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Orlando Grill Systems

Welcome to Orlando, home to fun, sun and relaxation! At Paradise Grills, we’ve lived here long enough to become all too familiar with this lifestyle. Here at our Orlando outdoor kitchen showroom we have tons of grilling options to either get you started or keep your party alive! Are you looking for simplicity, something extravagant or maybe a little something in-between? Be sure to visit our showroom, conveniently located right here in Orlando, so that you can see firsthand the amazing adventure you’re about to embark on!

For even the most modest of grill-masters out there, we have some complimentary grilling systems that are perfect for you.

First is our Paradise GX4 Orlando grill system, which is conveniently compact for smooth, simple usage and mobility. This little devil comes equipped with a stucco bottom, slate tile finish, a Paradise GS-32 Premier grill and is polished off with easy-to-clean, stainless steel so you can focus on your sweet life in Orlando. Want to up the simplicity a few notches without “overdoing” it? Come on into our showroom and go for the Paradise GX6, the bigger and more responsible sister of the Paradise GX4. With the Paradise GX6 you can still enjoy every spectacular luxury that the Paradise GX4 has to offer, however, you’ll be doing so with more counter-top space as well as a larger capacity for any additional upgrades and accessories; and all while remaining condensed and portable.

An image depicting the ST Croix 8 and GX 4 Outdoor Kitchen featuring a GSL-32 Professional Grill, accompanied by accessories and stools.

Now let’s go up just a couple more levels and take a gander at some of our more moderate grilling systems in Orlando. Starting off with the Paradise GX8, for instance. This bad boy is one of our larger Flexbuild grill systems, yet still remains quite humble in its appearance. Along with the Paradise GX9 and Paradise GX10, we simply cannot help ourselves as we continue to add more and more countertop space, along with numerous upgradable features and opportunities to accessorize. No matter what your grilling preference may be, all of these moderate grill models are going to come standardly assembled with a GS-32 Premier grill, stucco bottom, a clean slate tile finish along with mirror-worthy stainless steel. All grill models are also made to be portable, no matter the size, for when you get an itchin’ for a change in scenery. You may also choose the Flexbuild option to start constructing yourself a brand new outdoor kitchen by pairing any of our grilling systems with any style of bar systems that we offer. Just look for the Flexbuild logo to get started and stop by our Orlando showroom to visibly see your options while learning how to pair your grill and bar systems. You’ll be sure to enjoy one heck of an outdoor kitchen experience!

Last but not least, we have these colossal, mammoth, gargantuan (you get the idea) beasts of a grilling system. We would like to introduce you to our “little” friends, the Paradise GS-32 Premium and Paradise GSL-32 Professional. Both systems come fully loaded with 8 MM grates, cast steel burners, ceramic briquettes, an infrared burner, stainless steel knobs, and a 3 in 1 Smart Temperature gauge along with the option of adding on a sear station, smoker box and waterproof cover, to name a few. However, with the Paradise GSL-32 Professional there is a slight difference, this Orlando favorite also comes equipped with LED lighting, dual interior lighting as well as a stainless rotisserie! This behemoth is the perfect start to a brand new beginning with your new outdoor kitchen from Paradise Grills!

Illustration of a GSL - 32 Professional Grill with labeled features such as an infrared back burner, ceramic briquettes, commercial-grade stainless steel, and other advanced details.

Of course, every single grilling system that our Orlando showroom has available is completely customizable so that no matter who you are and what you desire, you’ll achieve exactly what you are seeking in a grill. But hey, don’t take our word for it! Come on into our Paradise outdoor kitchen showroom located right here in sunny, tropical Orlando to get started on your next grilling extravaganza!

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