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Outdoor Kitchens in Dallas, TX – BBQ Grills & Fire Pits

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Dallas, TX Outdoor Kitchens, BBQ Grills & Fire Pits

Grilling in your backyard with family and friends and a hot summer day, while enjoying the music and the sound of children’s’ laughter as you sip on an ice-cold lemonade–what more could you ask for? Grilling on a Paradise Outdoor Kitchen, that’s what!

Paradise Grills’ goal is to give each of our customers the opportunity to live the good life and grill in Paradise. As grill lovers ourselves, we know how important creating your very own outdoor kitchen experience is, that’s where we come in.

Over the years, we’ve challenged industry standards by designing and installing professional-grade grills and customizable outdoor kitchens across the nation. If you’re ready to create your very own backyard oasis, then you’ve come to the right place. Come visit our Dallas, TX, outdoor kitchen showroom today. Our team of professionals can help you discover which outdoor kitchen and accessories are best suited for your style and budget from an extensive selection of outdoor kitchens, bbq grills, patio furniture, fire pits, and more.

So what are you waiting for? Come see our outdoor kitchens for yourself the next time you’re in the Dallas, TX area or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Continue reading to learn more about the premium grade stainless steel grills we offer, as well as our exclusive Paradise Flexbuild System and additional outdoor kitchen accessories that will help you make your outdoor kitchen in Dallas truly one-of-a-kind.

Paradise Grills' Grills in Dallas, TX

Before choosing what type of stools you want for your outdoor kitchen or even what the overall design and concept will be, there’s one thing you have to do first, choose your grill! At Paradise, we offer two different types of stainless steel grills that can be utilized in all of our Flexbuild systems. Choose from the following grills:

  • Paradise GS-32 Premium – This high-performance grill comes standard with all of our grilling systems and Flexbuild series. This grill features a durable stainless steel grill with superior features.
  • Paradise GSL-32 Professional – If you’re ready to level up your performance game, then this is the grill for you. Our top-selling grill includes interior cooking lights, exterior LED lighting, and a stainless steel geared rotisserie that is sure to improve your outdoor grilling experience. With exclusive Paradise Grill features and a 304-grade solid stainless steel grill, the Paradise GSL-32 is intended to last a lifetime.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens in Dallas, TX

Build your customizable outdoor kitchen today by stopping into our Dallas, TX showroom, and speaking with our friendly and knowledgeable staff members. We are ready to answer any questions you may have and can help you in selecting the perfect outdoor kitchen for your outdoor living space. There’s nothing better than building your backyard oasis with industry experts. Here at Paradise Grills we take pride in making the process easy from start to finish. Select the unit that fits best for your backyard space, add any additional upgrades you desire, and we’ll take care of the rest. Let us show you how we can transform your backyard into your very own paradise. We have an outdoor kitchen for every style and budget. So what are you waiting for? Stop by our Dallas, TX Paradise Grills showroom today!

Build your Outdoor Kitchen Today

Choosing Your Bar & Grill System: Paradise Grills' Flexbuild Series

Paradise Grills’ exclusive Flexbuild Series allows you to create a unique, customized outdoor kitchen in Dallas, TX, complete with grill (or grills), seating, and room for additional upgrades. Within our Flexbuild series, we offer five different Grilling Systems and six Bar Systems that can be mixed and matched to suit your space, style, and budget. These grill and bar systems are:

Grilling Systems

Paradise GX4 – Starting out the grilling systems is the compact GX4, which comes standard with a slate finish, stucco bottom and our exclusive GSL-32 Premier Grill, and a stainless steel door.

Paradise GX6 – Next in our grilling systems is the GX6. Featuring more counter space and the same standard features as the GX4, this grilling system is excellent for smaller yards and patios.

Paradise GX8 – Featuring even more counter space then the GX6, the Paradise GX8 is a fantastic choice for medium to large size patios and yards and comes standard with a stucco bottom, slate finish, stainless steel door, and the GSL-32 Premier Grill.

