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Florida Outdoor Kitchens

You’ve bought one of our Florida Outdoor Kitchens from Paradise Grills Direct.  You got the tiki hut, the color-changing lights, and a complete bar system.  Everything’s shiny and new.  But something’s missing.  What could it be?

People!  Time to share your outdoor kitchen with your family, friends, and neighbors by throwing a fun, outdoor party!  With a little creativity, you can create a fun and memorable evening that everyone will enjoy.


florida outdoor kitchens

Tea lights are an inexpensive way to light a party.  Put them in mason jars or any sauce jars that you’ve been saving, and place them all around the party, on tables or hang them from trees with some inexpensive wire.  If you’re concerned with little ones getting their hands on them, electric tea lights work well too.  White LED Christmas lights strung around the perimeter of the party are a perfect way to compliment your color-changing LED’s on your bar setup. Our Paradise Florida Outdoor Kitchens also come with LED lights to match the fun.


Florida Outdoor Kitchens – Summer Fun

Photo courtesy of Christina Marcellino

Be creative when it comes to a cooler for ice-cold beer, soda, or water.  Why not use a kiddie pool filled with ice?  Or how about this wheelbarrow idea from  It’s cute, functional, and most importantly, portable!  Sit it right up on top of your Florida outdoor kitchen from Paradise Grills Direct

watermelon keg add pizzaz to outdoor kitchen fun

Photo courtesy of Jaime Morrison Curtis

Your guests will marvel at your creativity when you bring out a watermelon keg!  Kits are available that turn watermelons into fun drink dispensers.  Instructions can be found at


With a can of chalkboard paint, you can turn anything into a chalkboard.  For best results, paint several layers of the paint in alternating directions and allowing it to dry completely in between coats.  Thrift store picture frames work well and you can even paint directly on the glass.  This can let everyone know what you are going to be making on your Florida outdoor kitchen

Why not try a hot dog bar?  With a hot dog bar, everything is set up ahead of time so when it comes time to eat, you only have to grill the hotdogs on your Paradise Direct Grill!  Include a variety of toppings and condiments to liven up those dogs.  A burger bar would work great as well, and healthier options for dogs or burgers can be included as well such as turkey or veggie ones.  More pics of the hot dog bar can be found at All of this meat will cook up nicely on your Florida outdoor kitchen


Take your yard game repertoire to the next level with oversized games!  This oversized version of Jenga is a snap to make with some 2x4s and a little paint or stain.  With some cheap linoleum tiles and some paint, you could make a game of Scrabble or a matching game or maybe even dominoes.  Instructions on how to make your own Jenga, as well as other oversized games, can be found here.

Everyone loves a photo booth and there’s no need to rent an expensive professional one when making your own is so easy.  Decorate an old sheet for a backdrop or hang a large picture frame from a tree for your guests to stand behind and print or gather some fun props.  You can set up an iPad on a tripod or just let your guests take photos with their own phones.  Not only is it fun for young and old alike, but your guests will also go home with keepsakes from your party.  These free printable props can be found here.


Summer is synonymous with ice cream, and an ice cream bar is a simple way to impress your guests.  Small mason jars can be filled with a variety of toppings ahead of time so when it’s time for dessert, you’ll only need to break out the ice cream.

Summer is a time for family, friends, and fun, and with an outdoor kitchen or grill from Paradise Grills Direct, you can enjoy all three without being stuck inside in the kitchen.  Paradise Grills Direct’s Florida outdoor kitchens and bars are places where your friends and family will want to hang out and enjoy the beautiful sunny days or warm summer nights, and with our color-changing LED lights, the party never has to end!  Your backyard will become Summer Central!

Call Paradise Grills at (800)691-7155 today and find out how easy it is to upgrade your boring old grill to an outdoor gathering place!

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