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Paradise Grills Town Center at Boca Raton: Outdoor Kitchens, BBQ Grills & Patio Furniture

Town Center at Boca Raton, FL

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    Boca Raton, Florida, 33431, United States

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Boca Raton's Premier Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ Grill Company!

Known for its beautiful weather, cultural influence, and upscale living, Boca Raton is the perfect place to enjoy an outdoor kitchen with BBQ grill. An outdoor kitchen at your Boca Raton home has many benfits and enables you to enjoy the great outdoors by having a piece of paradise right in your own backyard.

What’s better than enjoying fresh grilled meat or fish and vegetables surrounded by family and friends on a beautiful day or evening – especially with the extended barbecue season in Florida. At Paradise Grills, we have something for everyone, with custom outdoor kitchens, top of the line stainless steal appliances, and professional grills and appliances perfect for everyone – from a newbie to a seasoned grill master!

Our mission is to bring the best customer service and the highest quality products to each and every customer. This vision includes providing that same quality and customer satisfaction we’re known for at our latest showroom of outdoor kitchens in Town Center at Boca Raton.

Unparalleled Outdoor Kitchens Expertise

Our top priority is to help you design the backyard paradise of your dreams. With an expansive selection of incredible outdoor kitchens, BBQ grills, tiki huts and pergolas, patio furniture, fire pits and more at our showroom store in Town Center at Boca Raton, we can ensure a totally customized and personalized experience to help you meet your outdoor living goals. Our large selection also allows you to find the right type of grill, bar system, and any appliances or accessories that fit your space, styles and needs! Our innovative designs are perfectly suited to fit your entertaining style and budget.

We can help you change the way you entertain by choosing the perfect custom outdoor kitchen with grill island and island bar.  From casual family dinners to unforgettable parties, we have something for everyone!

Custom Outdoor Kitchens in Boca Raton, FL

Discover your dream outdoor kitchen in Boca Raton with Paradise Grills. Our priority is crafting the perfect outdoor paradise tailored to your desires. With an extensive inventory available at our outdoor kitchen and grill store, we offer a personalized experience to bring your vision to life.

Choose from our diverse selection of grills, bar island, tiki huts and pergolas, appliances and accessories to create your ideal outdoor space. Let us revolutionize your entertaining experience with our custom outdoor kitchen grill islands and island bars. Whether it’s a laid-back gathering or a lavish party, we have the solution for every occasion!

Build your Outdoor Kitchen Today

Paradise Grills Modern Outdoor Kitchens in Town Center at Boca Raton

Paradise Grills has decades of expertise in creating modern outdoor kitchens and barbecue grills. Our knowledgable team of experts will guide you through the process – from the design to installation. If you desire to upgrade your current grill island, we have the perfect options and accessories that can be installed in any sized backyard space. Our team is here to help you find exactly what you want and need to fit your style, space and budget. We can help bring your unique outdoor kitchen ideas to life!

Creating your dream outdoor kitchen with BBQ grill is a big deal – this is a lifestyle change that will enhance your home and day-to-day living. Our team is here to make that process as smooth as possible. Taking your needs into consideration, we also offer special financing options. Just stop by our Paradise Grills showroom in Town Center at Boca Raton to start living your luxurious backyard dream!

Dream big because Paradise Grills innovative systems allow our customers to build an outdoor kitchen that best suits their style, design requirements, entertainment needs, and also their budgets.

The logo of Paradise Grills with a flame icon and the Flexibuild logo with dynamic x letter

Introducing the World’s first Hybrid X 10-in-1 grill. This versatile innovation allows you to effortlessly transition to 10 different grilling experiences. With options including a pizza oven conversion, fryer/steamer conversion, griddle/hibachi conversion, smoker conversion, rotisserie, IR sear and more, your BBQ grill becomes the ultimate cooking machine. Be sure to check out all of Paradise Grills latest innovations, including our conversions, in Town Center at Boca Raton.

Paradise Grill Islands

GX Series Grill Islands: Paradise Grills offers a range of grill islands that balance both functionality and style. Options range in size, shape, and style with customization opportunities to best meet your needs and wants. Models come standard with our Premium or Professional Grill, stainless-steel access door, stucco bottom, and an Avellaero Stone Countertop. Depending on the model and size, you can further customize your grill island with appliances and accessories including wine and/or bar refrigerators, cocktail station, professional ice maker, power burner or premium double side burners, additional stainless-steel storage doors and drawers, and more, in order to create the perfect outdoor kitchen.

Paradise GX3

Starting out the line of grill islands is the compact GX3, which comes standard with our exclusive GS-32 Premium Grill, a stainless-steel access door, an Avellaero Stone Countertop, and stucco bottom.

