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Buying a Paradise Outdoor Kitchen

Paradise Outdoor Kitchen Buying Guide from Paradise Grills Direct

There are many things to consider when buying a new paradise outdoor kitchen.  And odds are, if you purchased a cheap propane grill from a big box store, only a few years have passed and it’s begun to rust, you need to buy a new one.


Buying a gas grill should be looked at in the same way that the purchase of a new stove or refrigerator is.  Consider its features, its materials, and its aesthetics.  It should be high quality, functional, durable, and pleasing to look at.  

Your gas grill is a major appliance and should be treated as one.  A good stove can last upwards of 20 years, and so should your gas grill.

Here are some things that should be considered when shopping for a grill.

  • Burners are very important.  Aluminum ones corrode, while cast iron ones rust.  Stainless steel is the best because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t rust.
  • The number of burners should be taken into consideration.  The more burners a grill has, the greater control you’ll have over the heat.  
  • The grates, however, should not be steel or aluminum as these tend to chip and make food stick to them.  They’re also not good heat conductors.  Cast iron grates are the best conductors of heat and will create the best grill marks on your juicy steaks.
  • The body of the grill needs to be able to retain heat well.  With the lid closed, the heat circulates and cooks the food evenly, and if it doesn’t retain heat well, cook times will be longer and gas usage will be greater.  
  • If you like nicely seared food, (and who doesn’t?) your grill needs to be able to attain high temperatures of at least 800°F.  Our Paradise Grill Direct gas grills reach up to 1,000°F!
  • Heat shields or ceramic briquettes?  Metal heat shields don’t last as long as briquettes, and because briquettes are excellent at retaining heat, you use less fuel than with heat shields.  Food is also more flavorful with briquettes.
  • Think about your workstation.  Grilling may be a fast and easy way to cook a meal, but there are still utensils, trays, and dishes involved, and with cheaper gas grills, there is virtually no place to put them.  When you cook on your inside stove, you have counter space where you prepare your meal.  Why would you work inside and then bring your food outside to cook when you can do all of the preparation outside where you’re going to cook it?  Investing in a grill system will not only extend your workspace/prep area, but it will become an extension of your kitchen.

Paradise Outdoor Kitchen

Buying a cheap gas grill is tempting, but what are you really saving?  They rust and break, and good luck getting the electric grill starter to last longer than it takes to read this blog article! The old adage applies:  You get what you pay for.  If you buy a cheap grill, you’ll have to replace it every few years, which adds up over time.  Why not invest in a quality grill that’s going to last like a major appliance should?  At Paradise Grills Direct of Naples, FL, we believe that a grill should be more than a place to cook a hotdog.  Quality materials go into our professional grade grills which can be matched with your style of outdoor kitchen and are designed in different configurations with various styles of tiles to make your outdoor entertaining area a showplace.  At Paradise Grills Direct, we can install electrical systems, color-changing LED lighting, and we even have a weatherproof tiki hut style that your guests will love!  

Call our friendly representatives today at (800)604-2023 and we’ll help you choose the right grill and design for your outdoor kitchen.  You’ll never want to cook inside again!



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