Design Your Very Own Outdoor Paradise
The way you want it!


Picture this: You’re in the yard grilling up a delicious smorgasbord of steaks, burgers, brats, steamed veggies and home-cut fries for your family and a few neighborhood pals. Friends are gathered around the grill, drinks are in the cooler nearby and they’re being enjoyed as the crowd rambles on with each other, catching up, swapping stories and telling jokes. The big game is on in the living room and the tunes are kickin’ from the radio on your patio table. You have all the meat on the grill, the veggies are on the kitchen stove and the fries are in the oven! Everybody seems to be having a blast! However, you don’t seem to feel like you are a part of the shindig. You keep catching half-stories and missing out on your buddies jokes each time you run into the house to check the fries, veggies, the game or to grab more ice and drinks for the cooler… Not cool!

What if we told you, you could have your entire indoor kitchen, sink, trash can, fridge and all, right outside with you at the center of the party? Well, guess what. That is EXACTLY what we are telling you! It’s difficult to fully enjoy your family cookout while you’re dashing to and fro to prepare a meal, provide drinks and entertain your guests. Here at Paradise Grills Direct, we understand the importance of the family cookout and strive to produce the toughest, convenient and most reliable Grilling Systems on the market to keep you connected and in tune with your guests and grilling experience! So are you ready to quit running the Olympic 5K and start enjoying your cookouts? Then follow us, we’ll show you how!

First, you’ll want to visit and locate the “Build & Price” tab located at the top right corner of our webpage. From there you can choose any one of our four Grill Systems and pair it, using our Flexbuild option, to one of our six Bar Systems to create your own individually, personalized Outdoor Kitchen! Our Grilling Systems are the strongest, most durable and reliable on the market, with a sleek Stainless Steel Welded Frame that comes equipped with a Structural Lifetime Warranty! Choose your desired Grilling System, whether it be the Paradise GX4, GX6, GX8, or GX9, and begin searching through all the additional features located to the right of the webpage.

Remember those steamed veggies that are all the way in the depths of your home kitchen? Add on a Side Burner, or two, to your grill and bring those veggies on out to join the party! Let’s go ahead and save another unnecessary trip, pull those fries out of the oven, while you’re at it, and welcome them to their brand new home, on your Outdoor Grill! Alright, so now you’ve got all of the goodies in one spot, but your drinks are still over on the patio floating around helplessly in melted ice. What to do? Let’s see, how about adding on a Fridge to your grill so that you can keep all of your beverages, and food even, right there within an arm’s reach? Stop wasting time (and ice!) trying to keep drinks cold. Stop running back and forth to the kitchen to pull food from the fridge, or even worse, letting meat set outside, inviting pesky pests, while those burgers wait to be cooked. With a Fridge add-on, you can safely and conveniently store food and drinks, all right there in front of you and your guests!

Speaking of food safety, how have we been washing our hands, meat and produce this entire time? Oh no, don’t tell us you’ve been running in and out of the house to use the sink! We know the struggle, we’re here to help! With a Sink and Trash Drawer attachment, you can save another 20 plus trips inside the house! You can discard any food waste into the Trash Drawer, such as fatty material or food packaging, that you’ve cut off using the knife that you store, along with your other cooking utensils, in your newly added Double Drawer space! Are you mind-blown yet? You have now moved your entire party back outdoors where it belongs… Or have you? You take a look around and notice that a few people are missing. Oh wait, there they are! They’ve divided themselves between the game in the living room and the tunes cranking on the patio. Hold on though, you can fix this, for you hold the power to have a Boss CD/DVD Stereo System and T.V. installed to herd everybody back together by your brand new Tahiti Style Bar System!

It’s looking like you’ve finally got everything and everybody back in one place, eating, drinking, and laughing on a beautiful summer day! And a hot summer day, at that. With the Tahiti Style Bar System, there is the option for a Tiki Hut attachment to keep you shaded and cool, not to mention, looking cool! Our Tiki Huts are Waterproof with a Welded Frame that is 5X stronger than a traditional, standard wooden frame, and much safer when it comes to high winds and storms. Let Paradise Grills Direct provide your Outdoor Kitchen with a true sense of Paradise! Of course, being the Grill Master and party professional that you are, this cookout is definitely going to be an all-day event! So when the sun decides to set later in the evening, that would be an opportune moment to impress and delight your guests with the Remote-Controlled, Color-Changing LED Lighting that you had installed! What a treat! Who knew grilling could be so much fun? We did! And you have just made history by moving your indoor kitchen back outdoors where it truly belongs!

Personalizing your own Outdoor Kitchen is just as easy as wolfing down those mouth-watering meals you’ll be preparing for all of your family and friends! For more information, please feel free to call Paradise Grills Direct at (800) 691-7155 and personally get to speak with the Paradise Staff. You can also visit our webpage or any of our Showrooms! You will be able to locate a Showroom near you by clicking on “Locate A Showroom” at the top left of our webpage.

Happy Grilling!


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