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How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen With Paradise Grills

Creating Your Outdoor Kitchen in Houston with Paradise Grills

How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen - St. CroixSummer is coming! The days for backyard BBQs and long lazy evenings entertaining under the stars are just around the corner. When you are ready to make the most of your backyard space by creating the perfect outdoor kitchen in Houston it is time to visit Paradise Grills.

What a Grill Wants – What a Grill Needs: Things to Consider for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Houston

As you start to plan your outdoor kitchen in Houston you will need to make some important decisions. Will this space you are creating be a second kitchen for you or will it be more of an occasional convenience for entertaining? If you are planning on devoting some serious hours to backyard entertaining and thinking your indoor kitchen might get dusty with lack of use, you may want to consider features that will allow you to make the most of your outdoor kitchen. Features that could turn you backyard kitchen into a real paradise include:

  • Sink
  • Side burners
  • Refrigerator
  • Storage drawers
  • Extra counter space
  • Sound system
  • TV
  • Lighting

Paradise GX8 - How to Build Your Outdoor KitchenIf all of these features sound like must-haves in your outdoor kitchen, check out the Paradise Gx8, it is our largest FlexBuild Grill System and allows you space for all of our optional upgrades. Looking for something a little more compact for your space? The Paradise Gx4 still allows you to enjoy the sleek style of a commercial grade stainless steel grill in a compact size for space flexibility. At Paradise Grills Direct you will have a choice of a variety of sizes of commercials grade, stainless steel grills of the highest luxury quality. With options for charcoal or wood chip smoker stations and infrared sear stations, you have the ability to bring your outdoor kitchen to the next level.

Once you have decided what you need to get cooking, it’s time to plan out how you and your guests will kick back to enjoy dinner and the outdoors. Your Outdoor Kitchen in Houston will be the go-to place to enjoy summer evenings for all of your family

Build it to Last

Tahiti - How To Build Your Outdoor KitchenAs you make your plans for your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to start thinking about the quality of the product itself. You have some options. You could hire a contractor; this is pricy and requires a permit process through your city or county. Contractors usually run around $500 per square foot plus materials and appliances, with an average final cost between $13k-$25k depending on size and appliances.

You might lean towards the cheaper pre-built metal stud contraction, but keep in mind that, although cheaper, this construction is not load-bearing, and your outdoor kitchen will be load-bearing. This means that eventually the frame will sag and crack your stucco. Paradise Grills Direct uses a welded steel frame, although a little bit more expensive, it is 10 times stronger! With a lifetime structural warranty these units are also completely moveable, take this investment with you, wherever you move!

Kick-off the summer right, and start planning your outdoor kitchen paradise today!


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