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Looking to create your own backyard paradise with an outdoor kitchen in Doral, Florida? This guide dives into the best suppliers, design tips, and essential features to consider for doral outdoor kitchens with BBQ grill that complements Doral’s sunny charm. Keep reading to transform your patio into the ultimate culinary destination.

Key Takeaways

  • Paradise Grills in Doral, FL offers customizable high-quality outdoor kitchens with features like LED lighting, temperature-controlled refrigerators, and exclusive design tools such as the 3D Online Configurator with Augmented Reality visualizer.
  • Outdoor kitchens should incorporate high-quality, durable materials such as stone, stucco, and stainless steel, and tailor designs to include personal touches and entertainment elements for a cohesive outdoor living experience.
  • Doral residents value outdoor kitchens for the ability to customize layouts, improve outdoor entertaining with amenities like professional grills and tiki bars, and enhance property value while enjoying the favorable local climate.

Doral’s Finest Outdoor Kitchen Suppliers

Doral Outdoor Kitchens
Island outdoor kitchen with the optional upgrades

In the world of outdoor kitchens in Doral, Florida, Paradise Grills stands out as a prominent name. Their wide range of products include professional BBQ grills, bar islands, patio furniture, covers such as a pergola or tiki bar, and fire pits along with an extensive collection of high-quality appliances and accessories for outdoor entertainment. These outdoor kitchen options are designed using top-notch materials and innovative features like marine stereos, TVs, and smart-app controlled LED lighting to enhance your overall experience.

What makes Paradise Grills unique is their dedication to customization. They offer you the chance to hand-pick every appliance and accessory according to your personal style through their specialized system called “Paradise Your Way.” This ensures that each aspect of your dream outdoor kitchen project reflects who you are while catering perfectly to all your entertaining needs.

Don’t wait any longer. Head over to the Paradise Grills showroom in Doral or visit us online today! Let us help turn your vision into reality by creating a customized outdoor entertaining paradise just for you.

Crafting Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen in Doral

Crafting outdoor kitchens and professional BBQ grills entails more than just picking out appliances and bar stools. It involves designing a space that reflects your personal taste and desired ambiance. In this article, we will delve into the steps to turn your envisioned outdoor kitchen in Doral into reality by carefully curating each element.

Designing the perfect dream outdoor kitchen with barbecue grill is all about creating a cohesive atmosphere with well-chosen appliances and furnishings – from the refrigerator to the pergola to the bar stools. Our guide below will walk you through the important elements of creating your ideal outdoor living space.

Conceptualizing Your Space

The process of creating your ideal modern outdoor kitchen starts with visualizing the space. Luckily, there are many tools at your disposal to assist you in this task. The Paradise Grills 3D online configurator enables you to customize your design by choosing various elements and arranging them while previewing the final result online. You can also use their Augmented Reality tool to visualize your dream outdoor kitchen right in your own Doral FL backyard. This not only streamlines planning, but also showcases the beauty and versatility of the different choices offered by Paradise Grills.

Paradise Grills is a standout company when it comes to helping customers plan their dream outdoor kitchen grill island and island bar. By visiting their Doral showroom, you can see a full range of different models with the stainless steel appliances and accessories – including grills, referigerators, burners, patio furniture, and more – to get a feel for the flow of the outdoor kitchen. Plus, their knowledgeable team can help you select the perfect size, layout, shades (e.g., pergola or tiki hut), components, and accessories to create a perfect environment for your outdoor entertaining needs and wants.

Selecting Appliances and Features

The success and appearance of your outdoor kitchen largely depends on the appropriate selection of appliances and features. For those in Doral, Paradise Grills offers a variety of quality options for their outdoor kitchens with BBQ grills.

Some appliances and accessories you may want to consider include:

  • Hybrid X Grill conversions, such as pizza oven, rotisserie, steamer, fryer, hibachi griddle, and more
  • Cocktail station
  • Bar and/or wine refrigerator
  • Ice maker
  • Side burners
  • Storage doors and/or drawers
  • Sink

An ideal outdoor kitchen should include vital components such as spacious countertops with bar stools or other seating, grill with burner or other cooking options, refrigerator or other cooling mechanism, ample storage space, and preparation areas. The finishing touch can be achieved by choosing from various materials like stone or porcelain tiles for your countertop area while traditional stucco is also an option. Enhance your grilling experience even more with customizable drop-in accessories including food warming drawers or cocktail station with cutting board, garnish trays, and ice chest available at Paradise Grills.

