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Paradise Grills Outdoor Kitchens Customized FlexBuild

When you buy a house, you would like to customize certain sections, like paint, flooring, and furniture. It is your house, and you want to customize it your way. Paradise Grills understands that when you buy something, you want it to be the way that you like. Paradise has a great system called FlexBuild, where you can customize your outdoor kitchen. You can pair a number of different grilling systems with a number of bar systems. You can make it exactly how you want without much compromise. You can also add entertainment systems to your grill system. You can go from a simple grill to a tv entertainment system and counter space grilling system. From simple counter space to a half-circle bar with a tiki hut umbrella frame; the possibilities are great.

Once you select your grilling system or bar, you can select a multitude of accessories. Things like a double drawer, a trash drawer, a sink, a tiki umbrella, and/or a fridge. You can even select options for a side burner whether it be a single, double, or none at all. You can select your finish from the options of slate, Baltic granite, juperana granite, or galaxy black granite. Your entertainment options can range from nothing to a CD/DVD stereo, to a TV entertainment package.

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Paradise’s FlexBuild system is all about giving you the outdoor kitchen that you have always dreamed of. There is no need to compromise, or continuously look for what you want when Paradise can make it for you. When you are adding something to your home, you want to be able to customize it the way you want, whether to match your home or match your style, Paradise can do it for you. Paradise Grilling Systems is about building your dream outdoor kitchen, the way you want it.

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