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Paradise Outdoor Kitchens – Keeping Tradition Cookouts started as a family tradition after World War II. Families celebrated by bringing together two of the best things; food and family. Grilling out brings people and memories together in one place. To keep that tradition going, manufacturers have developed newer and better grills, utensils, and dishes. Paradise Grills recognizes the importance of the family and friends grill out. This is the reason Paradise develops the best outdoor kitchens on the market.

There paradise 8 exclusive features have been developed for providing families an American made grill that has the highest quality possible with an affordable price. Made in Orlando Florida, Paradise grills uses the strongest welded steel frames to construct the outdoor kitchen. Custom features are then added on, features such as LED Lighting, Tiki Huts, Commercial Grills, Granite, and a variety of additional options.

Paradise Outdoor Kitchens – Keeping Tradition, In addition to the quality of the outdoor kitchen, Paradise gives you options with its new program called Flexbuild. Flexbuild allows you to match your favorite bar system with your favorite grilling system. This gives you so many options when building your outdoor kitchen. Paradise is all about keeping those traditions and creating memories for families all around the country. Go online or to one of our showrooms in Houston or Naples Florida to find the perfect outdoor kitchen for your family and friends!

Paradise Grills will continue to build and provide the best in Outdoor Kitchens. The outdoor manufacturing warehouse located in Orlando Florida will continue to make Orlando Outdoor Kitchens for traditions that consumers are used to loving. Paradise Grills in Orlando Flordia has put all the best parts together to make sure your Outdoor Kitchens are the worlds best.

Call today to get your very own Paradise Grills Outdoor Kitchen