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Stainless Steel with Houston Outdoor Kitchens

If you’ve browsed our website, seen our Houston Outdoor Kitchen Showroom or our showroom in Naples, Florida you may have noticed one thing our Houston outdoor kitchens have in common: stainless steel equipment. There’s a reason behind that. Stainless steel in general, is a good idea for any outdoor kitchen or grill. Stainless steel is longer-lasting than other materials. If you’re making an investment in your outdoor kitchen, you deserve something that can last. No use getting a Houston outdoor kitchen just to watch it fall into disrepair, piece-by-piece, because of inferior equipment. Another benefit of stainless steel is its strength. An outdoor kitchen has to be able to stand up to the elements.

Whether those elements are the weather, your family, or a busy fourth of July weekend. You need the peace of mind that your  Houston outdoor kitchen can handle it all.One of the hardest things to deal with in a Houston outdoor kitchen takes place after all the festivities have ended. Cleaning your outdoor kitchen is a task almost no one looks forward to. Stainless steel however, gives you an edge. It’s there in the name. Stainless steel is harder to stain and can be a cinch to clean.However, Paradise Grills Direct Outdoor Kitchens doesn’t just settle for your average stainless steel touches, we go the extra step in bringing you impeccable quality. Some outdoor grills and kitchens use lower quality stainless steel in order to cut costs.

The thought is that most customers won’t notice in the beginning and the company that manufactured it can save a few dollars in the long run. At Paradise Grills Direct we don’t do low quality. Our flagship GSL-32 Professional Grill is turning heads by changing standards. As opposed to the lower grade steel, we use 304 grade commercial stainless steel. But, what does that mean? You, the customer, get a better product that is more resistant to rust and other corrosion.

Why stainless steel? It offers several advantages. Why Paradise Grills Direct Houston Outdoor Kitchens? Because it’s the best.


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