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Outdoor Kitchens in Pembroke Pines, Florida

Over the years, Paradise Grills has proven time and time again that we deliver quality outdoor kitchens that enable our customers to customize them their way. Our commercial grade stainless steel grills, grilling accessories, fire pits, places, and more have finally come to an outdoor kitchen showroom near you: Pembroke Pines! Paradise Grills of Pembroke Pines, FL, is a factory-direct showroom specializing in outdoor kitchens, grills, fireplaces, fire pits, and more. What this means for you as the customer is that when you purchase from Paradise, you are buying directly from the manufacturer, giving you the absolute best price and quality of service. A few of the key features that set our outdoor kitchens apart from our competitors are our remote-controlled LED color-changing lighting systems, a simple-to-use, plug-n-play system, our welded Tiki Hut and, of course, our exclusive Flexbuild System. Paradise Grills’ Flexbuild system allows you to create a truly customized outdoor kitchen. Simply combine the Flexbuild bar system of your choice with any of our Flexbuild grill systems and voilà! You’re ready to entertain the Paradise way.

If you’ve been considering adding an outdoor kitchen to your Pembroke Pines home or are even just looking to add a fire feature to your backyard, come see our extensive selection of outdoor kitchens and accessories today. In the meantime, please take a look at the different types of Flexbuild systems we offer as well as extra accessories for your outdoor kitchen and grill.

Our grilling systems come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to compliment your home and style perfectly–while remaining well within your budget. Choose between the following grilling systems to get started creating your own piece of paradise.

Build your customizable outdoor kitchen today by stopping into our Pembroke Pine, FL showroom, and speaking with our friendly and knowledgeable staff members. We are ready to answer any questions you may have and can help you in selecting the perfect outdoor kitchen for your outdoor living space. There’s nothing better than building your backyard oasis with industry experts. Here at Paradise Grills we take pride in making the process easy from start to finish. Select the unit that fits best for your backyard space, add any additional upgrades you desire, and we’ll take care of the rest. Let us show you how we can transform your backyard into your very own paradise. We have an outdoor kitchen for every style and budget. So what are you waiting for? Stop by our Pembroke Pine, FL Paradise Grills showroom today!

Paradise Flexbuild Grilling Systems

Paradise GX4: Our Paradise GX4 is the base model for all of our Pembroke Pines outdoor grilling systems. This compact grill is optimal for a small backyard or patio. If you plan on hosting a casual get-together, this grilling system that comes standard with our Paradise GS-32 Grill, a stucco bottom and slate finish tile, is for you.
Paradise GX6: If you’re looking for a little extra counter space and room for additional upgrades such as stainless steel sink (perfect for prepping and washing utensils), you’ll want to consider the GX6 grilling system. This grill comes with all the same features as the base GX4 base model.
Paradise GX8: Need to be able to keep your beer and other beverages cold while you grill up dinner. The Paradise GX8 is the perfect example of a functional style. Great for medium-sized patio areas and any size yard!
Paradise GX9: Second to our most extensive grilling system, the Paradise GX9 is a full nine feet in length, which gives you optimal counter space for entertaining and additional entertainment features and upgrades. This system is large enough to house the TV and entertainment package offered by our Pembroke Pines outdoor kitchen showroom.
Paradise GX10: The Paradise GX10 is our largest grilling system to date. This grilling system is designed for the pitmaster who loves to throw a party! Even more substantial than the nine-foot Paradise GX9, this grilling system is still classified as portable and easy to move so you can put it anywhere you want in your backyard!

When you visit one of our showrooms in the United States, you will be able to select the grilling system that makes the most sense for your style and budget. Let’s take a look at which of our bar systems you can equip your grilling system with to create a truly customizable outdoor kitchen in Pembroke Pines.

Outdoor Kitchen Bar Systems in Pembroke Pines

In addition to the five grilling systems mentioned above, we also offer six different bar systems. Along with our grilling systems, these bar systems come in a wide range of styles, prices and are equipped to equip virtually every accessory you can imagine. So whether you’re into throwing elegant soiree’s or enjoy sitting around your Pembroke Pines fire pit, there is bound to be something for you.

