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Fort Myers: Fancy Footwork

Paradise outdoor kitchen

Living in Fort Myers, Florida is already a luxury all of its own. We Floridians get to enjoy nonstop sun, fun, and excitement, like being on a permanent vacation! Or one would think. As if we all still didn’t have to get up and go to work, school, run errands, coach practices, or whatever your day may include for you. However, once all the hustle and bustle is done for the day we still want to check out and back INTO our own little Floridian paradise, right?

Paradise Outdoor Kitchens in Fort Myers definitely understands this and is located right here in your own hometown to get you back on track with this sweet Florida living! Life moves fast, it’s relentless and waits for no one, but our Fort Myers’ Paradise outdoor kitchen showroom is here for YOU, patiently waiting to meet you and help construct your brand new outdoor kitchen.

At Paradise Grills in Fort Myers, we use only the latest up-to-date equipment to ensure 100% guaranteed satisfaction for you, your family, and friends. One very simple yet, health beneficial feature we build into our outdoor kitchens, is our slate tile finish footrest.

Were you aware that a simple footrest can relieve lower back pressure, decrease swelling in legs, improve your blood circulation and in doing so help to prevent blood clots and varicose veins?

A footrest can help to distribute your weight properly by elevating your legs and providing the proper angle between your thighs and upper body. Sitting upright and not allowing your legs dangle over the edge of your seat is such an overlooked method of overall better health. It’s mind-boggling simple, kick up your feet, and enjoy the benefits of your own blood flow. Using a footrest can help you to avoid a serious condition known as deep vein thrombosis. Poor circulation in your legs, caused by dangling your legs, can cause swelling, leg pain, and clotting.

If blood clots in your veins were to break loose, they could travel through your bloodstream, embed themselves in your lungs, and block your blood flow. Not good, especially when you’re just trying to enjoy your brand new outdoor kitchen from Fort Myers’ Paradise, right? Not to mention, sitting upright and maintaining a good posture will help you to better digest all of the goodies you’ll be grilling and searing up with your new outdoor kitchen. Paradise Grills in Fort Myers creates designs with you in mind, so we add this marvelous “feet-ure” for you and your overall health and comfort.

In Fort Myers Florida, you know that we are all about comfort, peace, and relaxation. Come and visit our Paradise outdoor kitchen showroom, right here in Fort Myers.


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