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Having the best welded-frame on your outdoor kitchen is not only a plus but is an investment in your experience. Paradise Outdoor Kitchens American Made Quality Construction by Paradise Grills takes that into consideration when it comes to creating your outdoor kitchen. Structural steel is relatively simple to pre-fabricate offsite, rather than building on site welding during the building process; this saves time and makes for a more efficient construction time. Also, metal studs have a lower R-Value. R-Value is the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow; the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. Fine thread screws will hold any material to a metal stud, but extra pressure needs to be applied because these are not self-tapping screws. Welded steel is 10x stronger than metal studs, and does not need any extra pressure applied. Not only will feel more like a professional grilling master, you will be grilling up some great food on a professional grill.

When you are investing in your outdoor kitchen, why not get the best? Paradise is America’s largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer with a factory over 70,000 square feet and production of thousands of outdoor kitchens every year. Paradise Grills employs the most experienced workers to produce the best outdoor kitchens. Paradise builds these great kitchens in the Orlando warehouses without a middleman to rack up costs for you. This production capacity and purchasing power along with quality of construction, commercial grade stainless steel grills, and the industry’s best warranties have made Paradise Grills America’s leader in outdoor grilling entertainment. There is nothing better than knowing you are getting the best quality welded frame at a fair price. Paradise is in the business of making outdoor kitchens, and lifetime experiences. Enjoy peace of mind in purchasing the industry’s STRONGEST built outdoor kitchens from America’s LARGEST outdoor kitchen manufacturer. Paradise Outdoor Kitchens American Made Quality Construction

Paradise Outdoor Kitchens American Made Quality Construction


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