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With its beautiful scenery and charismatic charm, Fort Myers is the perfect place to enjoy life outdoors. Located in sunny Florida, its beautiful weather makes indoor-outdoor living a year-round experience. Why not take full advantage of this town’s alluring climate and add a custom outdoor kitchen to your Fort Myers home? Enhancing your outdoor living space with a custom outdoor kitchen not only boosts your home’s value but also transforms your back yard into a versatile entertainment area, ideal for the climate in Southwest Florida.

Paradise Grills Fort Myers Showroom

Paradise Grills is renowned for its exceptional customer service, assisting customers with their outdoor kitchens projects every step of the way. We offer an abundance of luxurious outdoor kitchens, appliances, and accessories that could be a perfect addition to your custom outdoor kitchen and living space. If picking out the perfect products for your space seems overwhelming or if you’re unsure of where to start when looking to build outdoor kitchens in Fort Myers FL, we’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas, tips and tricks for custom outdoor kitchen designs. This guide is crafted to ensure your Fort Myers outdoor kitchen and living space turns out perfect for your wants and needs. Then, you’re ready to visit the Fort Myers Paradise Grills showroom to see our selection of custom outdoor kitchens and create the one of your dreams.

Outdoor Kitchens Fort Myers

The BBQ Grill: The Center Point of Outdoor Kitchens

Let’s begin by carefully considering the centerpiece for custom outdoor kitchens, the barbecue grill. Fort Myers is a great place to host back yard barbecues in any season, so having a BBQ grill that fits your needs is essential in outdoor kitchens. Barbecue grills in Fort Myers are a fantastic way to bring family and friends together. Paradise Grills has various sizes and options of the highest quality grills in 304 grade stainless steel for you to choose from:

  • We have barbecue grills ranging from our GS-32 Premium grill, perfect for small spaces and gatherings, to our GXL-45 Professional grill, the quintessential BBQ grills for large events with lots of guests. Either of these grills can be very versatile with our Hybrid X Grill conversions.
  • We also have the HSL-32 Hibachi Griddle station which is an amazing flat-top grill that allows you to cook up a variety of food ranging from pancakes to fried rice.
  • Another option we have is our ESL-24 Electric grill which is powered by electricity so there’s no need for a propane tank, charcoal, or a fire starter.
GXL-45 Professional Grill

Hybrid X Grill – Custom Outdoor Kitchens Fort Myers

Since Fort Myers is such a great location to spend time grilling and cooking outdoors, it’s a great opportunity to really elevate and expand your culinary experience by adding on our Hybrid X Grill conversions to your barbecue grill. These conversions make outdoor kitchens feel much more versatile, as they allow you to transform your BBQ grills in Fort Myers into 10 distinct grilling experiences; not only are they extremely useful, but they also add a unique entertaining element to your grill, making it as functional as your indoor kitchen. Here are just a few of our conversions that will reshape the way you utilize your Fort Myers barbecue grill:

  • The Professional Pizza Conversion is a family favorite as it’s an excellent conversion to get the kids involved in the cooking process. You’re able to create memories for the kiddos by letting them help shape the dough and pick out their favorite toppings. But of course, leave using the grill to cook the pizzas to the adults.
  • Another fantastic conversion to add onto your Fort Myers BBQ grill is our Fryer/Steamer Conversion. This conversion makes hosting a seafood boil a success without having to purchase any extra cooking appliances, all you need is your grill! Another great way to use this conversion is for frying delicious treats such as french fries and donuts.
  • If cooking up some meat on low and slow is the way you prefer to utilize your Fort Myers barbecue grill, then our Rotisserie Conversion is a must have. 
  • If you don’t have the space for a full-size Hibachi Griddle or don’t use it all the time, but still want to enjoy this option, our Hibachi Griddle Conversion may be the perfect choice for you. Simply pull it out and use it on your regular grill whenever you desire, then stow it away between uses. 

Now that you’ve selected the right barbecue grill and any Hybrid X Grill conversions to go into your Fort Myers outdoor kitchen, it’s time to think about other accessories you may want to add. As mentioned before, Fort Myers has beautiful weather that makes it an excellent city to maximize your time outdoors so why not fully utilize your outdoor kitchen and outdoor living space? 

Cooling Down in Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Fort Myers’s sunny Florida conditions make it the perfect place to host backyard barbecues all year-round, however, in the summer its temperatures can become quite hot. Paradise Grills has a line of professional cooling appliances that will help you beat the heat during those sultry months. 

