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Orlando Grilling Store Tips For Gas Grills

orlando grilling storeWith over 64% of Americans owning gas grills, it’s surprising that they seem to be left out of the grilling conversation. Despite the overwhelming number of barbecue websites and blogs, gas grillers usually get left in the dust. At Paradise Grills, we want our loyal customers back in the game.

With these tips and techniques specifically designed for the gas griller, we know you’ll start making some headway or at least delicious food for your guests. It’s a win-win. At our Orlando grilling store, you have two top of the line options for your gas grilling needs, why not learn the best way to utilize these professional-grade grills? Learn the fastest way to get delicious food out in minutes using these easy to use and easy to clean, gas grills.

Get The Most Out Of Your Gas Grill

First things first, you need to find the hotspots on your gas grill. Every grill has them and it’s easy and cheap to find out where they are. All you need is:

  • A buddy
  • A loaf of bread (not kidding)

What you’ll need to do is turn your grill on and close the lid. Let the grill heat up for about 10 minutes and then open the lid. Have you and your friend quickly lay out the slices of bread on the grill as evenly as possible. Set a timer for 90 seconds, then shut the grill off and flip the slices over. You’ll be able to see what slices are darker than the others. If you would like, take a photo for reference.

As you may have heard, gas grills won’t allow you to smoke your meats. This is why getting a woodchip or charcoal smoker box at your Orlando grilling store is important if you want to add this element to your grilling repertoire (which you should). Along with a smoker box, there are some additional items that will take your grilling from “ho-hum” to out of this world. Add any or all of the following to your gas grill and you’ll never grill the same:

  • A Rotisserie – If you enjoy cooking whole chickens, roast beef, prime rib, pork loins, roast of lamb, etc. then you should invest in a rotisserie. Possibly one of the easiest ways to cook meat once set up properly, the rotisserie will upgrade you grilling and your life.
  • Salt Slab – Want a cooking tool that not only looks cool but also adds flavor to the food you grill? Then you need a salt block. Himalayan salt slabs can be found at many Orlando grilling stores and are perfect for cooking and seasoning shrimp, chicken, and fish.
  • Sear Station – Sear stations are one of the most looked over devices when it comes to Orlando kitchens and accessories. This is because you can sear your meat and get the lines that everyone loves with a regular. However, it takes a lot longer and isn’t always an even sear. Even if you’ve found the “hot spots” on your grill, you don’t want to have to crank up the temp just to get a few good lines. Plus, with a sear station, you can quickly sear veggies in no time to create a delicious and simple side.
  • Wood Plank – Aside from using a wood plank to cook salmon, many of us don’t think of using a wood plank for much else. But a wood plank can be used for just about everything. Wood is one of the simplest ways to add a subtle smoky flavor to your food. If you need some inspiration or aren’t sure where to begin on your planking journey, just take a look at the book 25 Essentials: Techniques For Planking.

For any of your other grilling and outdoor kitchen needs, stop by our Orlando grilling store located at our latest showroom in Windermere, Fl. One of your expert team members will be able to guide you in choosing the best Orlando grill and outdoor kitchen for your needs. We offer financing for every budget and you won’t have to pay anything for your first year with your grill!


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