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Have you ever been shopping for something and wished that you could just make a small change to an item and then it would be perfect? Maybe add something or even take away something from the item, then it would be exactly what you want. Now you can start Building Paradise Outdoor Kitchen Paradise Grills and Paradise Grills Direct give you that option with the Build and Price Feature on our website. This is part of our Flexbuild customization and allows you to choose what you would like and create the perfect outdoor kitchen

An image depicting the ST Croix 8 and GX 4 Outdoor Kitchen featuring a GSL-32 Professional Grill, accompanied by accessories and stools.

Building Paradise Outdoor Kitchen Here is how it works.

  1. Choose the Paradise Grill System or Paradise Bar System that you like.
  2. Once you have chosen the perfect start you then view the options that are available for that bar or grill system.
  3. You then follow down the page clicking any options you want to add, it adds the price as you go
  4. Calculate the price
  5. Add in any Promotional Code or Discounts
  6. Save a copy for yourself and email a copy to the Paradise staff
  7. A representative will call you and finalize your order

It’s that easy!

Have this ability allows you to create your own custom Paradise Outdoor Kitchen in the comfort of your own home. You can use a computer or even your smartphone or tablet. If you have any questions along the way our staff is here to answer those questions and help you create your personal outdoor kitchen. Build a Paradise Outdoor Kitchen here’s how.

Some of the features you can choose from are

  1. Finishes: Slate or Granite and the various colors included
  2. Grill Tye: The Premiere or the Professional
  3. Sideburner: Single, Double, or none
  4. Accessories: Fridge, Drawer, Sink, or Umbrella
  5. Sound System
  6. LED Lighting
  7. Flexbuild: Look for the Flexbuild logo, this means you can pair the grill system to any bar system in the Fflexbuild family.

With Paradise, you are in control of your final outdoor kitchen. You get to decide what you want and when it gets to your home and is installed you know everything is perfect. Once it is installed and delivered our staff is here to help you have any additionals needs.

Get what you want with Paradise Outdoor Kitchens!   Get Started Now 

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