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Outdoor Kitchen Accessories In Fort Myers

There’s no denying it. Springtime is finally here. Which can mean only one thing it’s almost my favorite season! Grilling season. Soon enough the whole neighborhood will be out and about cooking up some delicious smoky goodness. Today we’ll go over a few of our favorite must-have accessories that will bring your grilling to the next level!

Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Cooking Accessories

There are a few outdoor kitchen accessories that make all of the difference when it comes to the food you prepare. Once you’ve tried it, there’s simply just no going back. 

Griddle Plate

I don’t know if any of you have used a griddle plate on a grill before, but it has to be by far my favorite grilling accessory. And one of the most affordable at that! Purchasing a griddle plate for your grill opens up the grilling possibilities like absolutely nothing else. All of a sudden, you’re no longer limited to hamburgers, hot dogs, and steak (As if that were actually an issue). With a griddle plate, you can grill anything your heart desires. Our family’s personal favorite meal to make with a griddle plate is Philly Cheesesteaks. While there is a lot of debate on how to truly make a proper Philly Cheesesteak, even in Philadelphia! We prefer grilling ours. Coating the meat with provolone, and dousing in a special homemade sauce to really bring out the flavor. There’s just no better way to go. Homemade grilled pizza is another classic, you can’t go wrong with a BBQ chicken pizza cooked on the grill. 

A grill Griddle with raised edges and cut-out handles on a white background.

There are a few things I’d advise you to look for when looking at a griddle plate. Number 1 is a drip trap. Does it have a drip trap? And is it big enough? Purchasing a griddle plate without a drip trap can be a huge mistake, it makes the griddle plate impossibly difficult to clean when it is covered with cooked grease. And it will ruin concrete underneath it if you don’t have a way to control that grease. Another must-have when considering a griddle plate is having at the very least, a durable flat-topped grill scraper. But it is often even better with a full-on griddle cleaning kit. Getting the griddle clean is no easy task. It requires some elbow grease and quite a bit of grit.

Smoker Box

I love smoking foods. If there’s anything that can make the meat taste better than grilling it, it’s smoking it. Each year for Thanksgiving, like many other families, Our extended family gathers for Thanksgiving dinner. Unlike most, however, we have a tradition of smoking the Thanksgiving turkey. And it is an all-day occurrence. The young ones run around and gather all the hickory nuts and twigs they can find to throw into the fire, while Papaw and the others shoot the breeze and keep an eye on the temperature. They periodically douse the big bird with apple juice to keep it moist and add just a hint of sweet.

A stainless steel Wood Chip or Charcoal Smoker Grill Conversion filled with Wood chips.

While I could go on for hours about how wonderful Thanksgiving is, we don’t always have the time to dedicate to smoking. This is why adding a smoker box to your grill is another on the must-have outdoor kitchen accessories in Fort Myers. The smoker box allows you to save time by grilling, without completely losing that delicious, warm, smoky flavor. Once again the level of taste you can pack into your entrees will be heightened through the addition of the smoker box. It operates much like a pellet smoker, but in most cases, will burn wood chips as well. Another bonus about the smoker box is that there are no other tools, utensils, or accessories needed to unlock its full potential. Just fill it, light it, and shut the lid.

Bar Sink

The last, but certainly not the least important of the 3 is a bar sink. Having a bar sink out by your grill isn’t necessarily going to improve the creations coming off the grill. But the one thing it does do a very good job of is keeping things clean. Grilling out tastes wonderful, but there is no denying that things get a little messy. Utensils get dropped, plates get soiled, and spatulae get quite a bit of carbon buildup on them. The bar sink lets you rinse everything off before taking it inside. Saving you time and energy, In the event of an emergency, you can quickly and easily clean off the needed utensils to get back to flipping before the whole batch is ruined. Taking the time to have a bar sink installed may well be the best investment you can make in an outdoor kitchen accessory.


However you like to cookout, there are dozens of accessories that can make your grill uniquely yours. While I have simply mentioned a few of my favorites, the list certainly doesn’t end there. For more information on just what exactly is out there in regards to outdoor kitchen assemblies, visit Paradise Grills website, or simply stop in at their Fort Myers Showroom. One of their talented representatives would be happy to help you design the grilling station of your dreams.

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