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10 Paradise Grills Advantage

Why is there a Paradise Grills Advantage that is better than a normal grill? Well, for many reasons. So, let’s break this down to understand why Paradise Grilling Systems is top notch.

Paradise Grills Advantage Number one; the Paradise GSL-32 Professional grill is commercially rated. This is no amateur grill. Paradise’s outdoor kitchens are paired with the best type of grill that is made to be used for a lifetime.

Paradise Grills Advantage Number two; the grill is a stainless steel 304 commercial grade. The 304 stainless steel grade is great for rust prevention. It is also more durable and stronger compared to 409s.

Paradise Grills Advantage Number three; Briquette heating system. This system is known to last longer than metal shields and absorbs the grease instead of the drip plan fill up faster. Replacing Metal shields can happen every season, while the briquette system can last 8 years without replacing, depending on how often you use your outdoor kitchen.

Paradise Grills Advantage Number four; quick light ignition. Without having to worry about a corroded battery or replacing a battery, Paradise has a quick lite ignition that allows you to press a button and your grill is on.

Paradise Grills Advantage Number five; high temperature. A standard grill temperature is an average of 450 degrees. With Paradise, these grills go up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine the possibilities with that kind of heat.

Paradise Grills Advantage Number six; individual burner control. Why light up the whole grill if you do not need it, or need different temperatures for different foods. There is no worry of wasting heat or burning your vegetables while your fish is barely cooked.

Number seven; LED knob lights. LED lights are efficient and cool looking. It is a win-win.

Paradise Grills Advantage Number eight; Interior hood lights. Again, efficient, cool, and helps you see in those dark, cloudy nights.

Paradise Grills Advantage Number nine; rotisserie. Not only will you have predictable grilling temperatures, you will have a juicy piece of meat.

Number ten; options. We all want it all, and Paradise gives you that option. In addition to everything listed above, you can add an inferred sear station or a charcoal/smoker station. Imagine the possibilities.