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Paradise Grills is proud to support Military Makeover, a home improvement series that honors those who have served our country by rebuilding the homes, and even lives of these brave families. We proudly honor the family of a gold-star widow who lost her husband in Afghanistan, after serving in the Marine Corps for over a decade. Another tragedy struck for this brave widow and her daughter in 2018, after Hurricane Michael left devastating damage to their home in Panama City Beach, leaving them with a home that was destroyed by a Category 4 hurricane. With bare floors, hanging debris and a torn-apart roof, this home was in need of a complete makeover.

In an effort to support and pay tribute to this courageous military family, Paradise Grills has made a financial donation and donated one of our exclusive Tahiti model outdoor kitchens to her new home in Panama City Beach, Florida through Montel William’s Military Makeover show, aired on Lifetime. We are proud to be a part of this transformational show that can give this heroic family a wonderful opportunity at another home. Through our contributions, we hope to provide this family an atmosphere that truly feels like home where they can relax, entertain and cook their favorite dishes together.

Paradise Grills was honored to be on the set of Military Makeover on July 19 and July 20, 2019 to be a part of the production, assembly of our Tahiti outdoor kitchen as well as being there for the big reveal. Stay tuned to find out when the full episodes of this Miliatary Makeover series will air on Lifetime.

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