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Houston Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Paradise Grills Direct in Houston Texas is a factory direct showroom of Houston Outdoor Kitchens. Paradise Grills direct offers Paradise Outdoor Kitchens, Large and Small Fire Pits and Fire Places, and many grilling accessories. Houston custom Outdoor Kitchens direct from the manufacturer ensures the absolute best price, quality, service, and massive selection including the option to customize. Paradise Grills Direct Houston displays the best outdoor kitchen grills for sale in Houston, Texas. These Outdoor Kitchens are commercial grade, ergonomically correct, strongest built welded steel frame, a very easy to use plug-n-play electrical system, bright LED color changing lights with a remote, options for an exclusive welded tiki hut, Flexbuild customization, and proudly made in America at the factory in Orlando Florida. We think they are the best luxury grills in Houston.

Houston Outdoor Kitchens Houston Outdoor Kitchens Houston Outdoor Kitchens

Our Houston Texas Outdoor Kitchen showroom, is just one of the Paradise showrooms located in the US. There are many outdoor kitchen companies to choose from, but Paradise Outdoor Kitchens is the Best! Let us tell you about our advantages.

Strongest Backyard Grills in Houston

American-made outdoor kitchens that are constructed with the worlds strongest steel framing by highly skilled staff members. Paradise Grills direct outdoor kitchens are 10x stronger than metal stud construction. The oversize footrest is a great addition to Paradise Outdoor Kitchens. Not only do your feet rest in place, but it helps with posture and comfort.

Paradise Grilling Systems offer the Plug-n-Play Electronics, an outdoor grade electrical system that is all UL listed and can be easily plugged into any 110V/15A electrical outlet. As soon as the outdoor kitchen is delivered to your backyard, you can just plug it in, and get to enjoying.

Houston Outdoor Kitchens Houston Outdoor Kitchens Houston Outdoor Kitchens

These outdoor kitchens by Paradise Grilling Systems have custom color changing LED lighting strips. Try to Set the mood of the night with the beautiful remote controlled mulch-colored LED lights that illuminate your outdoor kitchen. You can also add a welded tiki-hut frame to some of the paradise outdoor kitchens. The welded frame is five times stronger than wood framing and lasts through wind and storms.

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Luxury Grills in Houston

The high end appliances in the paradise outdoor kitchens are not the kind that you would find at a local home improvement store. Paradise Grills come with appliances that are a step above the rest. Only Paradise outdoor kitchens come constructed with a Paradise GSL-32 Professional grill. Our grills are commercially rated, and are a 304 stainless steel grade. It has a briquette flame control system, a quick lite ignition, and the temperature can reach up to 1000 degrees. Perfect for cooking and entertaining.

Paradise Grills Direct distributes directly from Paradise Grilling Systems, America's largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer. Their factory in Orlando Florida is over 70,00 square feet where they produce thousands of paradise outdoor kitchens every year. Models are on display in our grill store in Houston.

Outdoor Kitchens in Houston

Paradise Grills Direct: Outdoor Kitchens in Houston

Are you looking for an outdoor kitchen in Houston that features design as well as function? Paradise Grills can help plan out the perfect design for you outdoor space. Creating an outdoor kitchen that fits your needs is simple when you choose our exclusive Paradise Grills Flexbuild plans. Our exclusive Flexbuild system offers you the chance to build your very own, unique outdoor kitchen in Houston. Simply put, the Flexbuild design allows you to choose your grilling system, bar system, and any additional accessories you may want to add to create the perfect outdoor kitchen. Paradise Grills offers 4 different types of Grill systems and 6 bar systems to choose from when you build your own outdoor kitchen using our Flexbuild series. Not only can you mix and match these different systems for a outdoor kitchen that is uniquely you, but you can also add a number of additional accessories!

To start out building your own Houston outdoor kitchen you will want to choose one of our state of the art grilling systems. The grilling systems that Paradise Grills offers for our feature Flexbuild designs include:

Houston Outdoor Kitchen Grilling Systems

Outdoor Kitchens in HoustonParadise GX4: This grill is the first in the series of the Paradise Grill Systems. It features compact sizing and mobility with a luxurious stainless steel grill. This grill system utilizes the paradise grill G-32 premier grill and comes with a stucco bottom, stainless steel access door and a slate tile finish.

Paradise GX6: The second grilling system in the series, this grilling system features a stainless steel grill and additional counter space with room for any optional upgrades. Just like the Paradise GX4, the GX6 features a stucco bottom, stainless steel door, and slate finish. Though slightly larger than the GX4, this grilling system still maintains its mobility and compact size, making it easy to relocate. Optional add ons for the counter space include:

  • Baltic Granite
  • Juperana Granite
  • Galaxy Granite

Paradise GX8: Third in the series of our Paradise Grill Systems for outdoor kitchens in Houston, the Paradise GX8 offers even more counter space and room for additional add on features. You can add on a St. Croix bar system for more space and additional seating. Just like the Paradise GX6, you can customize your counter space with any of the three granite countertops mentioned above.

Paradise GX9: Our largest to date exclusive Grill System. The Paradise GX9 is the perfect option for large parties and outdoor entertaining. This grill system is large enough to accommodate your commercial stainless steel grill as well as, Paradise accessory upgrades. Even though this grilling system is nine feet in length, it is still portable and easy to move.

