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orlando outdoor kitchenWith the summer months coming to an end and Fall basically upon us, many people only have one thing on their mind- Fair Food. From fried goodies like funnel cakes, beignets, and even deep-fried Oreos to savory delights like mouth-watering turkey legs, Doughnut burgers, and more, it’s not hard to understand why the fair and the food it delivers is one of America’s favorite times of the year. However, with so many people vying for these delicious delectables, the crowds at fairs can be borderline ridiculous to navigate. That’s why we’ve come up with a solution for you, fair food recipes that you can create from the comfort of your Orlando outdoor kitchen. Now you can enjoy delicious fair food without the crowds (or cost) with the following “fair food” recipes.

Tacos on a Stick

Like a burger without the bun, these tacos come without the tortilla. Easier to eat and even a little healthier, you will love assembling these tacos on a stick almost as much as you’ll enjoy eating them. Not to mention, the entire process takes only about 30 minutes, instead of standing in line for over an hour.

Bacon-Wrapped Corn

orlando outdoor kitchen

Corn on the cob is one of the most quintessential fair foods, right behind cotton candy, funnel cakes, and turkey legs. While corn on the cob is a delicious treat in of itself, imagine it wrapped with a thick slice of bacon. Sounds way better, right? This recipe’s creators swear you’ll never go back to grilling corn on the cob the same way again. Definitely worth a try.

Hot & Spicy Turkey Legs

What’s better then a Turkey leg at the fair? A turkey leg cooked on your Orlando outdoor kitchen grill, that’s what. Now you can have turkey legs all year round with this winning recipe. Don’t wait for the next state fair to show up, make your own! These Hot & Spicy Turkey Legs will give fair food vendors a run for their money.

Bacon Donut Burger

Bacon. Donut. Burger. A burger that gets better after each word and each bite. This succulent bacon burger is sandwiched between two glazed donuts for the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Keep the taste authentic by using glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme.

Beer Brats

No Fair time recipe collection would be complete without a classic beer brat recipe. Save these for a special occasion if you want or try them as a sophisticated alternative to your regularly scheduled hotdogs. First boiled in beer and coated with seasoning before they hit your Orlando outdoor kitchen grill, these brats will be a year-long sensation at all your backyard get-togethers.

Whether or not you’re able to make it the fair this year, you’ll be able to create authentic style fair food recipes that may inspire you to set up your own booth next year or at least try something new.

Happy Grilling!


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