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Paradise Grills vs. Contractor

America loves grilling and outdoor entertainment. There’s just something about cooking on the grill…somehow cooking outside on the grill makes food, friends, fun, and fresh air all so much better! So it’s no wonder the outdoor kitchen and grilling industry is booming and growing more and more every year.

The latest trends in outdoor cooking revolve around outdoor kitchensNo more uncomfortable webbed chairs and rusty tables, patio furniture of today is plush and comfortable and brings your living room outside. The same is true for kitchens. With an outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, fridge, lights, and entertainment systems, you won’t have to set foot in your indoor kitchen all summer long! Your entire backyard can be transformed into an entertaining space that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Of course, if you’re going to have an outdoor kitchen installed, you should hire a contractor to come out and build a custom one, right? Or can you buy something of equal quality that’s manufactured? Custom-build always means better quality, right? Not exactly…

A contractor can build a custom outdoor kitchen to your specifications. They’ll get all the necessary permits and take their time (especially if they’re being paid hourly) to build your kitchen. They will use lower quality materials then upcharge you as if it was premium quality. They can bring in an electrician to install a lighting package, and you can have your new kitchen in 3-6 weeks if your lucky. All of this just keeps adding up time and money and you never really get to see what your getting until the end. Lastly, with custom outdoor kitchens, once you have the final product, how will you get the contractor back to fix minor issues or do replacements when they are busy with other custom builds?

With an outdoor kitchen from Paradise Grills, you can get a system that is personalized to suit your space, seating, and with the accessories you want. With Paradise’s Flexbuild feature, you can choose your gill system and bar system, finishes, and accessories to create your own beautiful outdoor kitchen, just how you want it. There are multiple grills systems and bar systems to choose from. Choose your grill and add a bar system that seats 4-6 people. Add a sink, a fridge, side burners, and storage. Upgrade your cooking skills by adding double side burner, griddle plate, sear station or smoker box. For entertainment there are remote-controlled, color-changing LED lights to change the ambiance with the touch of a button and let your guests enjoy the comfort of the oversized, ergonomic footrests. Entertain your guest with the marine grade CD/DVD/Bluetooth stereo system and a 50-inch tv. Want to have the island feel? Then try a fun tiki hut built strong enough to handle the harshest weather. You’ll feel like you’re in paradise in your own backyard! With so many options, you can get a truly personalized system without using a contractor.

Because of its strength, Paradise’s welded steel frames make the systems nearly indestructible and completely moveable. The strength of these systems makes Paradise Grills the number one manufacturer of outdoor kitchens in the U.S. Paradise Grills Outdoor kitchens are rated as outdoor furniture which means you don’t need a permit to have one installed like you would a custom-installed kitchen.

A completely functional outdoor kitchen needs electricity for the fridge, lighting, music, etc. Paradise systems include a plug-n-play electrical system so there’s no need to hire a costly electrician to do all the wiring. The system has a centralized junction box that plugs into any 110/15A electrical outlet so you can safely use your outdoor system.

Paradise Grills is America’s largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer. Because your kitchen is manufactured in their state-of-the-art facility and brought to your home, you can be grilling in your new and beautiful kitchen in as little as 4 hours! Just visit one of the beautifully designed showrooms and create your dream outdoor kitchen or use the online build and price feature.

Because Paradise Grills is the most popular manufacturer of outdoor grilling systems, you know their craftsmanship is above the rest. With a contractor, you never truly know their skill level until they’ve built your system. Paradise Grills prides itself on consistency in craftsmanship. Every grill is the same high quality 304 Stainless Steel construction as the last which allows Paradise to have the best warranty in the business. Paradise Grills stands behind every system, every grill, every accessory. Just try to get a contractor to come out to fix a problem!

So to recap:

Paradise Contractor
Many designs and selections Custom design
Welded steel frame ?
Delivered Built on-site
Built in 4 hours Built in 4+ weeks
Consistent craftsmanship Variable Skills and 3rd party help
No permits necessary Permits necessary
No electrician required Electrician required
Main cost―product Main cost―labor
Lifetime Warranty ?

If you’re looking to brag to your coworkers and friends that you had an expensive custom outdoor kitchen put in, then you should call a contractor and spend the extra time and money. You might get a good quality kitchen. But if you’re looking for a guaranteed rock-solid outdoor entertaining system with a top-of-the-line grill, all of the accessories you could possibly imagine, and beautiful and functional design, all for an affordable price, call Paradise Grills at (800)691-7155 and start grilling and entertaining today!

Live the good life, grill in Paradise®

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