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The Rise of Backyard Fire Pits

Backyard fire pits have been growing in popularity for years.  In 2016, the American Society of Landscape Architects released a survey that stated fire pits were in the top ten backyard projects with a 75% consumer demand.   What is our fascination with them?  Do we have remnants of our neanderthal ancestors peeking through our DNA?  Is it a never-ending need to demonstrate our control and mastery over fire?  Does it bring us back to a time of innocence and fun of being at summer camp?

It may be all of those things, but there’s so much more to our love of the backyard fire pits.

  • A calm, crackling fire soothes the soul.  It invites others to gather around its warm glow.

  • It’s a beautiful and welcoming addition to your outdoor living space.  It expands your home.  Just as your Paradise Grills of Sarasota outdoor kitchen can expand your kitchen space, a fire pit can be an extension of your living room.

  • It can be a centerpiece or focal point in your landscape design.  You can choose from many different styles and materials, and match it to the style of your home.

  • They bring people together.  It’s a great way to enhance a shared space such as a courtyard at a condominium.

  • Backyard fire pits allows you to extend your open-air entertainment into the colder months.

  • It increases the value of your home.  Everyone loves gathering around a fire.  Most potential buyers will love that you already have one installed.

  • S’mores.  ‘Nuff said.

 It used to be that when summer was ending and cooler evenings rolled in, we would all move inside and stay in there, bundled up, in our cocoons until warmer nights came around again.  With backyard fire pits, there’s no need to stop the entertaining or to stop enjoying the outdoors.

Recent trends in outdoor furniture have come a long way since webbed folding aluminum chairs.  Today’s outdoor furniture is outside living room furniture with sofas, loveseats, coffee tables, and rugs made of weather-resistant materials.  People are spending more time at home and are creating relaxing outdoor living spaces.  With a fire and a comfy couch inside and out, why would anyone want to go out?

Once you’ve made the decision to bring fire to your outside living space, you need to decide what kind―a fire pit or a fireplace?  Both would be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.  Fire pits are more open than a fireplace, emitting heat at 360° around it where a fireplace has a back so it only puts off heat in a 180° range.  A fire pit, even one with sleek, modern lines, is more rustic than a fireplace which gives your space feel more like an interior room.

In many areas, there are restriction and permits with backyard fires.  Gas often has fewer restrictions but you should check with your town or local fire department to learn all rules and safety procedures.

Paradise Grills Direct offers gas backyard fire pits and fireplaces that are gas and wood burning.  Gas fire pits and fireplaces are easier to care for, there’s no wood to keep filling, and there’s no cleanup.  Wood fireplaces offer that wonderful wood-burning aroma and relaxing crackling sounds.

Paradise Grills Direct of Sarasota today at (800)691-7155 and heat things up with a new fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

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