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Footrests: Improving your Health and Comfort

What do you and your feet have in common? No, this isn’t a silly “what’s black and white and read all over” kind of riddle, this is an important life-changing fact of life. Well, I’ll tell you: Both.. Need.. Rest! For decades, living rooms, salons and barbershops alike have orbited around the beloved footrest, although, were you aware that having the proper foot and leg support is not only comfortable but can also help to improve your overall health?

Paradise GrillsAt Paradise Grills, we understand the meaning of rest and comfortability. Your health is important not just to yourself but to us as well! This is the reason our outdoor bar and kitchen systems come equipped with state of the art footrests. Perfect for both the short and tall, this health-effective “step” in our modeling process will preserve your back, legs, veins and overall health by ensuring a healthy and proper angle between your thighs and upper body.

A footrest helps to keep your feet flat and distributes your weight properly, relieving pressure on your lower back. Dangling legs can block the circulation of your blood flow eventually causing blood clots due to deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can cause swelling and leg pain which could become frighteningly serious. If the clots in your veins were to break loose, they could travel through your bloodstream, embed themselves within your lungs and prevent your blood from flowing properly. This unfortunate occurrence is known as pulmonary embolism which could become life-threatening due to shortness of breath, chest pain, a rapid pulse and the coughing up of blood. However, deep vein thrombosis doesn’t always announce itself, sometimes it can occur without any noticeable symptoms whatsoever, so it is extraordinarily important to be aware of how you’re treating your feet! Footrests also help to defend against skin sores, skin discoloration and varicose veins; not to mention, sitting upright, instead of dangling your legs and slouching, will help to improve your posture and digestion. Give your body a break and help yourself to digest more easily while you devour all the steaks and burgers you’ll be grilling. Your body will thank you!

With our St. Croix, Maui and Tahiti Paradise grills models you can be sure to have a relaxing, comfortable and healthy experience every time! Paradise designs with you in mind, so while enjoying your outdoor bar and kitchen system remember to sit back, relax and put those feet up, they deserve it!


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