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Paradise Grills: Outdoor Kitchens in Orlando

Grilling is a way of life for many red-blooded Americans. Many of us take pride in grilling the best burger this side of the Mississippi and love spending time with friends and family around the fire pit, enjoying good company. For this reason, Paradise Grills has risen to the challenge of creating quality outdoor kitchens that are not only stylish and affordable, but give you the chance to create your very own piece of Paradise.

Over the years Paradise Grills has been the industry leader for outdoor kitchens and professional-grade built-in grills. As America’s largest manufacturer of outdoor kitchens, our goal is to furnish every home across the United States with one of our unique outdoor kitchens, starting with you.

Even though you may already have an outdoor kitchen in Orlando, you’ve never experienced grilling quite like this. Paradise Grills outdoor kitchens in Orlando are suited to fit every style and every budget.

Not sure if an outdoor kitchen from Paradise Grills is right for you? The only question you need to answer is whether or not you’re ready to own a piece of paradise right in your backyard? If you answered yes, then buckle up, because we are about to take you on your very own, personalized tour towards creating the outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.


Orlando outdoor kitchens showroom

Visit our showroom of outdoor kitchens in Orlando and come take a look at our incredible selection. Paradise Grills’ exclusive Flexbuild Series system allows our customers to create an outdoor kitchen that best suits their design style, patio space, and entertainment needs.

Within our Islands of Paradise, you can use our Flexbuild system to choose between ten grill islands and then add on ten different bar systems to create a fully functional, stylish outdoor kitchen in Orlando, FL.

The Best Outdoor Kitchens in Orlando
Visit our Showrom in Orlando, FL, and experience our Flexbuild system

Why Paradise Grills Is The Best Option to shop For Outdoor Kitchens in Orlando, Florida.

As a premium manufacturer of patio furniture, we provide a variety of outdoor kitchens, barbecue grills, fire pits, and fireplaces to match a wide range of budgets and styles for an outdoor living experience you will love! We believe our products deliver a luxurious entertainment space that your friends and family will rave about

We want to make your outdoor entertaining effortless by providing you with all the resources you need to host a family get together or throw a neighborhood party! With our exclusive plug-n-play LED lighting system, tv/dvd package, wine and liquor cabinet, spacious countertops, Paradise fridge, stainless steel drawers/sink, and our Paradise exclusive tiki hut, we give your outdoor entertaining space aesthetic appeal with full functionality.

Outdoor Kitchens in Orlando,FL | Paradise Grills Logo

Come Visit our Orlando Flagship Showroom

We invite you to visit our beautiful showroom to see the selection of outdoor kitchens in Orlando, FL for yourself. Our experienced and friendly staff can help answer any questions you may have and show you what paradise feels like with our Paradise exclusive outdoor kitchens. With the ability to customize your Orlando outdoor kitchen with our Flexbuild system and choose from several upgrades, we make the process easy and enjoyable for you.

When you come into our Orlando outdoor kitchen showroom, we will help you through the process of selecting the design that works perfectly for you. You don’t have to purchase everything at once, because our products have such a wide range of possible upgrades that can continuously be updated to.

To get started, contact us or stop into our showroom today!

Custom Outdoor Kitchens in Orlando

Build your customizable outdoor kitchen today by stopping into our Orlando showroom, and speaking with our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.

Our friendly and professional showroom team will help you build your customizable outdoor kitchen with whatever requirements you desire. Ask them any questions you have and they will gladly give you advice based on our 12 years of expertise in outdoor grilling.

One of the most exciting aspects of having an outdoor kitchen or grill is being able to have it tailor-made to your own personal preference.

Here at Paradise Grills, we take pride in making the process easy from start to finish. Select the unit that fits best for your backyard space, add any additional upgrades you desire, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Ask about our special financing too. So what are you waiting for? Please stop by our Orlando Paradise Grills showroom and see our outdoor kitchens in Orlando, Florida today!

Paradise Grills Exclusive Flexbuild Series Outdoor Kitchens in Orlando, Florida

Whether you’re new to the grilling game or have been playing for a while, having a grill that can do the job (and do it well) is half the battle. To start with the right foot forward, you’ll need to equip your outdoor kitchen in Orlando with a premium, commercial-grade grill.

Lucky for you, we always have quality grills in stock.

Within our Islands of Paradise, you can use our Flexbuild system to choose between ten grill islands and then add on ten different bar systems to create a fully functional, stylish outdoor kitchen in Orlando.

