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Orlando Fire Features, Fire Pits vs Fire Places

During the colder months of the year, the best place to be is with your loved ones and friends hanging out by the fire and sharing the best moments of the day. With Paradise Grills, Orlando Fire Features we can provide the best fireplaces and fire pits to make those moments extra special. Paradise provides two types of fire pits and two types of fireplaces. The standard fire pit comes with a stucco base, a 12”x12” tile/slate surface top, diamond accent and gas burning lava rocks. You can add on a beautiful LED lighting system, or a granite surface top with your choice of color. This standard fire pit measures 50”x50”. Paradise also has an XL version of the standard fire pit that has the same features but measures 43”x72”.

Orlando Fire Features If fire pits are not your thing, then Paradise Outdoor Kitchens has beautiful fireplaces that come in standard and XL. The standard fireplace comes with a stucco base, 12”x12” tile/slate surface top, diamond accent, and an option for gas or wood burning. You can also add a LED lighting system or a granite surface top with your choice of color. The XL fireplace has the same features but also has two built in wood storage boxes to help complete this bold and unique fire feature. It also measures larger than the standard.

When thinking about the holidays, and all of your loved ones gathering around to celebrate, think about how nice it would be to have a fireplace or fire pit from Paradise Grills Orlando Fire Features to help complete your holiday look. Whether you have a large family gathering, or a few close friends, any one of these can make your holiday shine a little brighter, bring people together and a little closer, and warm everyone’s hearts a little warmer, next to a Paradise Grills fire pit or fireplace.


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