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If you own a beautiful backyard in Houston, Texas, why not make it paradise? By adding the premier, personalized outdoor kitchen to it, you’ll make it the perfect spot for entertaining your family and friends. Paradise Grills Houston makes owning your own luxurious backyard oasis easy with their award-winning outdoor kitchens, which feature the innovative Flexbuild System. This specialized system lets you personalize the grilling station, stainless-steel appliances, and bar systems configuration, plus entertainment add-ons to suit your backyard space. Paradise Grills is genuinely the best outdoor kitchen Houston has to offer, hands down.

Our Flexbuild system

The logo of Paradise Grills with a flame icon and the Flexibuild logo with dynamic x letter

Our innovative Flexbuild™With Paradise Your Way, you customize your island bar and grill island to best meet your style, needs, and space. But, we take that one step further with our innovative FlexBuild™ process where the customization doesn’t end upon installation! You can easily upgrade to our newest products at any time – whether in a month, a year, or a decade – to ensure your island bar and grill island evolve with your preferences and you’re able to take advantage of our latest innovative offerings guides you step by step through the building of your own unique outdoor kitchen paradise. To start, choose a grilling island that fits your space and relaxation needs. Our grilling islands are the strongest of the industry. They are also easy to relocate and anchor down. The Paradise Grill island systems come in a wide variety of lengths to suit your space needs. Constructed with welded aluminum, the grill island is both luxurious and sturdy. Once your primary grill island has been selected, it’s time to decide if you want an exclusive Paradise island bar.

Outdoor Living in Houston, TX

Your outdoor kitchen will need an excellent place for your friends and family to sit, and since Houston, Texas, has great weather for most of the year, you will want to spend considerable time at your island bar. Paradise island bars come in a variety of sizes and shapes. For example, try the St. Croix with its rounded edges or maybe the St. Thomas with its rectangular shape so that you and your company can sit and have a great conversation over a freshly cooked meal. Since you’ll now be spending a lot of time at your new paradise outdoor kitchen, we’ve added a 304 commercial stainless-steel footrest. This footrest is designed to take the weight off of your back and give you long-lasting comfort. Each island bar comes with an e-z leveler, which adjusts for evenness to ensure your outdoor kitchen sits perfectly in its new home. And you can pair your outdoor kitchen with our professional sunbrella bar stools that fit perfectly with your bar and grill model.

A stylish island bar with the Maui 10 and GX 10 Outdoor Kitchen featuring a GSL-32 Professional Grill, accompanied by accessories including refrigerator, sink, double side burner, and stools., with ambient blue lighting.
An image depicting the Monaco Outdoor Kitchen featuring a BBQ grill, accompanied by accessories including a wine cooler, refrigerator, sink, TV, and stools.

Outdoor Living Space made easy.

When you are outdoors, you want entertainment ASAP!! With Paradise Grill’s plug and play feature, you get exactly what you want NOW! There’s no need to find an electrician. Just plug the cord into a 120v power source, like a regular wall plug or even an extension cord. All your accessories, such as the grill, fridge, stereo, lights, and TV, once plugged into the power source, will turn on. Paradise Grills Houston outdoor kitchens offer a true plug and play experience.

Quality Outdoor Kitchens is our Specialty.

Now that your outdoor kitchen is sized up and ready, it is only proper that you choose the best grill for your cooking type. Our front runner GSL-32 professional grills are the strongest, constructed of 304 commercial stainless steel, and are among the well-built grills on today’s market. Each grill includes four rows of ceramic briquettes so that your food cooks evenly throughout. This grill also has an infrared burner rotisserie capable of rotating up to 15lbs of meat.

Paradise’s grills also have two sets of 17-pound solid stainless-steel grates sitting over the briquettes and cast steel burners. These grates are easily removable and allow you to remove the briquette tray to transform your grill into a smoker, searing station, or griddle. The searing station will provide a restaurant-quality sear for your meat and fish. Want breakfast anytime? Use our oversized griddle insert plate. It will have you cooking bacon, eggs, and pancakes any time of day or night!

the image depicts the GSL–32 Professional Grill with cart, with blue led lights above five knobs, displayed against a white background.

Select commercial storage and cooling options. Bar fridge, wine fridge, trash drawer, double-drawer, sink, and side burners. All made with top quality stainless steel and guaranteed to make your outdoor kitchen stands out from all the others! Use any of our exclusive Flexbuild options to choose which accessory you like and where it fits best in your outdoor kitchen. Of course, all Paradise Grills accessories are built from the highest quality steel and parts to ensure enjoyment for many years to come.

And no kitchen is complete without a sturdy countertop. Paradise Grills and its proprietary Avellaero Stone pulls out all the stops. Nasa technology, Italian Craftmanship, perfected by Paradise. No other Houston Outdoor Kitchen company sells countertops like this! These strong and powerful countertops are engineered exclusively for a modern and beautiful look. You can choose from Volcanic Ash, Titanium, or Italian Travertine in order to add the right pop of color to your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchens - Island Bar

No shade in your backyard? No problem! Paradise Grills has you covered! Pick a shade option that fits your style. For example, jumbo umbrellas made from sturdy bamboo and sunbrella fabric, tiki huts, and pergolas are all there for the choosing! Easily turn your back yard into a private club. Our quality selection of tiki huts will keep you shaded from the sun but still give you the outside feel. Houston, Texas is a perfect setting for your new Paradise Grills Tiki Hut.

Now that you’ve done the hard work deciding the options you desire for your dream outdoor kitchen; it’s time to kick back to choose your relaxation choices! Perfect for setting the mood or entertaining into the evenings, Paradise Grills has many outdoor furniture seating options, as well as fire pits and fire walls!

It’s time to celebrate happy hour, last but not least! Choose from flat-screen TVs, LED lights, ice makers, and more that can accentuate your new, gorgeous, luxurious kitchen. Our exclusive Paradise Happy Hour app enables you to control your lights and more. Plus, it also provides the best new recipes for meals you can cook right on your Houston outdoor kitchen.

Can you picture it? Once you hit the enter button for your outdoor dream kitchen in the Flexbuild System, you can see your new backyard oasis in real life, hear the laughter, and feel the relaxation. Do you want this to be more than a dream? Well then, come down to our showroom to see why we are the largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer in America.

Come Visit our Outdoor Kitchens Showroom in Houston, TX.

Check us out in person at our showroom, and you will see why we are America’s largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer.

Our hours are 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday through Sunday.

We are located at 5479 West Sam Houston Parkway North, Suite A Houston, TX, 77041. Drop-in or call us at (832) 617-8139

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