Paradise Grills Flexbuild also allows you to upgrade your grill to a GSL-32 Professional, HSL-32 Hibachi, or CSL -32 Cocktail station. Let’s take a look at the grilling and bar systems featured in the Islands of Paradise Flexbuild Series:

New 2021 Product Launch

Islands of Paradise Grill Islands

Paradise GX3
Starting out the line of grill islands is the compact GX4, which comes standard with an Avellaero Stone Countertop, stucco bottom, our exclusive GS-32 Premium Grill, and a stainless-steel access door.
Paradise GX4 / GX5

These grill islands are a bit larger so that you have more countertop space.  Or, if you like, you can add a paradise grills premium double side burner. They also come standard with an Avellaero Stone Countertop, stucco bottom, our exclusive GS-32 Premium Grill, and a stainless-steel access door.

Paradise GX6 / GX7 / GX8

These grill islands are even more extensive, giving you more countertop space.  You can also add a paradise grills premium double side burner and one of our Paradise Bar Refrigerators or Wine Refrigerators. They also come standard with an Avellaero Stone Countertop, stucco bottom, our exclusive GS-32 Premium Grill, and a stainless-steel access door.

Paradise GX9 / GX10

Have a lot of room? These grill islands are even larger so that you have more countertop space. Add a paradise grills premium double side burner and one of our Paradise Bar Refrigerators or Wine Refrigerators, and additional stainless-steel appliances. They also come standard with an Avellaero Stone Countertop, stucco bottom, our exclusive GS-32 Premium.

Paradise GX12 / GX14

Entertaining a large crowd? These grill islands are our largest and give you the most countertop space!  You can add a Paradise Grills premium double side burner and both of our Paradise Bar Refrigerators or Wine Refrigerators, plus additional stainless steel appliances, or even a sink (additional set up required). They also come standard with an Avellaero Stone Countertop, stucco bottom, our exclusive GS-32 Premium.


Now that you have a basic idea of the types and sizes of grills that we carry, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision when you choose the grill that offers exactly what you’re looking for. If you have any questions or concerns, our grilling experts are more than happy to point you towards the best professional-grade grill for your outdoor kitchen in Orlando.

Don’t forget that all of the grilling systems and outdoor kitchens we offer can be customized for you, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for ask us!

Paradise Island Bars

Now for the fun part. Selecting the Island bar system of your choice is really where you let your style shine, not to mention you’ll want to choose a system that seats all your friends and family comfortably.  Paradise Grills is proud to carry six unique island systems that our customers can use as the base to design the Orlando outdoor kitchen they’ve always imagined.

Some factors to consider when choosing one of these bar systems are how many people you plan on entertaining in general, your budget, and your style. The bar system you choose sets the tone for the type of outdoor kitchen you want for your Floridaq home.

These systems are the perfect way to create an inviting space for you and your guests to relax in, alongside an enjoyable entertaining space where your guests can let their hair down. The following bar systems will make you feel like you just booked a one-way ticket to a tropical destination:

Paradise Grills Frisco Showroom Hand Carved Tiki Poles
Aruba (6/8)

Bring Aruba right to your backyard with this luxury island bar designed with a professional grill, commercial appliances, LED lighting, stereo options, and plenty of seating to entertain! Build it your way with the Paradise Your Way configurator.

St. Croix (8/9)

The St. Croix is a sleek arched island bar design, boasts plenty of entertainment space and comes fully equipped with professional grilling and entertainment options. Flexbuild by combining this spacious island bar with a Grill Island of your choosing. Bring the St Croix island lifestyle to your home, all built with Paradise Your Way!

St. Thomas (7/9)

The St Thomas’s innovative design seats ten of your good friends and family. Design the St. Thomas island bar your way with professional appliances, cool entertainment options, and more. Flexbuild by combining this spacious island bar with a Grill Island of your choosing. Bring the St Croix island lifestyle to your home, all built with Paradise Your Way!

Maui (10/12/14)

Create the ultimate luau steps outside your door with the Paradise Grills Maui. This ultimate island bar features LED lighting, a marine grade stereo system, powerful grilling options, and expandable seating capacity. The unique “U” shaped island bar is designed for the ultimate Flexbuild experience, offering limitless options all built with Paradise Your Way!

