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Welcome to the Paradise Family

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Paradise Grills: Outdoor Kitchens in Boynton Beach

Owning an outdoor kitchen is similar to owning your very own piece of paradise. While most backyards across the United States boast at least one grill in their backyard, not everyone can say that they own a personalized luxury outdoor kitchen from Paradise Grills. So why not you?

Whether you’re new to the grilling game or a seasoned pitmaster, we have something for everyone. We strive to bring the best products and customer service to our customers all over the nation and that includes providing the same customer satisfaction we’re known for our latest showroom of outdoor kitchens in Boynton Beach.

We’ve been creating outdoor kitchens for a long time, over 12 years to be exact, and specialize in creating the highest-quality grills, accessories, and everything else you need to to create magic on the grill. For the people of Boynton Beach, Florida we are offering tiki huts, hibachis, patio furniture for your outdoor kitchen or backyard setup.

Our goal is to help you design the outdoor paradise of your dreams. In order to ensure a completely custom and personalized experience, we carry a wide inventory at our grill store in Boynton Beach that allows you to select the type of grill, bar system and any additional accessories you just have to have! All of our Paradise Grilling Systems were designed to fit any design style, entertaining style, and budget.

We want to help change the way you entertain, by choosing the right outdoor kitchen in Boynton Beach for you. From casual get-togethers to unforgettable over-the-top parties, we have something for everyone.

Below, you’ll find out just what types of grills, bar systems, and accessories we offer at all of our grill supply stores across the nation. But don’t just take our word for it, come and see for yourself! If you’re in the Boynton Beach area, come visit our latest showroom today.

Our showroom of outdoor kitchens in Boynton Beach features our iconic Flexbuilt series that is a must for anyone looking to create their outdoor dream. Our team members are just waiting to assist you in building a personalized outdoor kitchen at our Fort Myers, Florida showroom. This includes answering whatever questions you might have about creating an outdoor kitchen, selecting all your accessories and tools, and tapping into their wealth of knowledge. 

Our team’s wealth of experience will work wonders on your backyard oasis and guide you from the start to the finish. We have units that can be installed in backyards of any size and accessories to upgrade your current space. Simply inform us of your needs and budget and we’ll take care of the rest, bringing your outdoor kitchen dreams to life. 

We also offer special financing options to make sure your dream outdoor kitchens don’t break the bank. Stop by our Paradise Grills showroom in Boynton Beach, and live your dream today.

Paradise Grills Exclusive Flexbuild Series Outdoor Kitchens in Boynton Beach, Florida

With Paradise Grills’ Boynton Beach, Florida’s sophisticated Flexbuild system, it’s easy to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen paradise to suit every need, plus it looks stylish!  

You’ll love all of our grilling options! First, choose from one of five options in our Flexbuild system. Next, select from many different Island bar systems to create a completely functional and robust outdoor kitchen in Boynton Beach, Florida. 

Additionally, upgrade your grill to an HSL-32 Hibachi, GSL-32 Professional, or even a CSL-32 Cocktail station within our Flexbuild system. So let’s take a closer look at our fabulous bar and grill systems featuring our Islands of Paradise Flexbuild Series:

Islands of Paradise Grill Islands

Paradise GX3

It all starts with the compact GX3. This island comes standard with our exclusive GS-32 Premium Grill and includes a stucco bottom, a stainless-steel access door, and a durable Avellaero Stone Countertop.

Paradise GX4 / GX5

Our GX4/GX5 grill islands are larger to give more countertop space to your culinary creations. If you need more cooking surfaces, it’s not a problem! There’s plenty of room on this countertop to add a double-side burner. This island also comes standard with Paradise Grills’ exclusive GS-32 Premium Grill, stucco bottom, a stainless-steel access door, and a nearly indestructible Avellaero Stone Countertop.

Paradise GX6 / GX7 / GX8

You’ll love this model to include more countertop space for your guests! Our Paradise Grills’ Paradise Wine Refrigerator, a double-sided burner, and this countertop will create a fantastic entertaining area! In addition, this island has a GS-32 Premium Grill, a stainless-steel access door, a stucco bottom, and a durable Avellaero Stone Countertop.

Paradise GX9 / GX10

To utilize your Boynton Beach backyard to its full potential, choose this grill island to provide you with a spacious countertop. Add-ons include a Paradise Bar or Wine Refrigerator, a durable double-sided burner, or any additional of our other stainless-steel appliances. In addition, this island comes with our exclusive GS-32 Premium Grill, a stainless-steel access door, a stucco bottom, and a sturdy Avellaero Stone Countertop.