Paradise GX9 – At nine feet in length, the Paradise GX9 is the second to largest grilling system we offer in the Flexbuild Series. This system comes standard with all the features of the base model, with enough room for virtually all additional accessories and upgrades.

Paradise GX10 Our most extensive grilling system to date, the GX10, is perfect for people who love to throw larger than life parties or just happen to have a huge family. This grilling system features all of the basic components of the GX4 with THE MOST space for outdoor and entertaining upgrades.

Island Bars

Aruba – The Aruba starts our Flexbuild Bar series out and seats up to five guests and comes standard with Paradise’s exclusive Plug N Play system.

St. Croix – Long considered to be one of our most popular grills, this bar system seats up to six guests comfortably and has enough room for premium upgrades such as a fridge, remote-controlled LED lighting, an infrared sear station and more!

St. Thomas – The straight edge of this bar system, gives it a more modern contemporary feel than any other outdoor kitchen in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Plus, this outdoor kitchen is perfect for larger get-togethers (it comfortably seats up to eight guests) and can be used for more intimate gatherings as well.

Maui – Comfortably seating up to six guests, our newest addition to the Flexbuild Bar series is the Maui. You’ll feel like you’ve just booked a one-way vacation to a tropical paradise with this bar system.

Tahiti – The Tahiti is Paradise Grills’ Flagship bar system. Made to create a cozy atmosphere and provide seating for up to five people, this bar system can be equipped with virtually all upgrades and accessories. Add a wine and liquor cabinet, an incredible entertainment package, and of course, a Tiki Hut, and you’ll be grilling in Paradise in no time.

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Apart from being able to choose your own bar and grill system in our Flexbuild series, you can personalize your Dallas, TX outdoor kitchen with any of the following accessories:

Patio Accessories – Part of creating a relaxing sanctuary where your guests (as well as yourself) can kick back and relax is by providing luxurious and comfortable seating and reclining options. Paradise Grills proudly offers patio furniture in Dallas, TX, to make your outdoor kitchen stand out. Choose from options such as the Paradise Exclusive 30″ inch stool or keep your guests out of the hot Texas sun with either a Paradise Welded Tiki Hut or the Paradise nine-foot Outdoor Umbrella.

Entertainment Systems – Invite friends and family over to watch the big game, your favorite shows, or pump up the jams by adding an entertaining Paradise system to your outdoor kitchen. Now you don’t have to choose between missing the game or grilling outside–you can do both!

Grill Enhancements – Add a Paradise Exclusive Infrared Sear Station, Rotisserie, Wood Chip & Charcoal Smoker Box, or add all three to take your grill game to the next level. Not only do these outdoor kitchen accessories pack a punch in terms of flavor, but they also increase the shear capacity of the food you can cook at once!

Side Burners – In addition to grill enhancements, many of our customers opt for a GS Premium Side burner or a GSL Professional Double Side Burner for optimal grilling potential.

Drawer Systems – At Paradise, we’ve thought of everything, including taking out the garbage. For easy cleanup and so you don’t have to worry about hauling your trash to the garbage, we offer stainless steel double drawers for both storage and garbage disposal.

Stainless Steel Options – If you wish for a sleeker finish for your outdoor kitchen, you may want to consider adding a stainless steel access door and stainless steel bar sink to your Dallas, TX outdoor kitchen.

Paradise Bar Fridge – Keep beverages and food cold and on hand by adding a refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen.

Paradise Fitted Covers – When you’re not using your outdoor kitchen and grill, you’ll want to protect it from the elements and any curious critters. We’ve got you covered–literally. Our Paradise Grills exclusive fitted covers come in various sizes to meet all of the shapes and sizes of Paradise outdoor kitchens and grills.

Come see us today at our newest showroom in Dallas, TX and start living the good life!

Build your Outdoor Kitchen Today

It’s not easy making your backyard a paradise but that’s why we exist. We pride ourself in exceptional customer service and world class products built right here in the USA. Check out some of our satisfied customer testimonials. We have earned wonderful praises from our customers, and we hope we can earn yours soon!

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