Paradise GX4 / GX5

If you want a compact model but need a bit more counter space or want to add a premium double-side burner, these grill islands may right for you. They also come standard with our exclusive GS-32 Premium Grill, and a stainless-steel access door, an Avellaero Stone Countertop, and stucco bottom.

Paradise GX6 / GX8

These grill islands offer a step up in size and provide more extensiv countertop space and room for additional features.  They also come standard with our exclusive GS-32 Premium Grill or GSL-32 Professional Grill, a stainless-steel access door, an Avellaero Stone Countertop, and stucco bottom. You can also add a premium double side burner and one of our Paradise Bar Refrigerators or Wine Refrigerators.

Paradise GX9 / GX10

If you have a larger space to fill, these grill islands offer abundant countertop space and room for even more features. They come standard with our GSL-32 Professional Grill, a stainless-steel access door, an Avellaero Stone Countertop, and stucco bottom. Add a Paradise Grills premium double side burner and one of our Paradise Bar Refrigerators or Wine Refrigerators, along with other additional stainless-steel appliances to meet your needs. You can even add a hibachi griddle station or cocktail station to these luxurious models.

Paradise GX12 / GX14

Entertaining a large crowd? These grill islands are our largest and give you expansive countertop space!  They come standard with a GSL-32 Professional Grill, stainless steel access door, an Avellaero Stone Countertop, and stucco bottom. You can also add a Paradise Grills premium double side burner and both of our Paradise Bar Refrigerators or Wine Refrigerators, plus additional stainless steel appliances such as a cocktail station, or even a sink (additional set up required).

Now you have an idea of where to start and how easy it is to choose between the types and sizes of grills we carry (especially with the help of our team of experts). Our outdoor kitchen and grilling experts in Boca Raton are more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns along the way.

All of our grilling systems and outdoor kitchens can be customized specifically for you. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please ask us! Browse with confidence at our large selection of grill islands, island bars, and shades of paradise options!

Selection of Outdoor Island Bars in Boca Raton

At Paradise Grills, we are proud to offer a range of island bar models to establish the ambiance for your outdoor entertainment. Each island bar is inspired by a tropical destination and comes with unique features and seating options. They pair beautifully with our grill islands, enabling you to craft an inviting setting for your guests while creating your own backyard paradise.

There are some important factors to consider when choosing one of our exclusive bar islands – including how many people you will be entertaining, your budget, what appliances and accessories to you want and need, and your dream design? These are all factors to consider when selecting your ideal outdoor kitchen for your Boca Raton Florida homestead.

These outdoor systems are a perfect way of creating an inviting, comfortable entertainment space for you and your guests. Start planning now for your own backyard paradise.

Aruba (6/8)

Bring Aruba right to your backyard with this stunning island bar designed with a premium grill, professional appliances, LED lighting, marine stereo, and comfortable bar stool seating! Build it your way with the Paradise Your Way configurator.

St. Croix (8/9)

The St. Croix is a sleek arched island bar design that offers plenty of entertainment space and comes fully equipped with professional grilling and entertainment options to best meet your space, styles, and needs. Bring the St Croix island lifestyle to your home, all built with Paradise Your Way!

St. Thomas (7/9)

The innovative St. Thomas design comfortably seats ten, perfect for entertaining friends and family. Personalize the St. Thomas island bar your way with professional appliances, entertainment options, and more. Pair it with the grill island of your choice and infuse your backyard with island vibes of St. Thomas, all built with Paradise Your Way!

Maui (10/12/14)

Luau anyone? Create the ultimate hawaiian getaway just outside your door with the Paradise Grills Maui. This ultimate island bar features LED lighting, a marine grade stereo system, powerful grilling options, and expandable seating capacity. This island bar boasts a unique “U” shape designed for the ultimate entertainment experience – and featuring tons of exciting features, all built with Paradise Your Way!

Fire Pits and Patio Furniture

The Paradise Grills fire features are designed with 304 commercial stainless steel, LED color changing lights, and up-lit fire glass. Relax around this impressive centerpiece with the all new Paradise patio furniture. This premium patio furniture series is constructed with the finest quality in structure and high-end sunbrella fabric. It features an adjustable sofa backrest and is designed to your liking with Flexbuild. There’s no better way to end your day than relaxing on your patio furniture in front a warm fire pit.

