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Paradise Grills: The Difference Is In The Details

Over the years Paradise Grills has been the industry leader for outdoor kitchens and professional grade grills. As America’s largest manufacturer of outdoor grilling systems, our goal is to furnish every home across the United States with one of our unique outdoor kitchens, starting with you. Even though you may already have an outdoor grill in Orlando, you’ve never experienced grilling quite like this. Paradise Grills’ Orlando outdoor kitchens are suited to fit every style and every budget-seriously.

Orlando Outdoor Kitchens New Orlando Outdoor Kitchens New Orlando Outdoor Kitchens New

Not sure if an outdoor kitchen from Paradise Grills is right for you? The only question you need to answer is whether or not you’re ready to own a piece of paradise right in your backyard? If you answered yes, then buckle up, because we are about to take you on your very own, personalized tour towards creating the outdoor kitchen in Orlando you’ve always dreamed of. But first, let’s talk about why choosing Paradise Grills Direct is always the right choice.

Unlike the other guys, you are guaranteed the following when you invest in an Orlando outdoor kitchen from us:

  • Paradise Welded Steel Frame with a Lifetime Warranty - That’s right, we believe steadfastly in our durable welded tubular steel frames that they come with a lifetime warranty. If you ever run into trouble, we’ll take care of it.
  • Paradise Oversized Footrests - What may not seem like a big deal to our competitors, is a big deal to our customers and that’s who we really care about. Our oversized footrest offers unparalleled comfort, improved ergonomics, and removes the annoying “dangling feet” aspect of other outdoor kitchens.
  • Paradise Plug-n-Play Electrical System - Each Orlando grilling system we offer includes a plug-n-play electrical system, specifically designed for outdoor use. Most companies offer indoor components to save on costs, which could be potentially dangerous when used outdoors.

Orlando Outdoor Kitchens New Orlando Outdoor Kitchens New Orlando Outdoor Kitchens New  

  • Paradise Remote Controlled Color Changing LED Lights - If you’ve ever decorated a room, you know that lighting can make all the difference, well the same is true for your outdoor kitchen. Use these color changing LED lights to set the scene for whatever you’re in the mood for.
  • Paradise Patent-Pending Steel Tiki Hut - This waterproof Tiki Hut is 5x stronger than wood framed models which are poorly suited for the tropical weather of Orlando. Additionally, this hut can be installed and removed in only five minutes!
  • Paradise Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Grills - The flagship GSL-32 commercial grade takes grilling to an entirely new level. Every Orlando outdoor kitchen comes equipped with at least one of these bad boys!
  • Orlando Outdoor Kitchen
  • Paradise Patent-Pending Flexbuild - What’s that? You can have the grill of your choice and outdoor kitchen, too? That’s right, our exclusive Flexbuild series puts you in the designers chair, allowing you to add on additional features and upgrades to suit your entertaining needs.
  • America’s Largest Outdoor Kitchen Manufacturer - When it comes to creating outdoor kitchens for our customers, we know how much experience matters. Each year we build thousands of expertly crafted outdoor grills coupled with the best warranties available on the market today. When you choose Paradise Grills Direct to design your outdoor kitchen Orlando you’ll also be enjoying peace of mind knowing that you’ve purchased the industry's strongest built outdoor kitchen.

Now that you have a little more knowledge of why our customers recommend us time after time to their friends and family, let’s take a look at the models of grills and outdoor kitchens you can expect to find at our newest showroom in Orlando.

Orlando Grills

Whether you’re new to the grilling game or have been playing for awhile, having a grill that can do the job (and do it well) is half the battle. To start with the right foot forward, you’ll need to equip your outdoor kitchen in Orlando with a premium, commercial grade grill. Lucky for you, we always have quality grills in stock. When you stop into our Orlando showroom you’ll be greeted by two different types of grills, the Paradise GSL-32 Premium and the Paradise GSL-32 Professional. What’s the difference between the two? Let us show you.

  • Paradise GSL-32 Premium Grill - Fashioned from superior elements, we know you’ll appreciate the stainless steel cast burners and ceramic briquette systems, along with 5 different grilling zones that come standard with this model. Additionally, you can personalize this grill with a full line of accessories like an infrared sear station, rotisserie, or woodchip and charcoal smoker box, to name a few.
  • Orlando Outdoor Kitchen
  • Paradise GSL-32 Professional Grill - In addition to the GSL-32 Premium, this professional grill is constructed of 15 gauge 304 solid stainless steel. With interior cooking lights, LED exterior lights, and a stainless steel geared rotisserie coming standard with this particular grill, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for anything less.

Now that you have a basic idea of what type of Orlando grill will outfit your outdoor kitchen, you need to start planning for your outdoor kitchen. Do you want to be able to seat more than six guests at a time? Should there be a fire feature? Are you looking to create an island-feel getaway or a contemporary lounge area? These questions and more are just some of the factors you’ll want to consider before selecting an outdoor kitchen. One of the great things about visiting a live showroom is that you will receive personalized assistance from Paradise’s own grilling experts. In the meantime, we’d love to tell you more about our exclusive Flexbuild series, from back to basics to above and beyond these outdoor kitchens are exactly what you need to take your grilling and entertaining to the next level.

Flexbuild Outdoor Kitchens

Designing your personal Flexbuild system is as easy as 1+1, but don’t worry- we won’t make you do any math! To design your Flexbuild series, you’ll need to decide on a grilling system then add a bar system and voila! You have your very own, unique Orlando outdoor kitchen. Let’s take a deeper look at the components of the Flexbuild system.

