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Creating your outdoor kitchen is a fun and exciting way to bring style and entertainment to your backyard. When you stop in at our grill store in Miami, you’ll be greeted with a variety of outdoor kitchens, built-in grills, patio furniture, fire features, and more! To better serve you, our expertly trained staff will help you discover which of our outdoor kitchens and accessories are best suited for your entertaining style, your budget and the size of the area where your new outdoor kitchen will be set up. Along with discovering what you want in an outdoor kitchen in Miami, FL, our team will make sure that you are set up with all the elements that make up the perfect Paradise outdoor kitchen. Let’s take a look at what those are.


When you’re on the search for a barbecue grill in Miami or even grilling accessories, pricing and weighing out your options is always a good thing to do. You’re going to have a lot of options to consider. When doing your research on your future barbecue grill, make sure to check the size of the grill you want, what will be the best fit for your home backyard, and what type of grilling method you’ll want to use. At Paradise Grills, we offer two different types of grills, the GS-32 Premium and the GSL-32 Professional. Each of these grills has its advantages, but both are made to last. Check them out to find out which grill is best suited for your grilling style. 

Grilling & Bar Systemsgrills - Miami outdoor kitchen

Your Miami outdoor kitchen should have the best functions that you can enjoy using. One crucial part of an outdoor kitchen is, of course, the grill system; the grill system can and will enhance your cooking experience so that you’ll want to use it time and time again. At Paradise Grills, we offer a variety of grill system options such as The Paradise GX4, The Paradise GX6, The Paradise GX8, The Paradise GX9, and finally, The Paradise GX10.

An exciting evening of cooking and relaxing outdoors not only pairs best with delicious food, but with a refreshing drink that could be served right at your outdoor kitchen with just as much ease and convenience as the cooking. Your outdoor kitchen deserves a feature such as a great bar system, and you deserve something refreshing to drink while you cook or even while you eat. With Paradise Grills, you have many options available for your bar system design, such as the Aruba, Fiji, St.Croix, St.Thomas, Maui, and lastly, Tahiti. Our bar and grill systems, which can be found in our exclusive Flexbuild series, provide you with the best features for your outdoor cooking experience. 


Patio Furniture patio furniture - Miami outdoor kitchen

Designing your perfect outdoor relaxing area can be an enjoyable project, and while it may be stressful to think of the design you want, try and enjoy all the fun and excitement that comes with it. With decorating and planning out our outdoor area, you’ll want to make sure all of your Miami patio furniture is weather-resistant, durable, and try for materials like steel, so they don’t rust if they do wear down from the weather. You’ll want to find something easy to care for, and won’t cause you any stress in the long run but also invest in good quality. Remember, you get what you pay for. 

Some of the more popular and common patio furniture that you can find are, bar stools or lawn chairs (which can come with or without cushions), tables, islands, Outdoor Umbrellas to cover your sitting area, and Tiki huts. While you can find patio furniture almost anywhere, you won’t find the same attention to detail and high standards as you will with Paradise Grills. 

Tiki Huts

When you think of Tiki Huts, you may think of sunshine, beaches, and vacation time, but that vacation feeling doesn’t have to be so far away. With tiki huts decorating your relaxing area outdoors, you’ll have that exciting vacation feeling right at home. Because they’re becoming more popular, you can find Miami tiki huts everywhere, but most are built with wood frames that won’t stand up to Florida weather. Choose a Tiki Hut that will last, by opting for a Paradise Grills welded steel frame tiki hut. 

Now that you have a basic idea of what you’re looking for, please stop by our Miami outdoor kitchen showroom for more hands-on research! We can’t wait to help you live the good life and grill in Paradise.


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