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HHOW: A Grilling Trend for 2017

HHOW has been growing in popularity in the culinary world in recent years and is one of the latest trends today in grilling.  Cooking with HHOW foods will making a truly flavorful experience for you and your guests at your next cookout!

HHOW stands for Heritage/Heirloom/Organic/Wild.  More and more people are realizing that where they get their food matters and are turning away from industrial farming which can cause health, environmental, and social problems.  



Heritage food usually refers to meats.  While the commercial meat industry continues to breed animals that will give them a greater yield by having bigger, meatier body parts, many non-commercial breeds have died out, eliminating any diversity.  The problem with this is that if the few breeds left are destroyed by a disease, a huge part of our food supply is wiped out.  Food diversity is important because diseases affect different breeds in different ways, so a variety of breeds creates a more sustainable food supply.

Heritage meats are ones that have been bred as food in the past but have nearly become extinct as industrial agriculture has grown.  In fact, in the last 15 years, nearly 200 breeds of farm animals have gone extinct all over the entire world. Because they grow more naturally in fields, heritage breeds don’t need to be pumped up with antibiotics and they’re generally better able to fight disease.

There are many types of heritage animals that include varieties of pigs, turkeys, sheep, beef, chicken, or rabbit.  Often these animals take longer to grow and some of the chickens may not produce large quantities of eggs, but they’re natural and unmodified, better for you, and much more flavorful than their commercial counterparts.



We’ve all heard of heirloom tomatoes, but heirloom refers to plant varieties that have grown throughout history and come in unique colors and shapes that have been bred out of commercial fruits and vegetables.  Most heirloom fruits and vegetables were left behind from industrial farming because they may not grow as fast and are not easily harvested by commercial harvesters.  Like heritage meats, heirloom produce is healthier and has better flavor than commercially bred fruits and vegetables.

Unlike in commercial farming, harvesting your own heirloom seeds from your plants is encouraged.  Because of the huge boom in heirloom plant growing, packets of heirloom seeds for many plants are easily available, even through some of the larger seed companies.  Heirloom tomatoes are often found in local grocery stores, and more and more are stocking heirloom varieties of corn, peppers, lettuce, and carrots.



We all know the benefits of eating certified organic foods.  Going organic keeps chemicals out of our bodies, as well as the air, water, and soil.  Farms that use pesticides and inorganic fertilizers not only affect their own land but also downstream and downwind from them.  The toxic chemicals make their way into the water system and wash downstream, decimating plant and animal life and can even create dead zones where nothing can grow and or survive.  Getting chemicals out of our bodies makes us healthier, keeps the soil healthier, helps local and family farmers, and makes food taste better.



Wild food consists of plants that are foraged from nature or animals caught in the wild.  Although it may take a little research to discover which plants are okay to eat and which are not, wild foods are rich in nutrients that have been long lost in commercial farming.  Being out in nature looking for plants to pick or animals to hunt promotes good health in many ways.  It’s great exercise and it reduces blood pressure, anxiety, and stress.  Wild edibles can be plants, mushrooms, fruits, berries, flowers, and nuts.  It can also be animals caught in the wild such as fish, boar, rabbit, elk, and deer.   


When you have guests over to enjoy your new outdoor kitchen from Paradise Grills Direct, throw some HHOW foods on your grill.  Your guests will love trying new foods and will be amazed at how delicious they are.  It’ll make for a fun and unique dining adventure and they’ll never miss the unhealthy, commercial stuff!

Incorporating HHOW foods into your diet is good for your body and your conscience.   Where your food comes from matters.

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