Paradise Grills Direct – 8 Exclusive Features

These 8 features are what make Paradise Grilling Systems the best manufacturer of Outdoor Kitchens and Bar Systems. Show Rooms in Orlando Florida, Naples Florida, and Houston Texas. The best solution for Luxury and Fun for your BBQ experience!

Ergonomic Benefits of a Footrest

Having an oversized footrest at your outdoor kitchen can be beneficial in a few ways. A footrest can ease lower back pain, and leg problems, and keeping your feet on a rest can support circulation and prevent circulation problems. Placing your feet on a footrest can help with your posture. When using the Paradise footrest, your body leans back and up, correcting your spinal posture. When you use it every …

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Paradise Grills Direct Outdoor Kitchen Direct from the Manufacturer

Paradise Grilling Systems is the largest outdoor kitchen and grilling company in Florida, and even America. Paradise Grilling has won “Best in Show” thirteen times over the region in different competitions including Meg Caswell’s 
HGTV award, Southern Ideal’s Raleigh Home Improvement Show, and Connecticut Home Builders Association. But why is it the best when it comes to outdoor kitchens and grilling? What makes it so spectacular? There are many reasons …

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