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Outdoor Kitchen Accessories In Pembroke Pines

Outdoor kitchens from Paradise Grills are always incredibly individualized. They are a place where one can express themselves to their company through the food they prepare. And yet there are some outdoor kitchen accessories in Pembroke Pines that are often overlooked. Here we will cover some of the most overlooked and underappreciated accessories for your outdoor kitchen.

Stainless Steel Access Door

It goes without saying that nothing lasts forever. Yet, that fact is frequently forgotten when building outdoor kitchens. Far too many people pass up the simple, and glamour-less stainless steel access door option and simply seal their grill into the island. The lack of an access door may not come back to haunt them for many years. But one day, when they least expect it. They will regret their decision.

All outdoor grills are built and designed to be rugged enough to withstand being out of doors 100% of the time, but over time, exposure to moisture, oxygen, and many other contaminants will cause some components of the grill to wear. Sometimes wearing to the point that they need to be replaced. Not only does the stainless steel access door protect the most vulnerable components of your outdoor kitchen grill from the elements, but it makes it infinitely easier to perform any needed repairs and maintenance. Venturi tubes specifically are one part of the grill that wear down over time and can become quite a danger if not properly maintained. Improperly maintained they can become clogged with dirt and even explode from excessive temperature and pressure.

Sear Station

A sear station is one of the least understood Accessories around the grill. Without that understanding, it can be difficult to understand why one would feel the need to add it to their grill. So we will first briefly explain what a sear station is used for. A sear station is simply a section where burners are placed closer together or a portion of the grill placed over an infrared heating element. These sections are capable of heating much faster than the other sections of the grill. Their sole purpose is to sear the meat before or after cooking it to seal in moisture, and add that delicious variance in flavor that Grilling is so famous for. Sear stations use the higher heat to add the distinctive charred lines into the meat, and then allow them to be moved off to lower heat to finish the cooking process.

Adding a sear station can really up the versatility of your grill, and up your grilling game by allowing you to perfectly grill the meat without having to wait for long periods of time while your grill either heats or cools itself to the proper temperature. It saves time, and helps you to produce more deliciously juicy masterpieces!

The Rotisserie

Last but certainly not least comes the rotisserie. Adding a rotisserie to a grill is another uncommon sight in Pembroke Pines. But it’s usefulness is nearly unbounded! The rotisserie can be a scary addition to the grill. All of a sudden we’re venturing out of the realm of, flip over and watch. It can be difficult to be confident that the meat is done. Let along that it will taste good. But the rotisserie is simply put: the best tool for cooking large pieces of meat. The rotisserie changes the way we look at cooking. Where we typically try to surround the food we cook with heat, rotisserie cooking is based entirely around moving the food around the heat. This cooking process takes a much longer time, but the meat it produces is far juicer and self-basted!

When cooking with a rotisserie it is important to use a drip pan beneath the food. To prevent oil and grease from dripping off of the food into the burners. Any flare-ups, or flames that get too close to the food can cause uneven cooking. Which when dealing with food this size, can be incredibly important.

Whether you’re looking for a creative way to improve your grilling skills, or just something a little different, all of the above outdoor kitchen accessories from Paradise Grills in Pembroke Pines will keep you grilling happily for years to come, and provide endless opportunities for creative new recipes!