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Houston, TX Strongest built Outdoor Kitchens

As you’re considering buying at Paradise outdoor kitchens Houston, a few thoughts may come to mind. Can I only use my Houston outdoor kitchen a few months of the year? What are my options when the weather changes? Paradise Grills Direct has a few choices for the weather-conscious customer.

To help battle the elements Paradise Outdoor Kitchens offers firepits and fireplaces. First, let’s talk about firepits. What are the advantages? With a firepit, you can accommodate 360 degree seating.  The heat diffuses more quickly because the fire is exposed to an open area, but if you sit close you can enjoy a comfortable nighttime conversation. At Paradise, we give you two choices:

The Paradise Firepit and The Paradise Firepit XL. The Paradise Firepit measures 50” by 50”. It comes standard with a Tile/Slate surface on top, a stucco base, gas burning lava rocks and a diamond accent. You have the choice of upgrading to a granite surface top and an LED lighting system much like the one that comes with your choice of bar. The Paradise Firepit XL, as the name implies offers many of the same features as the Paradise Firepit, but in a more gargantuan size. While the standard features and optional upgrades don’t change, the dimensions of this firepit can accommodate more of your guests. The Paradise Firepit XL measures 43” by 72” allowing for a much larger fire and wider heat distribution.

For any number of reasons such as yard setup, dimensions, or aesthetics, firepits aren’t always a practical option.There are certain perks to having an outdoor fireplace. While you don’t get the 360 degrees of heat a firepit can offer, fireplaces focus their heat in one direction giving a more concentrated heat source. In addition, outdoor fireplaces can help block the wind in a way that firepits can’t. Paradise Grilling Direct offers two choices of fireplaces. Much like the firepits, Paradise’s fireplaces come in two sizes: The Paradise Fireplace and The Paradise Fireplace XL. Both of these fireplaces allow for gas and wood burning options. Both allow you to upgrade to LED lighting and a granite surface top.

Fire Pit Insert, on a white background.

The Paradise Fireplace XL has two major differences, though. Larger dimesions: 39” long by 108” wide by 81” high (Paradise Fireplace XL) compared to 39” long by 67” wide by 81” high (Paradise Fireplace). The XL also comes with two nooks perfect for wood and any other handy materials on each side.

Seasons end, but the festivities don’t have to. Thanks to Paradise Grilling Direct, you can experience your outdoor kitchen all year long. Its what you should expect from Paradise Outdoor Kitchens Houston.

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