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Paradise Grills Review

I must say, buying a Paradise Grills is a great investment. I bought a Paradise GX6 with the Maui bar option, and I LOVE IT! The fact that I could use paradise’s Flexbuild to pick the perfect grilling system and pair it with bar system that fit not only my backyard but the estimated number of people I wanted to feed. The other thing that I loved was the ability to go online and use the website’s build and price feature to basically see what my finished outdoor kitchen would look like. I live near Orlando where Paradise Grills is located but before I made the decision to visit or even call, I just visited the site. It’s amazing that we live in a world where I could build my own custom outdoor kitchen right online and see what it was going to cost me. I ended up not even needing to go to Orlando, I did it all online, then a Paradise Representative called me and we went over the new Maui Outdoor Kitchen I ordered. Super Bowl was coming up and they assured me it would get to me and be installed by one of their installation professionals in time for the game. The grill came right on time before the Super bowl, as promised. The installation crew was friendly and funny, we even talked about the game while they set everything up. Once my new paradise grills was installed I tested it out and it was everything I had hoped for.  That night we set up for the super bowl and I had about 10 people come by. We used our grilling system and cooked all the meat for the group and then used our beautiful Maui to serve all of our guests. The funny thing was most of our friends spent time talking about our new Paradise outdoor kitchen more than the actual game. This was a great choice and not once did I feel like i had made a bad decision.  From the use of the website technology to the friendly representatives all the way to the installation crew, Paradise Grills proved why they are the best in the outdoor kitchen industry.

Thank you

Sandra L. – Clermont, FL

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