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Charities supported by Paradise Grills

Giving back to our communities

At Paradise Grills, we believe in giving back to our communities and supporting causes that make a positive difference in the world. That’s why we are proud to partner with various charities and organizations that share our values and vision. Here are some of the charities that we are supporting, and how you can join us in making an impact

Logo for kids beating cancer's 30th anniversary, featuring two joyful animated children jumping above the slogan "science is the cure" with a golden ribbon.

Paradise Grills is proud
to be the Presenting Sponsor of 2023 Hats & Heroes Ball

Through Paradise Grills’ support, Kids Beating Cancer’s investment in pediatric cancer research will move new discoveries from the laboratory to the bedside. Paradise Grills has been a supporter of Kids Beating Cancer since 2017.  In addition to being the Presenting Sponsor, Paradise Grills will donate three of its top custom-made outdoor kitchens that will be sold during the auction at the event.  “We are truly moved by the incredible work Kids Beating Cancer does to provide access to life-saving treatments, research and patient care,” said Ray Baskett, CEO of Paradise Grills.

A photo of children in the hospital

Kids Beating Cancer Hats and Heroes Ball 2021

About Kids Beating Cancer

The vision of Kids Beating Cancer is to have a place dedicated to curing children. The focus of Kids Beating Cancer is on the belief that everyone strives for—the day when no child will die before they can experience the joy of life.

For parents of a child diagnosed with cancer or one of 80 malignant and non-malignant life-threatening diseases, Kids Beating Cancer does not want them to just hope for a cure. Kids Beating Cancer wants to be the conduit that makes a cure possible.

Keeping Hope Alive – Fighting for a Cure for Every Child – Keeping the Family Together

Removing barriers and burdens placed on families that limit their ability to access life-saving treatments, the best and only hope for a cure for their child, is the goal that Kids Beating Cancer accomplishes every day.

Kids Beating Cancer is a champion for these special children and their families, who only want what every parent wants: their child to be healthy, to beat cancer, and for the family to survive the long journey to a cure.

Kids Beating Cancer Hats and Heroes Ball 2019