Paradise Grills Outdoor Kitchen Safety Alert

PRODUCTS AFFECTED:  This safety alert pertains to all Paradise Grills Outdoor Kitchens  manufactured between 2009 and December 2020.

RISK OF COMBUSTION:  We have determined that Paradise Outdoor Kitchens produced between 2009 and 2020 could pose a potential safety risk caused by the build-up of unlit gas and insufficient ventilation, where users fail to follow manufacturer instructions when lighting their propane or natural gas powered grills. Gas can accumulate beneath a closed lid and inside of the cabinet, which can lead to explosion and fire.

MANDATORY SAFETY PRECAUTION:  In the interest of consumer safety, we are advising users of the affected product to: always open the lid and the access doors on the front of the unit before turning on the gas and lighting the grill and leave the access doors open at all times while the grill is in use. 

After attempting to light the grill, if the user does not detect heat after 30 seconds, users are advised to turn the off ignition and gas and let any built-up gas dissipate for at least ten (10) minutes before trying to light it again.

We are working on a permanent solution that should eliminate the need to keep the access doors open during operation.  In the meantime, please carefully follow the supplemental safety instructions above.  

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