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Let’s Build Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Whenever you have a party, everyone always gathers in the kitchen.  It’s the heart of every home and is where most of the activity happens.  Grilling has always been a time to enjoy the outdoors, cooking a good meal for your family and friends.  While you may feel you’re part of the festivities, you’re really not.  You get to be outside with everyone part of the time, but you spend most of your time running into the kitchen to get food from the fridge, get utensils to cook with, wash your hands, and throw away trash.  

Wouldn’t it be ideal to have all of these things right at your fingertips, right there by your grill?  Let’s think about that.  Better yet, let’s build your dream outdoor kitchen!

We’ll start with your grill.  High-performance, durable stainless steel, professional quality will do nicely.  For the meat lover in the family, we’ll put an infrared sear station in there for perfectly seared steak every time.  Or maybe you prefer a smokier flavor to your foods.  A woodchip and charcoal smoker will give your food the flavor of being cooked over a wood fire or charcoal grill, right there from your gas grill.  You’ll need a side burner so you can steam some veggies without using your indoor stove while you’re outside grilling. Let’s make it a double burner while we’re at it.

In your home, your stove is accompanied by other appliances for a reason.  You use them while you’re cooking.  Your dream outdoor kitchen should be the same.  In your grill cabinet, you’ll need a small bar fridge.  This will allow you to have all your food for your party already outside with you.  A bar fridge is also great for drinks so your friends can help themselves without going inside when they want a drink.

Next to your fridge, you’ll need a couple of drawers which you can keep stocked with your cooking utensils, spices, kitchen towels, dishcloths, anything else you need to make a fantastic meal for your guests.  

Of course, you’ll need a sink.  Think about how many times you rinse food, wash your hands, or use water while making a single meal.  You don’t want to have to go inside whenever you need to do those things.  All this cooking will inevitably create some waste, so let’s include an inconspicuous trash drawer to take care of that.

Admit it, you like to have your guests around you while you cook, so let’s make your bar system our 4-seater St. Croix.  No, you’re more fun than that!  Let’s go with a Tahiti bar system with a welded tiki hut!  It’s sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather, and it’s waterproof so Mother Nature won’t be able to dampen your good time.  

With a tiki hut, cool lighting is a must.  How about remote-controlled color-changing LED lighting?  Your guests will love it!  And you can’t have cool lighting without your favorite music, so let’s be sure to include a Boss Audio Marine CD/DVD stereo system and of course, a tv so you don’t miss the big game!

Can you see it?  Your dream outdoor kitchen?  It’s beautiful!  There you are, grilling and laughing with your friends, listening to your favorite music on the stereo.  Happy.  

At Paradise Grills Direct in Orlando, we make these dreams a reality.  With so many styles and options to choose from, we can build a kitchen with the functions you want and that matches your personality as well as your budget.  Our grills and kitchens have welded steel frames that come with a lifetime structural warranty.  They’re strong, they’re beautiful, they’re fun!

Call Paradise Grills Direct today at (800)691-7155 and find out how we can make your dream of a beautiful outdoor kitchen come true!


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