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How To Host The Perfect Barbecue in Bonita Springs

Putting on a Great Barbecue in Bonita Springs

There’s nothing better than getting together with a group of friends and family for a backyard barbecue. And even when it’s starting to get cold up north, it’s still barbecue season in Bonita Springs, Florida. In fact, with high temperatures that seldom drop below the mid-60s, it’s pretty much always barbecue season in Bonita Springs! So let’s take a look at five easy steps you can follow to put on a great barbecue.

Choose the Right Outdoor Kitchen or Grill

Barbecue in Bonita SpringsA great barbecue begins with the perfect setup. Whether you’re planning an extravagant backyard party or an intimate get together, the right outdoor kitchen or grill can make all the difference. Of course, a simple grill won’t detract from your gathering, but a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen or grill can help set the tone for your barbecue.

If you want to create the right outdoor kitchen or grilling area for your backyard, we suggest that you look into Paradise Grills. Their professional grills and customizable bar and grill systems allow you to put together exactly the right setup for your entertaining needs. Have a relatively small backyard? No problem. The Aruba Paradise Bar System provides seating for five right next to the built-in grill, creating a highly usable space with a small footprint. For those with a little more room to work with, their flagship bar system, the Tahiti, provides ample room for entertaining guests and enjoying your outdoor time together.

Keep Fuel for Your Grill on Hand

The right grill or outdoor kitchen isn’t gonna do you much good if you don’t have the necessary fuel. That’s why you should always keep extra propane, charcoal, or wood on hand. Not only does this allow you to put on a great backyard barbecue, but it also allows you to grill up some steaks, fish, or sausages at a moment’s notice.

Pick Food People Love

How To Host The Perfect Barbecue In Bonita Springs

Choosing the right food can make or break your backyard get together. You can’t go wrong with succulent steak or ribs, and burgers and hot dogs are always a fan favorite. But if you’re looking for something a little bit different, fresh seafood can be a nice change. With Bonita Springs’ proximity to Estero Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, you should look into taking advantage of our great selection of fresh fish and seafood the next time you fire up your grill.

Include Drinks in Your Planning

Beer is often the drink of choice for a backyard barbecue, but you can consciously mix things up by mixing up some great cocktails to go with your food instead. One fun option for a barbecue cocktail (found on Mix That Drink) is a bright blue mixed drink called Sex in the Driveway. The great thing about these drinks is that you can pre-mix the alcohol in highball glasses and simply add crushed ice and Sprite when you’re ready.

For each cocktail you will need:

  • Crushed Ice
  • 1 oz. Peach Schnapps
  • 1 oz. Blue Curaçao
  • 2 oz. Vodka or White Rum
  • Enough Sprite to Fill the Glass

If you have younger guests or designated drivers, make sure that their drinks can’t be confused with the cocktails you’re serving. For example, you may choose to go with a good lemonade or limeade if you’re using the above cocktail.

In all honestly, putting on a great barbecue in Bonita Springs — or anywhere for that matter — is a pretty simple endeavor. All you really need to do is provide a venue, a grill, comfortable seating, and good food and drinks. Everything else is just details. You may wish to put together a few simple activities, but make sure you keep the setup simple. After all, you don’t want to feel like you’re working when everyone else is taking time to relax!


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