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It’s time to change the way you grill! Here in Sarasota, Florida, we’re offering you the finest customizable outdoor grilling kitchens. Paradise Grills Direct has been the leader in outdoor kitchen and grilling supplies throughout the American south for over a decade. We bring the exciting cooking experience of your kitchen to your backyard with the highest quality equipment and accessories you’ve come to expect – and we never compromise. Not only do you get the satisfaction of choosing between our grilling and bar systems, but there are multiple other Paradise exclusives such as:

  • GSL Professional Double Side Burner – Save the hassle of going in and out of the house to check on your side dishes by adding our double side burner to your outdoor kitchen. Cook not one, but two dishes at once or simply keep it on low to keep your food warm.

Paradise Woodchip & Charcoal Smoker Box – Change the game and savor the smokey flavor of your favorite recipes with this fine wood and charcoal smoker box

  • Paradise 9 Ft. Outdoor Umbrella – Rain or shine, the party is still on with this umbrella so you and your guests can comfortably enjoy yourselves no matter the weather.
  • Paradise Welded Tiki Hut – If you truly want to feel in paradise, complete the look with a waterproof welded tiki hut that can withstand any strong storm while additionally giving your kitchen a picture-perfect finish.
  • Paradise Bar Stool – Add style to your outdoor kitchen with these bar stools that not only allow a gathering place for conversation and a cold drink, but you can also add on a built-in oversized footrest for optimal lasting comfort for your outdoor space.
  • Paradise Entertainment System – Gather around the big screen with family and friends and never miss the game, fight, or your favorite episode while you grill again. You can also add a Paradise fitted TV cover to keep your television safe from outdoor elements.
  • Paradise Fitted Grill Cover – Keep your grill shiny, new, and in optimal working condition with this custom-fitted grill cover.

Add any one of these features to your outdoor kitchen and you’ll be making up excuses to invite people over for a barbeque. No matter your budget, you’re guaranteed a grilling experience no other outdoor kitchen in Sarasota can offer. Our lifetime warranted Flexbuild welded steel frames are ten times stronger than the average grill frame, making your kitchen mobile friendly. While other outdoor kitchen companies use outlets not meant for the outdoors to cut down costs, here at Paradise Grills we only offer the safest outdoor outlet systems.

Last but not least, add a remote-controlled LED lighting system, Paradise firepit, or Paradise fireplace to set the mood. By combining our grilling and bar systems with your choice of accessories, you can turn any ordinary barbeque into a night to remember. So ditch the old charcoal grill and stop by our showroom here in Sarasota, Florida where our friendly staff can help you pick and choose what you need to build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.