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The logo of Paradise Grills with a flame icon and the Flexibuild logo with dynamic x letter

What do these four words have in common: Orlando, Paradise, Outdoor, and Kitchens? Well, to put it simply.. EVERYTHING! These four places can be rather enjoyable and relaxing all while creating long-lasting memories for you and your family. So how do you achieve the ultimate level of euphoria while being in all four places at once? Sounds silly, right? Well, there’s another simple answer, you just throw them all together into Orlando’s Paradise outdoor kitchens, of course! As it turns out, you really can be in more than one place at a single time (and no parallel universe required). Follow us as we guide you through our newest showroom and introduce you to a brand new way of living!

At our outdoor kitchen showroom, located here in Orlando, we have a smash-hit, exclusive feature known as Flexbuild. What our Flexbuild feature allows you to do is:

  1. Choose your desired Flexbuild Paradise grill system, such as the Paradise GX4, GX6, GX8, GX9, or GX10.
  2. Pair with any one of our Flexbuild Paradise bar systems, like the St. Croix, St. Thomas, and Maui models.
  3. Next, feel free to live a little and have a blast while picking and choosing any additional accessories that you may wish to add on to your new outdoor kitchen.
  4. Last but not least, ENJOY the new outdoor kitchen you’ve created with Paradise Orlando!

All you have to do is look for the Flexbuild logo. Whether you are looking for something small and humble or loud and proud, the choice is entirely up to you with our exclusive Flexbuild feature. If you would like to keep it short and sweet, go ahead and test out some of our smaller grill models such as the GX4 or GX6 with the St. Croix bar system for a nice complimentary pair. All bar systems are designed with a Paradise exclusive oversized footrest to keep your legs from dangling and keep your blood flowing properly, not to mention this aids in better digestion by sitting upright. If you are looking for a larger outdoor kitchen area to accommodate every last family member and friend you can think of in Orlando, then well, maybe stop by our Orlando showroom and take a look at some of our larger grill and bar systems.

Once again, mix and match any accessories you wish then kick back and relax in your outdoor kitchen while totally being in four different places at once.

Although you’ve discovered the secret to being in multiple places at once we aren’t expecting you to have cracked the code to teleportation just yet. (We’re still waiting on that one ourselves). So go ahead, do it the old-fashioned way and drive on over to our Paradise outdoor kitchen showroom here in Orlando to meet up with a sales representative. Our staff is standing by and ready to help you get started on Flexbuild-ing your next grilling adventure!

the image depicts the Maui 12 and GX 12 Kitchen island with the GSL-32 Professional Grill, and CSL–32 Cocktail Station, and HSL-32 Hibachi Griddle Station, accompanied by accessories including a wine cooler, sink, double side burner and stools.