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The Best Outdoor Kitchens

Its hard to find the best outdoor kitchens In a world of extreme diversity, individual wants, needs and ever-changing expectations, it is incredibly difficult to apply a “One size fits all” to any aspect of life. It can be challenging to find that “perfect” desired item in your life, whether it be an article of clothing, an upgrade on a vehicle, a college opportunity or even the best outdoor kitchens to enjoy with family and friends. A lot of times we find ourselves torn between choices, thinking, “If only this came with stainless steel” or “Oh man, this would be perfect if this was waterproof!” Well, here at Paradise Grills, we can transform all of your “What if’s” into your own individual reality- For your the best outdoor kitchen, at least!

Paradise Grills Direct – Outdoor Kitchens offers a large variety of customization options to fit the needs and desires of even the pickiest of grill lovers! It is incredibly simple to begin building your very own, unique Paradise Outdoor Kitchen and here at Paradise Grills Direct, we give you the freedom and flexibility with the Build and Price feature on our website; All of which is a part of our Flexbuild customization option.

“So, how do I begin building my own Paradise Outdoor Kitchen?”, you may be asking.

Here is how it works!:   

  1. Choose the Paradise Grill or Bar System that interests you.
  2. Once you’ve chosen your foundation, you may then view the abundance of available options for your grill or bar system.
  3. You may scroll through the list of options available and simply click on any features you may choose to add. The price will be adjusted as you click away!
  4. Once you’ve selected your preferred features the price will be calculated.
  5. You may then add in any possible discounts or promotional codes.
  6. You should then email a copy of the webpage to the Paradise staff as well as save a copy for your personal records.
  7. A representative will then be in contact with you shortly thereafter to assist in finalizing your order.

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Having the freedom and flexibility to customize The Best Outdoor Kitchens within the comfort of your own home is a luxury you can not afford to miss! As promised, there are many different features to choose from while building The Best Outdoor Kitchens. Some of the available features include:
  1. Baltic Granite, Juperana Granite, or Galaxy Black Granite finishes.
  2. The Paradise GS-32 Premier or the Paradise GS-32 Professional grill type.
  3. Choose between a single side-burner, a double side-burner or choose to have no side-burner.
  4. Accessorize with a fridge, trash drawer, sink, umbrella or even a Tiki Hut!
  5. You can always add on a sound system with a CD/DVD stereo!
  6. You may also add on LED lighting! With the simple click from a remote control you can switch from any single color of choice to a dancing fiber-optic display of colors!
  7. Also, look for our Flexbuild logo for the opportunity to pair your grill system with any Flexbuild bar system!
best outdoor kitchens
No more “What if” with your finalized Outdoor Kitchen! The freedom and flexibility is all yours, from choosing the exact features you want on your grill to the delivery and installation date and time. Even long after your Paradise Outdoor Kitchen has been delivered and installed, our Paradise staff is so certain that you’ll love and enjoy your new Outdoor Kitchen that it is backed with a Lifetime Structural Warranty as well as constant support and assistance, if you have any additional needs, questions, concerns or comments!
Build a grill with Paradise Outdoor Kitchens today!

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