Fire Island and Patio

The Paradise Grills fire features are designed with 304 commercial stainless steel, LED color changing lights, and up-lit fire glass; all controlled by the Paradise Grills Happy Hour smart app. Relax around this impressive centerpiece with the all new Paradise patio seating. This premium patio furniture series is constructed with the finest quality in structure, high end sunbrella fabric, adjustable sofa backrest, and designed to your liking with Flexbuild. Evening wine has never been more relaxing at Fire Island and patio, all built with Paradise Your Way!

Shades of Paradise Premium Island Outdoor Kitchen Models

Paradise Grills Tahiti Outdoor Kitchens in Frisco and Dallax TX

The Paradise Grills Flagship Tahiti will bring the island life to your back yard.  The exclusive patent pending tiki hut is designed to quickly assemble and disassemble at your leisure. The hand-carved tiki poles are reinforced with galvanized steel hidden tubing offering the ultimate strength and stability.  This beautiful island bar is finished with a commercial stainless footrest bar rail, motorized tv lift, stereo and speaker system, smart app LED lighting, and the Paradise Professional grilling options of your choice. You don’t need to buy tickets, you don’t have to wait anymore, the Paradise Grills Tahiti is right outside your door! Create to your liking with Paradise Your Way!


Experience the ultimate in backyard entertainment with the Paradise Grills Abaco; largest and most inclusive tiki bar in the Islands of Paradise collection. Entertain up to twenty-two of your friends and family with the 16 x 18 oversized Abaco tiki hut, dual motorized smart tv system, marine grade stereo system, and all of the professional appliances; including the hibachi griddle, cocktail station, refrigerator, wine cooler, and much more all designed with Paradise Your Way!


The Paradise Grills Monaco is another “Shades of Paradise” design, featuring a sleek pergola that provides the ultimate shade. This masterpiece is designed to accommodate all of the professional appliances in the Paradise lineup, offer maximum seating, and provide all of the entertainment options including smart app LED lighting, a motorized 70-inch tv, a marine stereo system, and much more. The Monaco is the ultimate modern bar in outdoor living entertainment, all built with Paradise Your Way!

Why Choose Paradise Grills?

You may be asking yourself, “Why can’t I just buy a regular grill from a big-box store and call it a day”? Well, you can, but you will undoubtedly find yourself with a lower quality grill that will end up breaking within the next few years.

So instead of shelling out money for a second-rate grill, invest in an outdoor kitchen in Orlando, Florida  that you will be proud of. Plus, when you buy from Paradise Grills, choose our special financing option. We make it easy for you to have the best!

We pride ourselves on being the friendliest and most knowledgeable in the business. Allow us to create a tailor-made example of what we can build in your backyard. We will create a solution that fits your budget, style, and needs. Feel free to ask us about our financing options too. We can’t wait to hear from you. Stop by our showroon to find the best new outdoor kitchens in Orlando, FL today.

Let’s take a look at why you are making one of the best decisions when you purchase an outdoor kitchen from Paradise Grills.

  1. Paradise Grills’ Welded Aluminum Frames

    Our welded aluminum frames are much stronger than the basic screwed frames and come with an exclusive industry Lifetime Structural Warranty on the structure of your grill.

  2. Paradise Grills’ Flexbuild Series

    Paradise Grills Flexbuild series allows our customers to create an outdoor kitchen uniquely their own. This system grants you the ability to meet the seating and size requirements, along with the desired upgrades that will suit you and your family.

  3. Paradise Grills’ GSL-32 Professional Grill

    With the introduction of the GSL-32 Professional Grill, the grilling game has been taken to an entirely new level. This grill features a 304 commercial grade stainless steel construction and LED lighting. Optional upgrades include the exclusive wood chip smoker box, griddle insert, rotisserie, and infrared sear station.

  4. Plug N Play Electrical System

    Other outdoor companies will cut costs by putting INDOOR rated electrical systems. Indoor systems are not rated for outdoor use. Paradise Grills, exclusive Plug N Play System IS rated for outdoor use, so you’ll never have to worry about a shortage or, worse, electrocution. Just plug it in and go!

  5. Happy Hour App

    Controlled Color Changing LED Lights Create a relaxing atmosphere or a party paradise by adding a whole new dimension to your outdoor kitchens in Orlando, Florida. Color Changing LED lights which are controlled by our proprietary Happy Hour app. This app can be found in the apple or google play stores.

  6. Paradise Grills’ Oversize 304 Stainless-Steel Footrest

    A built-in oversized footrest that offers improved ergonomics isn’t your typical outdoor kitchen accessory, but it should be! Unlike the other guys, we understand that comfort is vital. That is why you’ll never see us cutting costs when it comes to comfort!