Outdoor Kitchens in Pembroke Pines | Barbecue Grill Island

Aruba – We’ll save the Beach Boys song for another time and instead tell you about one of our customers’ favorite bar systems in the Flexbuild series: The Aruba. This modest size bar system features the same GS-32, along with comfortable seating for up to five people and electrical outlets for all your entertaining and electronic needs! It’s smaller size makes it the perfect addition to a small patio or backyard and can be moved as needed.

Fiji – Similar to the Aruba bar system, the Fiji bar is an all-in-one outdoor kitchen. Featuring a raised bar that can comfortably seat up to six guests, this outdoor kitchen also has a built-in-footrest for your guest to kick back and relax. Don’t stop there though, personalize this outdoor kitchen by adding remote controlled LED lighting to set the mood and a fridge and a smoker– you’ve never experienced luxury like this!

St. Croix – This deluxe bar system showcases a beautifully curved bar with a built-in footrest, designed to seat up to six guests. One of the reasons the St. Croix falls on the top of almost everyone’s list because it’s size and shape mean that you can virtually choose to add all upgrades to this bar system if you want to and why not? With our financing program, customers can purchase their very own outdoor kitchen in Pembroke Pines with no interest and no payments for one whole year!

St. Thomas – If your get-togethers tend to be on the large size, the St. Thomas may be just the bar system for you. Designed to seat up to eight people comfortably, this unique and affordable bar system will become your getaway destination.

Maui – Similar to the St. Croix, the Maui bar system can fit up to six guests and has a built-in-footrest. However, Maui features a straight front edge bar, as opposed to the curved seating area of the St. Croix. This provides a more sleek, modern feel to the bar system.

Tahiti – If you’ve ever seen a picture of a Paradise Grills outdoor kitchen, chances are it was the Tahiti Bar. The Tahiti is our flagship outdoor kitchen. This outdoor grilling epicenter is designed to take your entertainment straight to the top! Equipped with our Paradise GS-32 Premier Grill, loads of counter space, seating for five guests, LED lighting, an extended footrest, and of course, a welded Tiki Hut, this is the outdoor kitchen for serious entertainers. Come see all the Tahiti outdoor kitchen has to offer at our showroom in Pembroke Pines, FL.

Pembroke Pines Fire Pits & Places

If you’re looking to compliment your new outdoor kitchen in Pembroke Pines, then a fire pit or fireplace might be just the ticket. Fire pits have brought people together for millennia, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add a few upgrades to this traditional past-time. Our fire pits and places include:

Paradise Fire Pit: This rectangular fire pit features a 12″ x12″ tile/slate surface top with a diamond accent, a stucco base, and gas burning lava rocks. This fire pit also accommodates a granite surface top with your choice of colors and LED lighting upgrades providing a relaxing ambiance for your guests.

Paradise Fire Pit XL: Just like our base model, this fire pit includes all of the same luxurious features and upgrades with an even wider space for lava rocks. Perfect for large family reunions or parties.

Paradise Fireplace: Now we know when you think outside, the last thing you think of is a fireplace. But our fireplaces in Pembroke Pines add elegance to any outdoor living area without much else needed. This fireplace includes a 12″ x12″ tile slate surface top with a diamond accent along with gas or wood-burning options. Additional upgrades are available.

Paradise Fireplace XL: What’s better than an outdoor fireplace? A bigger outdoor fireplace. Offering all of the same features and upgrades as the base fireplace, this outdoor fireplace makes a statement and is a beautiful addition to any home.

Ready to see for yourself? We will help you design your very own backyard oasis from start to finish. All you have to do is select the unit that will best fit your style and budget as well as any additional upgrades you want to add, and we take care of the rest. If you’re ready to experience Paradise, or would just like to see these outdoor kitchens in person, come see us at our showroom in Pembroke Pines. Our staff will be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. Come see us today!

It’s not easy making your backyard a paradise but that’s why we exist. We pride ourself in exceptional customer service and world class products built right here in the USA. Check out some of our satisfied customer testimonials. We have earned wonderful praises from our customers, and we hope we can earn yours soon!

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