Paradise GX12 / GX14

You can easily entertain a large crowd with our most extensive island option! Pair this with choices for the perfect kitchen, from a Paradise Grills Paradise Wine Refrigerator, a double side burner or sink, or other of our additional stainless steel appliances! This jumbo kitchen island comes standard with an exclusive GS-32 Premium Grill, a stainless-steel access door, a stucco bottom, and Avellaero Stone Countertop.

Now that you know the sizes and types of grill islands we offer, you can easily decide on the perfect grill that will exceed all your expectations!

Standing by to answer any concerns or questions are our knowledgeable experts. They are ready to help you build the perfect oasis and help you select the ideal Boynton Beach outdoor kitchen accessories.

All of our Paradise Grills grilling systems and outdoor kitchens are 100% customizable. So if you don’t see what you are looking for, ask! 

All of our island systems can be paired with grilling systems in our exclusive Flexbuild system. So be 100% confident as you look at our entire selection of bar systems!

Boynton Beach Island Bar
Paradise Grills is proud to carry six unique island systems that our customers can use as the base to design the Boynton Beach outdoor kitchen they’ve always imagined.

Create the desired atmosphere for all your outdoor entertaining with any of our bar systems. When initially planning your entertaining outdoor space, consider the size of your crowd, your style, and your budget when choosing from our lineup of spectacular bar systems.

Our innovative systems are the best way to create the most relaxing space for all your entertaining needs. Paradise Grills’ bar systems make everyone in Boynton Beach feel like they are living in an island paradise:

Aruba (6/8)

We bring Aruba to you with our ultra-luxurious island bar. Our Aruba bar is designed with a robust professional grill, LED lighting, stereo options, and top-grade commercial appliances with plenty of seating! Additionally, enjoy the beautiful tropics from your backyard when using our Paradise Your Way configurator.

St. Croix (8/9)

The sleek design of our St. Croix will create the perfect island lifestyle in your backyard. This bar is designed with ample space that is perfect for entertaining. Get yours equipped with a choice of professional grilling and entertainment combinations. In our exclusive Flexbuild System, combine this island bar with any grill island!

St. Thomas (7/9)

You can seat ten guests around our gorgeous St. Thomas. Design your island bar with our Flexbuild System with our selection of professional appliances and entertainment options utilizing our Flexbuild System. Our Paradise Your Way system brings a tropical island vibe to your own backyard!

Maui (10/12/14)

For the complete luau party, pick Choose the Maui! Our modern and exquisite island bar features plenty of seating, LED lighting, a marine-grade stereo system, and various grilling options. The “U” shaped island bar makes the ultimate backyard experience with unlimited possibilities, built with our Paradise Your Way!

Fire Island and Patio

Download our free Happy Hour app to control all Paradise Grills fire pits. Our fire pits feature 304 commercial stainless-steel, LED color-changing lights, and almost indestructible fire glass. Then, put your feet up and relax on our premium patio furniture constructed with the finest quality material. You’ll fall in love with our high-end sunbrella fabric that makes up part of the adjustable sofa backrest. Each piece of our furniture is designed just the way you want and built with our Paradise Your Way system!

Shades of Paradise Premium Island Outdoor Kitchen Models


With our Tahiti island bar, you can invite the island life to your backyard. Combine this with our patent-pending tiki hut and enjoy the ease of assembling and disassembling this unit. Not only is the Tahiti strong but gorgeous, as well! This galvanized steel tubing gives strength and stability and is hidden inside the hand-carved tiki poles. Additionally, the bar comes with LED lighting, a motorized tv, a stereo speaker system, a commercial stainless-steel footrest bar rail, and a choice of Paradise Professional grilling options. So, don’t wait! Visit paradise to have the Paradise Grills Tahiti in your backyard! Create your wildest dreams with Paradise Your Way!


For our ultimate tropical experience, check out our Paradise Grills Abaco! With a giant 16 x 18 Abaco tiki hut, professional appliances, marine-grade stereo system, and dual motorized smart tv system, entertain up to twenty-two guests! Choose from a refrigerator, wine cooler, cocktail station, or hibachi grill. All these appliances are specially designed with our Paradise Your Way system!