  7. Paradise Grills’ Tiki Hut

    Add a touch of Paradise to any of our outdoor kitchens with this durable aluminum frame Tiki Hut that is 5X stronger than a wood-framed model and a breeze to put up and take down.

  8. Paradise Grills is America’s LARGEST Outdoor Kitchen Manufacturer

    At Paradise, we believe experience matters when creating exceptional outdoor kitchens, and we have experience. As America’s largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are buying the industry’s strongest built outdoor kitchen when you buy from Paradise.

The next time you’re in  the area be sure to check out our extensive selection of barbecue grills, patio furniture, fire pits, and more. Our staff can help you find the right outdoor kitchen in Orlando to suit your style, budget, and needs.

Let us help you start living the good life, the Paradise way!

Customers Review from our Orlando Showroom

Kristin Sharpe
Read More
Mark was a phenomenal help. My husband and I stopped in to look at grills and walked out with an AMAZING grill and patio set. Mark was not pushy in trying to get us to make a purchase. He was very professional and helped us with our purchase. I will definitely refer my friends and family to Paradise Grills. I am so excited and can hardly wait to grill and serve our friends and family with our new grill/patio/ bar set!!!!!
Debi Rager
Read More
We first visited Paradise Grills last weekend, and we were so impressed with the selection and also Blake's knowledge of the grills and the construction of the bar areas. We liked four different setups, and eventually settled on one, which, we discovered, wouldn't fit in the space we had! So, back to the drawing board. Blake was great and kept in touch, but did not pressure us to make a decision. My husband returned to Paradise Grills earlier this week, and with Blake's help (and patience) we selected a grill/bar setup that will be perfect for our patio. We can't wait for it to arrive, and we'll be sure to send pictures!
Cindy Burrell
Read More
What a fantastic experience! We have been looking for an outdoor kitchen for months and finally found it! Outstanding service, amazing prices, and what a selection to choose from. I cannot wait for it to be delivered! Thanks Blake!

