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gs-32 premium

Gs Premium

gs-32 premium freestanding

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gsl-32 professional


gsl-32 professional freestanding

Gsl Cart

hsl-32 hibachi griddle

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hsl-32 hibachi griddle freestanding

Hsl Hibachi

esl-24 electric gril


esl-24 electric grill with pedestal

Esl Pedestal

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paradise esl-24 electric grill

Esl Full Shot Closed No Pedastool
  • Category: Professional
  • Stainless Grade: 304 Stainless
  • Cook Type: Electric
  • Gauge: 3 and 1 Smart Temperature
  • Interior Lights: Dual Ultra Bright
  • Exterior Lights: Blue L.E.D Illumination
  • Fitting: Fixed or Portable
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