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Just when you thought your Paradise Grills Outdoor Kitchen was the best it could possibly be, along comes a new feature that’ll send your outdoor culinary skills through the roof.

Introducing the new Paradise Grills Griddle Plate Insert! Now, you can turn your grill into a grilling/griddle combo. Grill, fry, and sauté all at the same time!

The griddle plate insert is 252 square inches of cooking space that will take your meals to the next level. The 14”x 18” heavy-duty griddle is designed to work with our Paradise GS-32 Premium Grill or the GSL-32 Professional Grill. This optional accessory is made of 304 Solid Stainless Steel that distributes heat evenly for optimal cooking. Its built-in grease trough drains the grease away from your food while it’s cooking so your cooking surface stays cleaner and your food doesn’t absorb a lot of unhealthy grease. To use the griddle plate insert, simply remove two grill grates and set the griddle in their place. The built-in handles make it easy to move.

Cooking a full diner-style breakfast has never been easier. But it doesn’t stop there. The Paradise Grills insert can have you cooking like a pro. Here are just a few of the delicious foods you can cook with your new griddle:

Hearty Steak and Eggs Breakfast

A breakfast plate with steak, two fried eggs, and toasted bread, accompanied by a glass of orange juice and condiments in the background.

Cook eggs on the griddle while you grill your favorite cut of steak on the grill. There’s no need for a toaster, simply butter English muffins or bread and toast them over low heat on the grill. If you have a big appetite, add hashbrowns, homefries, or bacon to the griddle. The large cooking surface on the griddle allows you to move the hash browns or home fries around to make them crispy and still have room for the bacon, eggs, and any other food that will make your hearty breakfast complete.

Grilled Denver Omelet

Grilling the fillings for this otherwise-traditional Denver omelet makes a more savory and flavorful version of this breakfast favorite. Cook a 4-ounce piece of ham steak on the grill until done and dice into half-inch pieces. Cut a white onion, a green and red pepper into large chunks and brush lightly with olive oil. Place on grill and cook on medium heat until they begin to brown lightly. Remove from heat and cut them all into half-inch pieces. Scramble 3 eggs and pour onto the hot, buttered grill. As the eggs cook, sprinkle with desired amount of shredded cheddar cheese. When the eggs are just done, add the fillings, fold the omelet with a large spatula, and quickly remove to a plate. Don’t forget the toast! Butter your favorite toasting bread and cook it right on the grill.

A plate with a fluffy omelette garnished with herbs and a side of grilled tomato and toast, accompanied by a white mug on a wooden table.

Italian Sausage Subs

A sausage sandwich with sautéed red, yellow, and green bell peppers served on a crusty baguette.

You don’t have to go to the county fair to get this carnival-style favorite. Grill two 4oz. Italian sausages for each sub. Butter split sub roll and toast it on low heat on the grill as the sausages cook. While all that goodness is going on, heat a few tablespoons of oil on the griddle and sauté sliced red and green peppers and onions. When done, put the sausages in the roll, top with the peppers and onions and enjoy!

Chicken Fried Rice

Everybody loves fried rice and the best part is how you can customize it to your own tastes. In a sealable plastic bag, pour half a cup of soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of honey, and 2 cloves of garlic chopped. Put 2 boneless chicken breasts into the bag, seal and slosh them around until they’re coated. Place in fridge while you prepare the other ingredients. It’s best to use cooked sticky rice that is cold and made the day before if you can, 2-3 cups. Chop the veggies that you want to use into small pieces that will cook quickly. Some veggie suggestions are onions, peppers, carrots, mushrooms, cabbage or bok choy sliced thinly, scallions, frozen peas, edamame, or asparagus. Whatever you choose, keep them in small, uniform size so they all cook quickly and evenly.

A plate with a fluffy omelette garnished with herbs and a side of grilled tomato and toast, accompanied by a white mug on a wooden table.

Cook the chicken on the grill until done and slice into bite-sized pieces. Heat the griddle on high and add the veggies and cook for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the rice, still constantly stirring, and when it’s heated, add the chicken, and a scrambled egg. When the egg is done, mix in desired amount of soy sauce.

Better Burgers

A close-up image of a gourmet burger topped with melted cheese and sautéed mushrooms, served with a side of crispy french fries on a dark, textured surface.

Whether you prefer beef, turkey, chicken, or veggie burgers, using your grill/griddle combo will make them better. While you cook your burger on the grill, use the griddle to cook toppings such as sautéd mushrooms, onions, peppers, and of course, bacon. Make a delicious mushroom swiss burger by cooking sliced mushrooms on the griddle and adding a slice or two of swiss cheese when they’re almost done. And what burger wouldn’t be made better with a fried egg on top?

With the Paradise Grills Griddle Plate Insert, you’ll never have to use the kitchen in your house again!

To find out how to get your hands on a Griddle Insert or to learn more about Paradise Grills Outdoor Kitchens, visit one of our showrooms near you.

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