Personalized Design Touches

To give your outdoor kitchen a personal touch, consider incorporating unique design elements and a pergola or tiki hut to make it stand out and feel inviting, while also reflecting your individual style and preferences. The first steps to achieving this includes choosing a shape and layout that suits your specific needs and budgeting carefully.

When considering the shape/layout, decide if you want a straight line grill island, a parallel grill island and island bar with bar stools, a U-shaped or L-shaped outdoor kitchen, or more of an open square or rectangular shaped outdoor kitchen and BBQ grill layout. Selecting a unique shape and layout that fits your space and personality is the first step to creating more personalized outdoor living spaces.

In Doral, companies like Paradise Grills offer custom island bars and grill islands for outdoor kitchens, while specializing in contemporary and attractive pergolas or exotic and tropical tiki huts to create an appealing and unique outdoor living space. To enhance the appeal of your outdoor kitchen with BBQ grill, you may want to consider including lighting options such as LED lights or task lights, storage solutions, and countertops made from durable materials like Avellaero Stone by Paradise Grills.

Adding landscaping touches such as plants or artificial grass can greatly contribute to the overall aesthetic of your patio and outdoor kitchen and grill area in Doral Florida. By combining these various design elements together with practical considerations tailored specifically towards each person’s preferences adds layers of uniqueness making their own backyard dreamscape.

Other ways to add personal touches is by expanding your grilling and outdoor cooking options. Grill conversions can offer a range of solutions. For instance, with Paradise Grills Hybrid X you can seamlessly transform your professional grill into ten distinct grilling experiences. For example, you can consider adding a pizza oven for those family pizza nights or a rotisserie for perfectly cooked whole chickens or roasts. If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, a hibachi griddle might be a great addition. And for those who love fried foods, a fryer would be a fantastic feature. These are just a few of the options available with the Hybrid X Grill, so be sure to add the ones that will enable you to cook your favorite items and that your friends and family will enjoy the most. Each of these additions not only enhances your cooking capabilities, but also adds a unique touch to your outdoor kitchen that reflects your personal culinary preferences and style.

The Heart of Outdoor Living: Grills and Cooktops

Grills and Outdoor CookTops
Grills and Outdoor Dining

Outdoor cooking is an essential element of any Doral outdoor kitchen. With a wide range of options available, residents can choose from modern, consistent and convenient gas grills, traditional charcoal grills for that distinctive smoky taste, or the ease and convenience offered by electric grills.

Professional grills, such as those offered by Paradise Grills, feature unique attributes including an insulated dual-layered hood, stainless steel heavy-duty full width handle, 3-in-1 smart temperature gauge, removable warming rack and heavy-duty hexagonal cooking grates. Their full range of premium and professional grills offer these great features and more, including interior lights and front panel lighting, infrared back burner, commercial grade ceramic briquettes, and more. What’s more, when working with a top-notch company like Paradise Grills, your dream outdoor kitchen can be installed in a matter of days.

For those seeking diverse cooking options, electric grills and hibachi griddles are excellent additions to consider. Electric grills offer convenience and easy cleanup, while hibachi griddles provide a unique, interactive cooking experience perfect for entertaining.

For more savvy grill masters or those just seeking variety in their outdoor kitchen grilling space, the Paradise Grills Hybrid X offers the ability to transition from gas to charcoal, wood smoker, infrared sear, fryer, streamer, pizza oven, and much more.

Selecting the right grill type, size, and functionality will significantly impact overall satisfaction, enjoyment and functionality of the grilling experience across Doral Florida homeowners outdoor living spaces.

Pergolas & Patio Covers: Elevating Doral’s Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Kitchen Pergola Designs

Incorporating a pergola and other patio cover, such as a tiki hut or umbrella, into your outdoor kitchen can elevate both its appearance and practicality. These structures not only add aesthetic value, but also define distinct outdoor living spaces while offering shade for a more comfortable cooking and dining experience.

Paradise Grills offers an array of pergolas suited to various design preferences to add life to your backyard patio scene in Doral. By providing necessary shelter from Florida sun and other weather conditions, they contribute to creating a functional yet enjoyable environment for outdoor activities such as cooking or leisure time.

For a more exotic option, Paradise Grills tiki huts and tiki bars can add a tropic twist while enhancing your outdoor kitchen experience. In addition to providing a unique tropical aesthetic to your backyard, they also offer practical benefits such as shade and shelter, making your outdoor kitchen grill island and island bar more comfortable and inviting. A tiki bar can serve as an additional serving or dining area, perfect for entertaining guests. With their distinct style, tiki huts and bars can transform your outdoor kitchen into a vibrant, resort-like space, creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere for your outdoor entertaining.