Houston Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

You can Personalize any and all of our Paradise Grilling Systems your way with any of the following additional accessories:

  • Side Burners: Choose from our GS Premium Side Burner or the Paradise Grills exclusive - GSL Professional Double Side Burner, for your outdoor kitchen in Houston.
  • Drawer Systems: We offer stainless steel trash drawers for easy clean up and stainless steel double drawers for storage.
  • Stainless Steel Options: For a sleeker finish, you can add both a stainless steel access door and a stainless steel bar sink to your outdoor kitchen.
  • Grill Enhancements: Grill enhancements are a great way to add the “ wow” factor to your backyard entertaining. You can take your outdoor kitchen in Houston experience up a notch when you add a Paradise Infrared Sear Station, Rotisserie, or the Paradise Exclusive Woodchip & Charcoal Smoker Box.
  • Patio Accessories: Not only do you want your Paradise Grilling System to look amazing, but you also want your guests to feel comfortable. We offer patio accessories that will make your Houston outdoor kitchen one of a kind. Our Paradise Exclusive 30” stool will look beautiful next to all of our outdoor kitchen options. To shade your guests and cover your patio area we also have two different Paradise Exclusive options:
    • Paradise Welded Tiki Hut
    • Paradise 9 ft. Outdoor Umbrella
  • Entertainment Systems: With these Paradise Grills exclusives you don’t have to choose between missing the game and grilling outside. Now you can invite friends over for your favorite show, game, or listen to your favorite music while enjoying your Houston outdoor kitchen.
  • Paradise Bar Fridge: Keep your drinks cold outside when you add a refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen.
  • Paradise Fitted Covers: Keep your Houston outdoor kitchen safe from the weather when you're not using it, with Paradise Grills exclusive fitted covers for your grilling system. We offer different sizes of covers to fit all your outdoor kitchen needs.

At Paradise Grills, we believe that every Grill System also needs a personalized Bar System to go accompany it. Whether you are looking for a simple bar for people to gather at or you want to create a complete party atmosphere with one of our outdoor kitchen options in Houston, we have you covered. Choose your bar system and create the perfect outdoor kitchen for your home.

Houston Outdoor Kitchen Bar Systems

Aruba: Our most basic bar in our series of Paradise Bar Systems is anything but basic. The Aruba Bar seats 5 guests and includes our GS-32 stainless steel grill, stainless steel door, and electrical outlet. You can trick out your Aruba bar with additional accessories such as:

  • Paradise Bar Fridge
  • LED remote controlled lighting
  • cd/dvd marine stereo

Fiji: The Fiji Bar System has it all. The convenient compact sized bar features a raised bar area that seats 6 guests comfortably and includes a built in footrest. Similar to the Aruba, this Bar System features our GS-32 stainless steel grill, stainless steel door and electrical outlet. Personalize your bar your way!

Outdoor Kitchens in HoustonSt. Croix: This luxurious Bar System, features seating for up to six guests and is part of the exclusive Flexbuild series. Virtually all upgrades through Paradise Grills are available for this outdoor kitchen in Houston. Just like all of our exclusive bar and grill systems, the St. Croix is easy to move and relocate as needed.

St. Thomas: Looking for something more contemporary? Our newly designed St. Thomas Bar System features a new modern look and seating for up to 8 guests. Like the St. Croix, you can add the grill system that will fit best for your space requirements and for your entertaining needs.

Maui: A new welcome addition to the exclusive Flexbuild series, our Maui style bar system includes luxurious features and can seat up to six guests. When you purchase the Maui Bar System for your outdoor kitchen in Houston, you can add any additional features, as well as a Grilling System from our exclusive Flexbuild Series.

Tahiti: Our signature Tahiti bar system brings outdoor kitchens to the highest level. TH Tahiti Bar System will make outdoor dining always feel like a party. Personalize your it your way! Accessory options for the Tahiti bay system include:

  • A built in Tiki Hut
  • Our exclusive Tv and Entertainment package
  • Built in wine and liquor shelving
  • LED remote controlled lighting
  • Stainless steel, counter top option, and more.

Houston Outdoor Kitchen Firepits & Fireplaces

Fireplaces or Firepits can be a wonderful addition to your Houston outdoor kitchen. An outdoor fireplace can help to define your outdoor entertaining area and can be used year round to create ambience. Paradise Grills makes two different options for both firepits and fireplaces for outdoor entertainment.

  • Paradise Firepit: Help define your outdoor kitchen with this luxurious backyard feature. The standard features for our Paradise Firepit include, a stucco base, diamond accent, 12”X12” tile slate and gas burning lava rocks.
  • XL Paradise Firepit: Create the perfect ambiance of a subtle fire over glowing lava rocks, with this oversized fire pit all year long.
  • Paradise Fireplace: Complete your Houston outdoor kitchen with our unique fireplace. You can choose between woodburning or gas logs depending on your preference and time of year.
  • XL Paradise Fireplace: Just like our regular fireplace, the XL Paradise Fireplace is sure to make a statement. Choose gas or wood for the warmer months and crank up the heat in the colder months. You can also add remote controlled LED lighting to complete this unique outdoor kitchen feature.

Outdoor Kitchen Showroom in Houston

With so many different options to choose from for your Houston outdoor kitchen needs, it might be difficult to choose which grilling and bar systems are the right fit for you. Paradise Grills is more than happy to help answer any of your questions by phone, email, or at a showroom near you. By going to our showroom in Houston you will be able to see what options are best for your space and entertaining needs. A member of our expert staff will be able to answer any of your outdoor kitchen questions. We pride ourselves on performance and craftsmanship to give you the best outdoor kitchen experience.Come see our Houston showroom near you today and make all of your outdoor kitchen dreams a reality.

Outdoor Kitchens in Houston

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