Shades of Paradise Premium Island Outdoor Kitchen Models


The Paradise Grills Tahiti model outdoor kitchen will bring the island life to your backyard with your very own tiki bar.  Our exclusive and award-winning tiki hut is designed to quickly assemble and disassemble at your leisure. The tiki poles are hand-carved and reinforced with galvanized steel hidden tubing offering the ultimate in quality, strength and stability.  This beautiful island bar includes a motorized TV lift, marine stereo with speaker system, smart app LED lighting, commercial-grade stainless footrest bar rail, and the Paradise Professional grill and appliances of your choice. With ample seating, you and your guests will be relaxing in island style.


Experience the ultimate in backyard entertainment with the Paradise Grills Abaco model outdoor kitchen. This is our largest and most inclusive tiki bar in the Shades of Paradise collection. Entertain in style and comfort with seating for up to twenty-two of your friends and family, dual motorized smart TV system, marine grade stereo and speaker system, and all of the professional appliances you desire, including a professional grill, hibachi griddle, cocktail station, refrigerator, wine cooler, and much more, all designed with Paradise Your Way!


The Paradise Grills Monaco model outdoor kitchen is another stand-out in our “Shades of Paradise” collection. Featuring a sleek and modern pergola that provides the ultimate in weather protection AND style. This masterpiece is designed to accommodate all of the professional appliances and accessories in the Paradise line-up, as well as professional entertainment options including a motorized 70-inch TV with lift, a marine stereo system, smart app LED lighting, and much more; it also offers plenty of seating to keep your guests comfortable and happy. The Monaco is the ultimate modern bar in outdoor living entertainment, all built with Paradise Your Way!

Why Choose Paradise Grills?

Paradise Grills offers top-of-the-line outdoor kitchens, BBQ grills, patio furniture, fire pits, and more – all designed to enhance your home and your lifestyle. When you choose a Paradise Grills outdoor kitchen, you can take confidence in knowing that you’re able to enjoy it quickly – and for many years to come!

As the world’s largest manufacturer of luxury outdoor kitchen grill islands and island bars, we are confident that we offer the most stylish, innovative, and durable grills, accessories, and outdoor kitchens in Boca Raton. We are ready to help you create the outdoor kitchen or BBQ grill of your dreams.

Let’s look at why you are making the best decisions when you purchase an outdoor kitchen from Paradise Grills.

  1. Paradise Grills’ Welded Aluminum Frames

    Our welded aluminum frames are much stronger than the basic screwed frames and come with an exclusive industry Lifetime Structural Warranty.

  2. Paradise Your Way

    Paradise Grills allows our customers to create an outdoor kitchen uniquely their own. This system grants you the ability to meet the seating and size requirements, along with the desired style and upgrades that will suit you and your family.

  3. Paradise Grills’ Professional Grills & Appliances

    With our professional grills, the grilling game has been taken to an entirely new level. Our grills and appliances feature a 304 commercial grade stainless steel construction and LED lighting. Optional upgrades are available to ensure your outdoor kitchen is truly personalized to your liking.

  4. Plug N Play Electrical System

    Paradise Grills exclusive Plug N Play System is rated for outdoor use, so you’ll never have to worry about a shortage, or worse, electrocution. Just plug it in and go!

  5. Entertainment Options

    Our outdoor kitchens are made for entertaining. With options for a marine stereo and several of our models featuring motarized TV lifts, you can set whatever vibe you like – from relaxed to party in paradise! Controlled Color Changing LED Lights add ambiance by adding a whole new dimension to your outdoor kitchens in Boca Raton, Florida.

  6. Paradise Grills’ Oversize 304 Stainless-Steel Footrest

    A built-in oversized footrest that offers improved ergonomics isn’t your typical outdoor kitchen accessory, but it should be! Unlike the other guys, we understand that comfort is vital. That is why you’ll never see us cutting costs when it comes to comfort!

  7. Paradise Grills’ Tiki Hut

    Add a touch of Paradise to any of our outdoor kitchens with this durable aluminum frame Tiki Hut that is 5X stronger than a wood-framed model and a breeze to put up and take down.

  8. Paradise Grills is the world’s LARGEST Outdoor Kitchen Manufacturer

    Paradise Grills is the world’s LARGEST Outdoor Kitchen Manufacturer!  We believe that hands-on experience matters when creating exceptional outdoor kitchens. With our team’s expertise, we know you will have peace of mind buying the industry’s most robust and well-built outdoor kitchen when you buy an outdoor kitchen from Paradise Grills.

The next time you’re in the area be sure to check out our extensive selection of barbecue grills, patio furniture, fire pits, and more. Our staff can help you find the right outdoor kitchen in Town Center at Boca Raton to suit your style, budget, and needs.

Let us help you create a permanent staycation right in your own backyard!

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