Integrating Entertainment Elements

Integrating entertainment elements into an outdoor kitchen transforms it from a cooking space into a lively venue for hosting events. One can make the most out of their outdoor kitchen living experience by adding fun features to the setup. For example, a motorized TV system allows people to enjoy watching favorite shows and sports games while soaking in the beautiful surroundings.

A marine stereo with speakers is another great entertainment option for creating the perfect environment for your friends and family. You can have soft music serving as ambiance or upbeat tunes to set a more party-like vibe.

Lighting is another key factor that contributes greatly to enhancing one’s enjoyment of their outdoor space. Appropriate lighting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests outdoors.

The Importance of High-Quality Materials

In order to guarantee longevity and sturdiness, it is essential to utilize top-notch materials when building an outdoor kitchen in Doral. Stone, stainless steel, and stucco are highly recommended due to their ability to resist staining, rusting, corrosion, and damage from weather conditions – making them ideal for Florida outdoor kitchens.

The quality of the materials used greatly impacts the life span of an outdoor kitchen. Incorporating high-quality materials offers various benefits such as increased durability, reduced wear and tear, maintenance against elements exposure, and long-term sustainability through regular usage.

This ultimately helps produce a longer-lasting lifetime for your outdoor cooking area.

For Doral’s climate, favored material options include stone, painted aluminum, stainless steel, and stucco. Additionally, it is vital that only premium grade equipment – such as a professional grill, refrigerator, cocktail station, burner, and more – be utilized in creating these specialized spaces. Starting with a professional set-up that utilizes quality products and materials will ensure you have enduring sustainable results throughout its life span, providing tremendous value within each backyard patio setting.

Outdoor Kitchen Layouts Tailored to Doral Homes

In order to seamlessly blend in with the existing outdoor area, it is possible to customize an outdoor kitchen layout that suits Doral homes. When deciding on the perfect layout for their outdoor kitchens, homeowners should consider factors like available space and durable materials suitable for all-season use.

The L-Shaped BBQ Grill Island is a popular choice among Doral residents when it comes to designing their ideal outdoor kitchen layout. Visiting the Paradise Grills Doral showroom and meeting with their knowledgeable team can help you plan for the best outdoor kitchen with BBQ grill to meet your space, wants, and needs. Using tools such as Augmented Reality to visualize the outdoor kitchen project in your own back can help homeowners to create a cohesive look within their current backyard setup.

Another crucial aspect affecting the configuration of an outdoor kitchen in Doral is its surrounding landscape features. These elements play a vital role in achieving seamless integration with the overall aesthetics of one’s yard by considering proximity to indoor cooking spaces, wind patterns as well as optimizing views from different angles.

Creating a Cohesive Outdoor Living Experience

An image featuring the Tahiti outdoor kitchen from the Shades Of Paradise Collection, with GSL-32 Professional Grill, CSL – 32 Cocktail Station and stools, sink, and stools
Island outdoor kitchen with the optional upgrades

Designing a cohesive outdoor living space goes beyond simply creating an outdoor kitchen. It involves incorporating various elements, including seating areas, fire pits, multiple cooking stations and plenty of counter space. By customizing the area with these features, it is possible to seamlessly integrate dining and socializing spaces within the overall experience.

Strategically placing a fire pit near the outdoor kitchen not only creates visual unity but also provides easy access between both areas. This enhances the entire outdoor living experience by allowing for smooth transitions from food preparation to conversation and relaxation. Carefully chosen lighting fixtures around the fire feature can enhance its beauty and add depth to the ambiance of this shared space.

When designing your ideal outdoor oasis, remember that proper placement of key elements such as patio furniture, bar stools or other seating areas and fire pits are important for achieving maximum enjoyment out of your surroundings, particularly when paired with a functional yet stylishly designed outdoor kitchen.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Kitchen with Accessories

Integrating accessories into your outdoor kitchen can not only improve it, but also bring convenience and style to your space. Carefully selecting complementary accessories that align with your design vision will elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor area.

Considering the climate in Doral, opting for certain accessories may be beneficial such as a variety of BBQ grills, vent hoods, compact refrigerators, smoker boxes, ceramic briquettes, and rotisserie kits. These meticulously crafted options are specifically made by experienced professionals to withstand local weather conditions while enhancing the overall cooking experience in an open-air setting.

