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Summer Time is Grill Time!

Oh boy! It’s that time of year again! That time of year when parks, beaches, and backyards are packed and buzzing with the chatter of people, good vibes, playful children, and joyous conversation around the grill, pool, and oceanside! Ah yes, good ol’ summertime! Summer is undoubtedly the best time for a good time! When you can get together with family and friends to celebrate life and have fun in the sun! It’s easy to get caught up in the humdrum of working, paying bills, running errands, or rushing back and forth between soccer practices and music recitals. Summer is a time of relaxation, spending quality time with family and catching up with near and dear friends. Summertime is packed with holidays such as Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day! All of which tend to bring everybody together to hang out, remember and appreciate all that we have and the lives we share with one another. When you bring food, family, and friends all together in one place it’s always a time to remember! This summer, continue to create long-lasting, unforgettable memories with some of our Paradise Exclusive Accessories that are guaranteed to delight and ignite your summer festivities!

5 Ingredient Grilled Chicken Skewers

There are sizzling, intoxicating aromas of deliciousness on the grill, a cold refreshing drink in your hand, sun rays are bathing you with a golden tan and your ears are filled with good tunes and friendly chit chat as you play Grill Master in your Paradise Outdoor Kitchen! Who doesn’t enjoy a big ol’ thick and juicy steak or burger in the summertime? With our GS Premium or GSL Professional Side Burners, you will have the capacity to cook up everybody’s favorite dishes, from brats to bacon to steamed vegetables, you name it! You will have so much additional cooking space that you’ll be chasing down steaks and rounding up excuses to throw ’em on the grill! With your ParadiseExclusive Side Burners, there will be no more running out of grilling space and having to watch others devour mouth-watering grub as you longingly wait for the next round of burgers!

If that sounds like a dream come true just wait until you toss a meaty Rib-Eye or New York Strip onto your Paradise Infrared Sear Station! Pamper and caramelize your steaks, giving them a dynamic boost of contrast, in texture and taste, with a well-browned crust and delectable interior! But why stop there? Award that steak with even more character by firing up your Paradise Exclusive Woodchip & Charcoal Smoker Box! Whether you desire smoky mesquite, apple, hickory, or maple flavor boost, your Woodchip & Charcoal Smoker Box will surely deliver a whole new enticing fragrance to the backyard and add some zest to your meals! For those guests who may be a semi-vegetarian, on a diet, or simply prefer a slice of leaner meat, try out your new Rotisserie for some tangy pineapple BBQ chicken, savory lemon pepper salmon or some succulent honey garlic turkey legs! Your Paradise Outdoor Kitchen and Accessories are undeniably the life of the party!

stainless steel grill

So round up the gang and go all out! Celebrate life and longevity this summer with your family and friends all huddled around your Paradise Outdoor Kitchen! Don’t forget, Labor Day is coming up in September, and with it brings an opportune moment to fire up your All-American, commercial-grade, stainless steel Grill and dish out the goods! Please give us a call, here at Paradise Grills Direct, by dialing (800) 691-7155 if you have any questions about your new Grill Accessories. And always remember to Live, Love, Laugh, and Grill!


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