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In Fort Myers, Florida we’re known for our love of recreational fishing, beautiful long, warm summer days, and strong neighborhood ties and nothing compliments our way of living more than an exclusive outdoor kitchen set from Paradise Grills. Our Fort Myers outdoor kitchen showroom has tons of options for you to choose from to create your own piece of Paradise right within the peace and comfort of your own backyard!

Choose The Fort Myers Grill That’s Right For You

No matter what your grilling needs, we have a superior selection of grill and bar systems from which to pick and choose to create your ultimate outdoor kitchen! Our Fort Myers showroom carries everything from our simplest Paradise GX4, which is the perfect size for patios, with its conveniently compact size and mobility, all the way to our more complex models such as the Paradise GX10 featuring over 9 feet of grilling space with added accessories.

Regardless of what you desire in a grill, Paradise is here to deliver! Just look for the Flexbuild logo to customize your new outdoor kitchen. Choose from our Paradise GX4, GX5, GX6, GX7, GX8, GX9, or GX10 grilling systems and pair it with either our Aruba, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Maui or Tahiti bar systems.

Next, personalize your outdoor kitchen with any desired accessories, such as a Paradise fire pit for fall/winter huddling, LED lighting to create the ambiance of your choice, a beautiful Galaxy Black granite finish, or perhaps a Tiki hut for that tropical feel and viola! You’ve created a spectacular personal piece of Fort Myers Paradise (and you didn’t even have to leave home)!

Paradise Grills is a surefire way to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction because we go the extra mile to ensure a Lifetime structural warranty on your new outdoor kitchen’s welded steel frame. We use only the most durable and elegant materials in constructing your Flexbuild outdoor kitchen such as commercial grade stainless steel, remote-controlled and color-changing LED lighting systems, oversized footrests for added back/leg stability, and comfort, our Paradise Plug-N-Play system and our Paradise steel tiki huts. With Paradise Grills being America’s largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer there is no shortage of showrooms for you to visit. We are still expanding within our Floridian and Texan homes and want to personally invite you to discover, create, and fall in love with your new outdoor kitchen today.

Our Paradise Grills showroom in Fort Myers is ready for your visit! Stop by and ask our sales team about how to get started on constructing your new outdoor kitchen for your next grilling adventure!