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Make Your Sarasota Outdoor Kitchen a Dream

In Sarasota, Florida, outdoor kitchens are the best place to have parties, make good food, and, more importantly, create long-lasting memories. 

But sometimes the same evening party can get, dare I say, boring? Two great party ideas guaranteed to spice up any activity are; creating a perfectly themed Tiki party, or totally converting your backyard into an African Safari.

Tiki Hut Themed Partyhamburgers on modern grill - Tampa grill

What a better way to kick off a great party than Tiki Hut themed!

What makes this so easy for you is that your local grill store in Sarasota offers a Tiki hut bar and grill system. So setting up a Hawaiian themed party is a breeze. Although many other vital components go into setting up a themed party, such as; food, drinks, tablecloths, napkins, decorations, and even attire, the food associated with a tiki-themed party should be healthy, often salads are the first choice for Tiki parties. 

But where’s the meat?! Pork is an excellent option for your Luau party, especially cooked on a BBQ grill. Now onto the drinks, Hawaiian Punch would fit the bill for those younger than 21. But for those who are 21 and over, any type of margarita, cocktails, or spiked smoothie will go along nicely. Tiki-themed parties are often alcohol orientated, giving many options for themed drinks. 

For the tableware and decorations, you want to keep it colorful, make people’s eyes jump around, looking at all the wonderful ideas you came up with. Don’t forget to add some fake Tiki heads to take your party to the next level.

Also, make sure to have your guests wear floral attire. The women can even wear a grass skirt, and the guys can wear a classic Hawaiian button-up shirt. To really wow your guests hand out Hawaiian flower necklaces. If you do all of this correctly, you are sure to turn your outdoor kitchen into a Honolulu party.

Safari Themed Party

Now let’s travel halfway across the world into the African Safari. To make this party the best it possibly can be, we need to rent a live lion–just kidding. To make your party the best in the neighborhood, many things need to be taken into consideration. Unlike the Tiki-themed party, this will be more food orientated. There are thousands of ideas on Pinterest for safari themed food, but we want to focus on the meat. How else are we going to put that barbecue grill to work? 

You have two options; you can cook the original (but great) BBQ food. You can’t go wrong with some food you really have to work for, RIBS! Now for the sides, you can toss some bell peppers to the side of the ribs. For the fruit, put some bananas out, those are always a great treat. The other option is attempting to make an authentic African meal. There are many options out there on the internet. After successfully pulling this off, your guests will for sure want to come back again. 

For the decorations, you want to keep it lively, be sure to keep it grassy, put out some inflatable animals, and balloons (you always need balloons) if your Sarasota outdoor kitchen comes equipped with speakers the music can make it a party. Don’t play just the party classics, to really get the party going you need to play is some safari themed songs: Africa by Toto, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, and Hakuna Matata by Lion King. These are just a few to get a crowd singing. Even though a live lion is out of the picture, we can still make a Safari Themed party leave your guests wanting more after the party is long over.

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All of these party ideas sound fun, but you want to do it in a more familiar place, like your backyard. At your local Grill Store in Sarasota, we strive to make your dream backyard come true. We have full outdoor kitchens or just smaller BBQ grills to fit your custom needs. You provide the dream, and we can help you execute it!


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