Paradise Grilling Systems

Orlando Outdoor Kitchen

First things first, choose your grilling system:

  • Paradise GX4 - The first and most basic in the series, the Paradise GX4 comes standard with a stucco bottom, Slate tile finish, GSL-32 Premium Grill, and a stainless steel door.
  • Paradise GX6 - Enjoy all the features of our base model with even more counter space and room for upgrades.
  • Paradise GX8 - Take the GX6 and double the counter space and add more upgrades (if you want). Just like all of our Orlando outdoor kitchen grilling systems, the GX8 is easy compact enough to move as needed.
  • Paradise GX9 - Measuring 9’ in length this grilling system is designed to fit your commercial grade stainless grill that comes standard with the grilling system, alongside any additional accessories and features you could ever want!
  • Paradise GX10 - Our largest Orlando outdoor grilling system to date! Even though it’s larger than our 9’ GX9 model, this system is still considered easy to relocate.

Paradise Bar Systems

Orlando Outdoor Kitchen

Now for the fun part. Selecting the bar system of your choice is really where you let your style shine, not to mention you’ll want to choose a system that seats all your friends and family comfortably. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started:

  • Aruba - We couldn’t call ourselves Paradise Grills, if we didn’t start out a bar system that makes you feel like you’ve booked a one way ticket to Paradise! This luxury Orlando outdoor bar system comes standard with  Paradise GS-32 stainless steel grill, stainless steel door, electrical outlet, and seating for up to 5 guests.
  • Fiji - We continue our island tour by bringing you our exclusive Fiji bar system designed to amplify your entertaining. The Fiji features the same components as the Aruba with even more room for upgrades. Consider adding a Bar Fridge, drawers, a stainless steel sink and more to create a one-of-a-kind entertaining station.
  • St. Croix - Our bar systems start to get a little bigger, starting with the St. Croix. Seating up to 8 guest comfortably this bar system is where it’s at! Designed to accommodate virtually any and all upgrades, you don’t want to go home without this Orlando outdoor kitchen.
  • St. Thomas - One of our slogans is “Personalize it Your Way!” And you’ll see why once you feast your eyes on our St. Thomas bar system. Created for the contemporary entertainer this modern outdoor kitchen can seat up to 8 guests.
  • Maui - One of the latest and greatest additions to our Flexbuild family, the Maui is able to seat six guests and despite its size, is a breeze to relocate as needed.
  • Tahiti - When most people think of Paradise Grills, they think of our flagship bar system, the Tahiti. Created for the ultimate entertainer, this luxurious bar system takes outdoor grilling to the highest possible level! Plus who doesn’t love the idea of enjoying a balmy summer day, sipping a deliciously refreshing Mai Tai underneath their Tiki Hut? We knew you’d agree.

Now that you’ve had a taste of the Orlando outdoor kitchens we are so proud of, stop by a showroom near you. We can’t wait to help you start building your very own piece of paradise.

Directions to Orlando Paradise Grills Showroom

From Oak Ridge, FL (South of the destination):

  1. Follow Casa Del Rey Circle and Bonnie Brook Blvd. towards W. Oak Ridge Rd. ( 1 min, .2 miles)
    • Head west on Casa Del Rey Circle and continue straight.
    • Turn right onto Bonnie Brook Blvd.
  2. Take S. John Young Pkwy towards Rio Vista Ave. in Orlando (9 min, 3.4 miles)
    • Turn right onto W. Oak Ridge Rd.
    • Using the left 2 lanes, turn left onto S. John Young Pkwy
    • Then use the left lane to turn left onto L B McLeod Rd.
  3. Continue onto Rio Vista Ave. then drive towards 37th St. in Orlando (1 min, .3 miles)

From Orlovista, FL (North of the destination):

  1. Head south on S. Normandale Ave. toward State Highway 526
  2. Then left onto State Hwy 526/Old Winter Garden Rd. (.1 miles)
  3. Next, turn right onto S. Kirkman Rd. (2.3 miles)
  4. Using the left two lanes, turn left onto L B McLeod Rd. (2.2 miles)
  5. Turn right onto Rio Vista Ave. (.2 miles)
  6. Continue onto 37th St. the Orlando Paradise Grills Showroom (3702 37th St. Orlando, FL 32805) is on your left. (194 feet)

From Conway, FL (East of the destination):

  1. Start by getting on the FL-408 W in Orlando (7 min, 2.7 miles)
    • Head north on FL-15 N in the direction of Harmony Ln.
    • Using the middle lane, take the ramp to the FL-408 W. (partial toll road)
  2. Stay on the FL-408 W to S. John Young Pkwy, then take exit 79 from I-4 W. (8 min, 7 miles)
    • Merge onto FL-408 W (toll road)
    • Then take the exit toward I-4 W. (partial toll road). Keep left and merge onto I-4 W
    • Using the right two lanes, take exit 79 Orange County Road 423 S/John Young Parkway S.
  3. Take L B McLeod Rd. and Rio Vista Ave to 37th St. (2 min, .6 miles)
    • Merge onto S. John Young Pkwy, then use the right two lanes to take a right onto L B McLeod Rd.
    • Turn left onto Rio Vista Ave.
    • Continue onto 37th St. the Orlando Paradise Grills Showroom (3702 37th St. Orlando, FL 32805) is on your left. (194 feet).

Note: If you’re coming from the west towards our Orlando showroom, our Windermere showroom may actually be closer to you. You can find out more information here, about our different locations.

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