In order to both enhance functionality and appearance of their outdoor kitchens in Doral, residents often choose popular additions like a pergola or tiki hut, LED lighting, sophisticated professional-grade grills, stereo systems, and high-quality commercial materials from reputable providers.

Why Doral Residents Love Their Outdoor Kitchens

Residents of Doral can enjoy a multitude of advantages by incorporating outdoor kitchens into their homes, such as:

  • Customizing the setup to fit their personal preferences
  • Encouraging healthier cooking and grilling techniques
  • Enhancing property value
  • Reducing utility costs through utilization of outdoor cooking spaces
  • Expanding living space

With its warm and sunny climate all year round, Doral provides an ideal setting for enjoying the outdoors. This makes outdoor kitchens highly desirable additions to any home in this area. These sought-after features include unique designs and incorporation of artistic elements that are specifically catered to outdoor entertainment and culinary activities. Testimonials from satisfied homeowners frequently mention how these modern and elegant kitchen setups have transformed their backyards into practical extensions of their indoor living areas.

Visit Our Doral Showroom

Phipps Plaza Gallery
Visit the Doral Outdoor Kitchen Gallery

If designing your perfect outdoor kitchen excites you, we invite you to stop by the Paradise Grills Doral showroom store. It’s the ideal location to browse through our selection of outdoor kitchen products and services, and get inspired to transform your backyard into a dreamy outdoor living space.

Our showroom/store boasts various options that can spark creativity for crafting one-of-a-kind outdoor living spaces. Whether you have a clear vision in mind or are just starting to explore possibilities, visiting us at the Doral Paradise Grills will help you jumpstart ideas for creating an exceptional outdoor kitchen.

Come see us at Paradise Grills Doral and let us assist in bringing your ultimate outdoor cooking experience to fruition.


To achieve the outdoor kitchen of your dreams in Doral, it is essential to carefully plan and choose suitable appliances while adding personal design touches and incorporating entertainment elements. With proper selection of materials, an appropriate layout, and a variety of accessories, you can create a seamless outdoor living experience. Companies like Paradise Grills are available to assist throughout this process. So why wait? Begin today and craft an exceptional outdoor kitchen for yourself and loved ones that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the top outdoor kitchen suppliers in Doral?

One highly recommended option for an outdoor kitchen supplier in Doral is Paradise Grills. They have a diverse selection of products and the ability to customize, making them a top choice in the industry. Their offerings cover everything from professional BBQ grills to appliances, accessories and other essential elements needed for creating your perfect meal. They also carry an assortment of pergolas and tiki huts, fire pits, and patio furniture and offer quick installation and financing options.

What tools can I use to visualize and plan my outdoor kitchen?

Planning and designing your outdoor kitchen has never been easier with the help of online tools like the 3D online configurator with Augmented Reality from Paradise Grills. These user-friendly resources allow you to visualize every detail of your dream outdoor living space efficiently.

Gone are the days of manually sketching out designs, as these cutting-edge tools offer a convenient way to create customized layouts for your paradise-worthy grilling area. With just a few clicks, you can explore different options for placement.

What appliances and features should I consider for my outdoor kitchen?

High quality materials such as a professional caliber grill combined with useful appliances such as bar or wine refrigerator, cocktail station, side burners, grill conversions, outdoor ice makers, and more will make your outdoor kitchen function more seamlessly as you cook and entertain guests. Consider a pergola or tiki hut for both aesthetic appeal and protection from the weather. Finally, comfortable seating such as bar stools and patio furniture will add the finishing touches to your outdoor kitchen. These, along with grill accessories, will enhance your time spent in the open-air setting.

How can I create a cohesive outdoor living experience?

For a harmonious outdoor living setting, consider the flow and shape of your outdoor kitchen. Then, incorporate different zones, including seating zones with fire pit as well as a cooking and preparation station into your outdoor kitchen with BBQ grill. Be mindful of light placement and accessory selection to elevate the overall atmosphere for your guests’ enjoyment.

The inclusion of these elements will result in a cohesive outdoor experience and the perfect environment for gatherings at your home.

Why do Doral residents love their outdoor kitchens?

Outdoor kitchens are a beloved feature among Doral FL residents for various reasons. This home addition allows them to personalize the setup, boost their property’s value, promote healthier cooking habits, expand their living area and take full advantage of the sunny weather in this location.

Having an outdoor kitchen is not only functional, but also enhances one’s lifestyle and house. It offers a unique way to utilize outdoor space effectively while enjoying all the benefits it has to offer. Overall, Doral residents value having an outdoor kitchen.

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