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Do You Have Questions?
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America’s largest outdoor kitchen
manufacturer we provide the highest
quality in outdoor kitchens and
entertainment today we’re going to take
a look at our GSL 32 professional grill
our newly redesigned GSL 32 professional
grill is the embodiment of luxury and
strength the GSL 32 is a commercial
great grill that is crafted from 304
stainless steel it weighs 140 pounds and
is finished with a sleek polished edge
many other grills on the market are made
of low-grade stainless steel and in turn
are vulnerable to staining and
discoloration after just a short period
of time take good care of your GSL 32
professional grill and the 304 stainless
steel heavy duty construction will not
only outlast the competition it will
remain looking pristine the GSL 32
Professional grow is a leader in both
performance and aesthetics let’s take a
look under the hood and first look at
its cooking power and performance
features the GSL 32 Professional
consists of four heavy-duty cast
stainless steel burners each burner
produces an output of 15,000 BTUs giving
you 60,000 BTUs in total the close
proximity of these heavy-duty burners
ensure maximum heat coverage versus
traditional H and u-shaped burners above
the cast stainless steel burners rest
are strategically placed ceramic
briquette system each 304 stainless
steel trade consists of 16 individual
ceramic briquettes spaced evenly over
the burners traditional grills only
provide heat shields or tamers designed
to simply cover each burner and trap the
heat in isolated areas
unfortunately that technique results in
hot and cold spots throughout the
grilling surface as well as causing
flare-up from the heat shield surface
the Paradise grills briquette system is
designed for evenly spaced ceramic
briquettes to retain heat and create
consistently even cooking surface this
in turn means that your food is cooked
evenly throughout without risk of hot
and cold spots burning and flare-up the
ceramic briquettes also collect the
recycled juices from your meat which
adds to the overall flavor for cleaning
simply turn over the briquette racks in
the direct heat from
burners will take care of the rest
resting above the burner and briquette
systems lies our pride and joy the
Paradise grills exclusive heavy-duty hex
grates this sleek design consists of 217
pounds solid 304 stainless steel
hexagonal grates with extra-large one
half inch diameter hexagonal
stainless-steel rods to provide more
heat retention than most grills on the
market the flat surface of the hexagonal
rods provides more food to surface
contact the solid stainless steel
construction makes them durable and easy
to clean
once you feel these grates in your own
hands you know that you’re cooking on
the best there’s a removable warming
rack that rests inside the interior this
option allows you to move some of your
finished meats and vegetables to the
elevated rack to ensure that your food
remains warm remove the rack entirely to
make space for larger items in addition
to the four heavy-duty surface burners
the GSL 32 Professional also provides an
infrared back burner the back burner
boasts 15,000 BTUs giving the GSL a
total of 75 thousand BTUs the infrared
back burner is located in proximity to
the onboard stainless-steel geared
rotisserie grilling enthusiasts boast
about the infrared technology engineered
to cook more food in a shorter amount of
all while preventing flare-ups infrared
cooking is also energy efficient using
less fuel to use simply remove the
warming rack install the rotisserie rod
and you’re ready to go the GSL 32
professionals rotisserie system can
handle up to 25 pounds of meat including
chicken and even a whole turkey for that
special time of year below the face of
the grill you’ll find a classic drip
tray that will collect all the drippings
and small bits of food and grease simply
pull the tray out empty it and wipe
clean the GSL 32 professional gross
cooking power is impressive but so is
its design here’s a look at its design
in some of its additional features the
paradise GSL 32 Professional is a marvel
of modern grilling it’s constructed of
16-gauge 304 stainless steel and has a
large dual insulated hood
the luxurious design features polished
edges with a full-width stainless steel
handle on the interior of the grill
you’ll find two oversized halogen lights
that make sure you can see what you’re
cooking the interior lights are
connected to the dual stainless steel
LED light switches on the face of the
grill these switches also activate the
bright blue LED front panel lighting the
GSL 32 lights will help you see what
you’re cooking and give you a stellar
ambiance for your outdoor cooking area
inside the dual layered hood you’ll find
the three-in-one smart temperature gauge
this is connected to a visual gauge
located on the top of the hood in a
sleek black design the gauge has three
descriptive sections to help you
determine your cooking temperature you
can see the actual temperature 0 to 800
degrees a color zone will help you
determine your heat level and lastly a
smoke grill or sear guide to help you
accomplish your cooking goals when you
turn on your paradise grills GSL 32
Professional you will turn on the 304
stainless steel duro knob with Flex
flame individual igniter system you’ll
feel the power and strength of the
polished steel knobs and the control of
turning on each burner the GSL 32 gives
you what you want and what you need it
is the pinnacle of design and
performance even with all that power it
still has some exclusive upgrades that
can easily be added let me show you a
few more things that your GSL 32
Professional can do the GSL 32 has three
optional add-ons that you can use to
transform it into an even more powerful
grilling system try the paradise grills
exclusive charcoal wood smoker box this
is a food smoking system that takes the
guess work out of smoking it has a
temperature range of 160 to 350 degrees
Fahrenheit the smoker box can
accommodate wood chips or charcoal to
give your meat that naturally smoky
simply remove the grill grate and
briquette rack and then place the fitted
smoker box directly into the grill on
top of the cast stainless steel burner
add flavored woodchips for indirect
smoking of your favorite fish chicken or
pork fill with charcoal to have that
traditional taste of the tailgate
experience take your grilling station to
the next level with a paradise grills
exclusive infrared sear station similar
to the infrared back burner this sear
station technology was designed to cook
hot and fast searing heat provided by
the burner will allow you to achieve a
perfect sear on steaks and chops simply
remove a grill grate briquette rack and
burner and then place a searing station
directly in place of the burner grilling
enthusiasts also love this powerful yet
energy-efficient infrared station to
provide that five-star restaurant
quality sear convert your commercial
great grill into a commercial griddle
with our exclusive heavy duty
professional-grade fitted griddle plate
insert measuring 14 inches in width by
18 inches in depth this fitted griddle
insert provides 252 square inches of
cooking surface it’s equipped with
built-in handles on each side to grip
for more natural placement and removal
and also includes an integrated grease
trough promoting a clean cooking surface
constructed with premium 304 solid
stainless steel the paradise grills
exclusive griddle plate insert
distributes heat evenly and is easy to
clean enjoy breakfast on the grill with
eggs bacon sausage hash browns pancakes
and more like steak and eggs while
cooking on the griddle on one side of
the grill use the other half for the
open flame direct grilling breakfast
outside has never been more fun Wow
all those impressive features in just
one professional grill from paradise
grills stop by one of our many showrooms
or visit us online at Paradise grills
calm thanks for watching until next time
live the good life grill in paradise