smoker box.

Oyster Grill Pan

Are grilled oysters a must-have appetizer at your get-togethers? If they aren’t yet, they should be! This Outset cast-iron pan with 12 individual cubbies for your oyster will keep them in place while you grill them to perfection. Try serving straight of the grill for an authentic and fun touch.

A stainless steel charcoal tray, with briquettes of charcoal inside, isolated on a white background.

Pork Shredder Meat Claws

Unleash your inner bear with these sturdy Polymer, heat resistant shredding forks from Grill BEAST. You don’t even need to wait for the meat to cool before shredding, do it while it’s hot. Your guests will even want a go with these fun meat claws, let them give it a try so you can get back to the grill.

Paradise Infrared Sear Station

Your Orlando grilling equipment won’t be complete without our infrared sear station. This sear station packs a serious punch. Promising faster cooking time and phenomenal searing capabilities for meat and veggies alike, this is a must-have addition to your outdoor kitchen and grill.

Close-up view of a heated IR Sear Grill Conversion, isolated on a white background.

Kabob Grilling Baskets

Tired of your kabob sticks burning while you grill? With these Kabob Grilling Baskets, not only will those little sticks be safe, but you will have full flipping capacity to make sure that every side gets cooked evenly. These are also handy if some of your guests have specific food requests or allergies.

Outset Leather Grill Apron

Your list of Orlando grilling equipment would be incomplete without an apron for the cook. However you won’t find any kiss the cook here, this timeless leather apron in brown suede leather is aesthetically pleasing and sports a flame-retardant lining that will keep you safe-at least down to the knee. There are two storage pockets that are large enough to just about fit anything.

For even more ideas for your Orlando outdoor kitchen stop by any of our showroom to check out all of our Orlando kitchens and accessories. We know you’ll be able to find just the right grilling equipment in Orlando to take your grilling to the next level.