  • Outdoor fridges are a must-have in modern outdoor kitchens. Add a bar fridge to your Fort Myers outdoor kitchen grill island or island bar for a perfect place to keep your waters, sodas, juices, beer, and mixers nice and cool. 
  • If you’re a wine connoisseur or just enjoy a couple of glasses every once in a while, our wine fridge would be another great addition to your outdoor kitchen. 
  • Our CSL-32 Cocktail Station is not only a good cooling component, but it’s also a great way to engage your guests in their drink preparation process.
  • Adding an ice maker to your Fort Myers outdoor kitchen is an excellent way to keep your refreshments chilled and ensure that they stay cool. Adding one of these near your Cocktail Station is super convenient for when you’re mixing up some delicious drinks for you and your guests.
Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories in Fort Myers

You’ve picked out the perfect grill, you’ve added on any cooling appliances you need, now it’s time to think about any other stainless steel appliances your Fort Myers outdoor kitchen is missing, keeping in mind the importance of ample countertop space for meal preparation and entertaining guests.

  • A trash drawer is an appropriate addition to any outdoor kitchen as it saves you time and space – and it looks better than one sitting out in the open.
  • Consider adding in a warming drawer, especially if you plan on hosting large Fort Myers barbecues, this stainless component allows you to keep food nice and warm as you continue to grill up any other food that still needs to be cooked.
  • Another important appliance to add onto your outdoor kitchen is a bar sink. A bar sink will allow you to conveniently clean up any dishes you may dirty while using your barbecue grill.
  • You may also want to consider storage options – access doors and drawers will provide the perfect place to put away your outdoor kitchen essentials.

Outdoor Kitchen Pergolas & Tiki Bar Huts

Your outdoor kitchen in Fort Myers is almost complete! Fort Myers is located in the sunshine state, so it’s safe to say it gets quite a bit of sun. Protecting you and your guests from the powerful UV rays is important for your health, comfort and lifestyle. Placing a durable pergola, such as our Monaco Pergola with recessed lighting and a ceiling fan, over outdoor kitchens adds a sleek, modern flair. Or try adding a tiki bar hut to make it look like your Fort Myers outdoor kitchen belongs on a tropical island. Paradise Grills Shades of Paradise collection provides not only a functional, but stylish way to shield yourself from the bright Florida sun.

Outdoor Kitchen Entertainment Features

Now that we have selected all of our appliances and accessories that will go into your Fort Myers outdoor kitchen, we can start thinking about the fun stuff! What’s a good backyard bash without entertainment? These features can add style to your set-up and showcase your outdoor lifestyle.

  • Paradise Grill’s Marine Stereo with speakers are built right into our outdoor kitchens and can be controlled using your phone. You and your friends and family can listen to some of the greatest hits as you’re tending the grill and enjoying the fresh air.
  • Another source of entertainment that’s built right into our outdoor kitchens is our Bluetooth LED lights, also controlled by an app on your phone. You can set whatever mood you feel fits the vibe by changing its colors and setting.
  • Get your Fort Myers outdoor kitchen game day ready by incorporating a mounted TV onto your pergola or a wall near your barbecue grill.  

Patio Furniture for your Outdoor Kitchen

All that’s left to do is pick out the right patio furniture that you can arrange into a comfortable place for you and your guests to relax and converse amongst the beautiful atmosphere that Ft Myers has to offer. With its abundant palm trees and calming nature, Fort Myers is an amazing place to sit outside and fully enjoy your outdoor entertainment space. As your outdoor kitchen builder, we can assist in selecting furniture that not only complements your outdoor kitchen design but also enhances the overall ambiance of your outdoor living space. Plus, we offer a free estimate for customers looking to add or complete their outdoor kitchen and living space, ensuring you can make informed decisions without any obligation.

  • Paradise Grills offers two different styles of bar stools that can be placed around your outdoor kitchen grill island and island bar to create a place for you and your guests to sit and enjoy a delicious meal.
  • Our Fort Myers patio furniture collection also includes a modular sofa that makes a great place to cozy up and share stories with your loved ones. Placing a coffee table in the center creates the ultimate place to play card games and keep your drinks and food nearby as you enjoy one another’s company.
  • Another amazing feature to add as a centerpiece to your patio furniture is a fire pit. Fire pits are not only fun but also provide warmth and light to your outdoor entertaining spaces.


Your Fort Myers outdoor kitchen and living space is now designed and curated to your wants and needs! It’s now time for you to start inviting your friends and family over to show off your new outdoor space and fire up your barbecue grill to host an eventful backyard bash. With this amazing new space you’ve added onto your house you can now take full advantage of the beautiful town of Ft Myers. We hope you found this guide useful and will visit Paradise Grills Fort Myers showroom and view our luxurious line of high quality outdoor kitchens, appliances and accessories.

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