Fall in love with the Paradise Grills Monaco and its elegant pergola and shade. With our one-of-a-kind design from the “Shades of Paradise,” this outdoor kitchen is absolute perfection! It’s large enough to hold each of our professional appliances with maximum seating allotment and entertainment options, including a motorized 70-inch tv, LED lighting, a marine stereo system, and more. It’s the supreme outdoor modern bar system built with our Paradise Your Way system!

Why Choose Paradise Grills in Boynton Beach?

Don’t throw your hard-earned money away by buying a cheap grill year after year. Instead, invest in the ultimate outdoor kitchen in Boynton Beach, Florida, guaranteed to be used for years. Our financing options make it easy to own paradise from Paradise Grills!  

At Paradise Grills, we pride ourselves on being the most educated in our industry. We hope you will permit us to custom-make a backyard to fit your style, budget, and needs. So, feel free to talk to us about our financing options. Then, please visit our fabulous showroom to find your new outdoor kitchen in Boynton Beach!  

Let’s consider why you make the best decision when purchasing a backyard kitchen from Paradise Grills.

  1. Paradise Grills’ Welded Aluminum Frames For starters, our almost indestructible aluminum frames are securely welded. This is different from the competitors’ screwed frames on the market. They don’t come close in comparison! In addition, all of our frames have a lifetime guarantee on the grill’s structure.

  2. Paradise Grills’ Flexbuild Series Paradise Grills puts our clients in the driver’s seat with the innovative Flexbuild system. This system gives each customer the power to design a personalized outdoor kitchen. Our system also adjusts the size and seating requirements, allowing additional upgrades to suit your backyard needs.

  3. Paradise Grills’ GSL-32 Professional Grill Leveling the outdoor grilling playing field is our GSL-32 Professional Grill. This close-to-indestructible professional grill is crafted with 304 commercial-grade stainless-steel with LED lighting. Additional upgrades include a rotisserie griddle insert, an infrared sear station, and an exclusive wood chip smoker box.

  4. Plug N Play Electrical System Say goodbye to the electrician with our exclusive plug-n-play system. So, while other companies cut costs utilizing poor indoor-rated electrical systems outdoors, our designs are always completely rated for outdoor use. So, you’ll never have to worry about electrocution or shortage. Just plug in and play!

  5. Happy Hour App We can help you create the ideal atmosphere with color-changing LED Lights, adding a new dimension to your outdoor kitchens in Boynton Beach, Florida. Control these LED lights easily with our Happy Hour App. This free and unique app can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple stores.

  6. Paradise Grills’ Oversize 304 Stainless-Steel Footrest We know your comfort is our priority at Paradise Grills. With this in mind, we designed oversized footrests for each island. Our stainless-steel footrest will give each guest improved ergonomics and support. We never trim corners when it comes to comfort!

  7. Paradise Grills’ Tiki Hut Add a touch of paradise with our exclusive tiki huts. The sturdy frames are five times stronger than our competitors’ wood-framed models. Plus, the setup and takedown of our tiki huts are a snap!

  8. Paradise Grills is America’s LARGEST Outdoor Kitchen Manufacturer

We know experience matters in Boynton Beach when creating your dream outdoor kitchen. For over 12 years, we have remained America’s largest and most experienced outdoor kitchen manufacturer. So you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing the most substantial and luxurious outdoor kitchen in the industry when you purchase from Paradise.

At Paradise Grills, we make owning an entertaining paradise simple by providing the environment to host the perfect neighborhood bash or family gathering! With our exclusive cooling options, plug-n-play system, LED lighting system, wine and liquor cabinet, TV/DVD package, spacious countertops, stainless steel drawers and sinks, plus exclusive tiki huts, your outdoor space will have sophisticated aesthetic appeal with full functionality.

You must see our amazing outdoor kitchens in person. Visit our impressive showroom to view the selection of outdoor kitchens in Boynton Beach. Our experienced staff members can quickly answer questions while giving a tour of our Paradise-exclusive outdoor kitchens. We make the entire process trouble-free with the ability to customize your upscale Boynton Beach outdoor kitchen within our Flexbuild system. 

When you come into our Boynton Beach outdoor kitchen showroom location, we promise to work with you in the design process. Because our products have a range of upgrades that can be updated in the future, you can buy some components a few at a time. So let’s get you started on the perfect outdoor kitchen oasis for your tropical Florida home! Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our fantastic showroom today!

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